Whither Candy Crowley’s CNN Future

FishbowlDC stirs CNN’s pot by suggesting that Candy Crowley could be leaving the network…

There are murmurings that Candy Crowley may be contemplating a change. She was originally scheduled for Inauguration coverage and then HLN’s Robin Meade was brought in from Atlanta along with Brooke Baldwin. Suddenly things weren’t so sweet for Candy and she was noticeably absent for much of the coverage. Sources tell us Crowley has been entertaining the idea of picking up her blocks and making a change, even before Zucker arrived. It was, however, announced in the Washington town hall held by Zucker that political programming would diminish but that overall programming would increase from the Washington bureau come one year from now.

But FishbowlDC wasn’t done there…

Executives are buzzing that Kate Bolduan was “born to anchor.” So expect to see more of her. Also in the “like” category is Brianna Keilar, who is perceived as a fresh, younger face.

Anyone who’s watched CNN with any kind of regularity knows that Boduan’s profile is rising quickly. It’s only a matter of time before she gets an anchor slot. The question is who gets dumped to make room for her?

Then there’s this which I don’t think is automatically a slam dunk..

Wolf Blitzer will lose an hour of his three-hour afternoon program, but he was the lead interviewer of Zucker at the Washington town hall and is presumed safe.

It’s not a foregone conclusion that The Situation Room will lose an hour. Remember, Erin Burnett is rumored to be headed to mornings which opens up 7pm. It’s possible, though not a high probability, that The Situation Room retains all its hours, at least in the short term, but slides back one hour.


8 Responses to “Whither Candy Crowley’s CNN Future”

  1. Candy’s shelf life has expired.

  2. Kate Bolduan and Brianna Keilar look like they could carry their weight. I have a problem with Erin Burnett’s voice, sometimes she sounds like this earnest teenage girl maybe that’s supposed to appeal to male viewers? Mornings might be a great fit for her.

  3. Candy Crowley leaving to go where?

  4. I wish Zucker would consider making Rita Cosby an offer 🙂 I think she’s working for CBS right now? I am not being sarcastic I really enjoy Rita Cosby, and miss seeing her on cable.

  5. savefarris Says:

    Candy Crowley leaving to go where?

    to replace Jay Carney.

  6. Bolduan is being groomed as an anchor, for mornings, -anyone who can humanize Wolf Blitzer for hours of inauguration coverage is good.

    The Candy Crowley talk is nonsense, the most PR (positive or negative) she’s ever had was in this past year. They were promoting her show 24/7 following that debate, and Americans knew her in a cooper first name status. That’s years and years of PR and Marketing CNN doesn’t have to spend money on. Plus just because there’s lifestyle programming on weekend nights, doesn’t mean “the worldwide leader in news” is giving up a Sunday Morning Politics show. That makes no sense.

  7. If they don’t toss Tapper a Sunday Morning Show, it will signify that when God took the Sabbath off, so did cables news executives.

  8. It’s been evident for a while, before Zucker’s arrival, that they think Kate Bolduan is a star. She’s gorgeous – sorry for going there – but I’m not seeing any natural hosting acumen.

    She could have success in the right morning production as a chipper co-host. But where they’ve placed her, just before primetime, she seems lightweight. Not saying she’s incompetent, but she seems to have been instructed to smile bright and force the banter with Wolf at every turn, and I’m not sure that’s doing her any favors.

    I don’t get the righties’ fixation on Crowley. There are so many more justified targets of blatantly biased ‘straight’ journalists, if that’s your thing.

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