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Free for All: 02/06/13

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Radar Online’s Jen Heger writes that Ann Curry may jump to Al Jazeera…

“Ann has had informal talks about working for the new Al Jazeera operation in America which is expected to formally launch later this year,” a source tells Radar. “She’s extremely interested in what the network will be doing in the U.S. and has always held their reporting in high regard. She’s still in talks with CNN, but the opportunity of being front and center at the launch of a new international news channel, especially one that promises to shake up and challenge existing reporting of world events, is something that greatly appeals to her.”

Up until now Radar Online’s prognostications on the Curry saga have at least had the tinge of believability to them. Until now. Al Jazeera? For a “name” like Curry Al Jazeera would be career suicide in this country. The network has gained a reputation, justified or not. Anyone who joins will have to contend with that. The potential resume damage one could receieve as a result of joining Al Jazeera is much much greater for a “name” talent than one who is not a name. Curry and her agent should know this. Which is why I seriously want to call BS to this story.