What Took Them So Long?

Politico’s Dylan Byers writes that FNC is not renewing Dick Morris. The only shock about this news is it took them this long to get around to dropping him…

Morris, who was on contract with Fox News throughout the 2012 presidential campaign, had not appeared on the network for almost three months after Fox News president Roger Ailes decided to keep him off the network. He is scheduled to appear on CNN on Wednesday.

Considering how often Morris wound up being so completely wrong about so much, this was long overdue…


14 Responses to “What Took Them So Long?”

  1. Average integrity at FNC just went up a couple points.

  2. I believe Morris predicted that Fox was going to give him a 5-year contract.

    And his own show.

    Yeah, that was easy but I was first with it. So there.

  3. Remi ‏@RemNoSleep
    Number of variations on the “Dick Morris predicts Fox is a lock to renew his contract” tweet: 759. #andcounting

  4. No doubt tens of viewers will follow Morris over to CNN.

  5. Dick Morris was the paid consultant for the effort to halt the new international bridge project between Detroit, MI & Windsor, ON.


    His efforts did manage put the issue before voters with the help of organised labour for getting the necessary signatures… in exchange for helping them with two other, highly pro-union, ballot measures. All three were dealt crushing defeats this past November and, in the category of “unintended consequences”, Michigan is now a Right To Work state.

    Jimmy Hoffa is prolly spinning in his… umm… cement stadium foundation. Way to go Morris!

  6. They had him long past his Sell By date. Rove stays because he’s still a player, but Morris has been a space-filling money-grubber for years. Go sell it online.

  7. Who was it that used the term “Boob bait for the Bubbas”? One them Irish guys. That’s what Morris is, and for close to a decade.

  8. The way Morris turned so bitterly on the Clintons for being dumped after decades of loyal service, this could get entertaining if his only play is to flip again and rail against the FNC circus.

    On second thought, just go away. Or become a Piers Morgan regular. Same thing to me.

  9. Oops. In a couple of ways.

  10. His interview with Piers is surprisingly strong. He’s also being classy about Fox, so you have to give him that.

  11. On the other hand, he’s triangulating. I like what he’s saying, but I didn’t see this when he was on Fox. That’s a bit bothersome.

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