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  1. I don’t like this site, and most of the commenters are neanderthals, but they’re right on this one. We have a problem.

  2. Mark Hemingway ‏@Heminator
    Following drone memo, Obama should lobby to give everyone a guaranteed income and bomb Cambodia. His Nixon transformation will be complete.

  3. That weaselzippers site/poster fails to mention that the 16-year old was not targetted by the government but was killed in a strike that was made against a senior AQ leader. For some reason (you can guess), he was with that individual.

    Those, it seems to me, are important facts. Is there any evidence that the government knew he was there?

    There’s legitimate questions about the standards used to target US citizens. But this case isn’t very helpful on that matter since, from all the evidence, he wasn’t being targetted.

  4. You’d think Gibbs would have mentioned that. “His father should have been more responsible” alludes to the boy being killed because of who his dad was. If you have more information, I’d like to see it.

  5. “If you have more information, I’d like to see it.”

    Google is helpful on this.

    From everything I’ve read, he was not being targetted. He was travelling with someone – an AQ leader – who was being targetted.

    His father was killed two weeks earlier.

    And based on the standards that the Administration uses to target Americans, the 16-year old clearly doesn’t apply. He wasn’t a senior leader, et cetera.

    Innocent – or not so innocent – people will be killed in war. This, it sees to me, was an example of that and not an example of the government deliberately targetting an individual.

  6. savefarris Says:

    Matt Lauer proves that the “firewall” at 30 Rock between NBC & MSNBC isn’t as granite as you think:

    now the President always has to back up his words with proof?”

    The previous 43 did, Matt.

  7. Yeah, Google is helpful for backing up “what you’ve heard”. So far all you’ve done is repeat your previous comment.

  8. No, google is helpful in providing links to news stories by the Washington Post, NY Times and other reputable news organizations about this matter. Not blogs.

    Do you want me to give you numerous links to those stories?

  9. “what you’ve heard”.

    And it’s not what I’ve “heard.” I don’t use Twitter or blogs for my information.

    It’s what I’ve read from reputable news organizations.

    I’d suggest you try that instead of relying on Twitter or blogs. But to each his or her own, I guess.

  10. I think it’s abundantly clear that I asked for links.


    If I want to talk with a 12-year old I’ll adopt one.

  12. Amazing. Never mind.

  13. Gosh, Sean Hannity must really be upset over this Carl’s Jr ad. I can tell because he’s showing every millisecond of it in slo-mo.

  14. ^ Did he bring on a couple blondes to have a meaningful discussion of its threat to the family?

  15. Matt Lauer is right. Because the media is giving nutjobs a voice, for the sake of “balance”, President Obama is now forced to release documented proof of everything he says and does. The “Birther” crowd never should’ve been given the time of day, but, instead of going on air and shooting down the “Story” and issuing all the facts about Obama’s birth, the media gave the crazies a seat at the table for the sake of balance. From there it’s all been downhill.

  16. savefarris Says:

    I don’t recall you (or the media) giving Mitt Romney’s tax returns the same free pass.

    When you sign on to be President, you sign on go under the microscope and have every rock turned over. (In Rick Perry’s case: literally) … Unless, of course, there’s a D after name in which case any and all questions and investigations are racist and/or sexist.

    When a presidential candidate refuses to provide even the most basic of information (which Obama hadn’t for almost 4 years), the media doesn’t have a right to question that? And when they don’t, the general public doesn’t have a right to question that either (nor question why the media is so in-curious)?

  17. lonestar77 Says:

    ” the media gave the crazies a seat at the table for the sake of balance.”

    If by seat at the table, you mean unending ridicule.

  18. Is there anyone over the age of, let’s say, six who uses the internet who doesn’t know how to search for a news story?

    Y’know, go to the NY Times or Washington Post – or use Google news – and type in the subject. Then hit enter.

    Some folks here like to call people idiots and morons all the time. I’m not sure they have the standing to make such judgments.

  19. The way of the internets is to provide information to back up a disagreement on a story, not tell people “this is what I read on the internet..look it up”. You acted like a fool yesterday, and now want to restart your silly little game today. No.

  20. icemannyr Says:

    How much of Rand Paul’s bashing of Hillary Clinton, which he continued on an FNC interview around 10:50am today, is honest outrage over Benghazi versus Paul and Clinton running for president in 2016 and him using this to go after her early.
    Hillary Clinton got accused of acting when she got angry at the hearing so I believe it’s a fair question to ask.

  21. savefarris Says:

    Obama 8:05am: “I do worry sometimes that as soon as we leave the prayer breakfast, everything we’ve been talking about the whole time at the prayer breakfast seems to be forgotten, on the same day as the prayer breakfast. … I lament the divisiveness.”

  22. savefarris Says:

    Obama’s Spokesman less than 2 hours later: “[Republican ideas] are terrible. It’s a series of measures that basically say that seniors, middle-class families, disabled kids and others will solely bear the burden of buying down the sequester while the weathiest get held harmless. I don’t know where Republicans have been of late, but that is not a winning approach. It is not an approach that the American people support, and it is not an approach that this president will accept.”

  23. FNC should change their name to MBC the Media Bias Channel.
    They do more complaining about media bias then actually covering news.

    Instead of being an alternative to the media bias they whine and complain about it.

    Maybe it is time for another news channel that actually reports the news, anchors don’t give an opinion and the channel does not complain about the other networks.

  24. MBA –> Media Bias Alert is more like it. They deserve a Peabody Award for the service.

  25. icemannyr that would put MSNBC to black……almost every show every day has some thing about Fox or Cnn.

  26. ObamaCare is going to be such an awful clusterfu€k that the only path out of the mess will be nationalized, singe-payer health care. The end justifies the means to the whateverittakes crowd.

  27. ^ People I’ve talked to (including doctors too) say that Obamacare is designed to totally fail for the government to take it over and finally do what Obama has wanted to do since getting elected.

  28. icemannyr Says:

    That’s the problem with cable news,
    FNC and MSNBC complain to much about each other.
    At lest CNN should be semi interesting when the anchors & hosts change and new shows start.

  29. “Making it in America” – how’s this a crime news show? this new show on HLN has focused on that Arizona murder trial.

    HLN seems like it has been the secondary feed of what was the old Court TV.

  30. For the last couple weeks MSNBC has been the “how can Republicans get their party back from the crazies” channel. Good luck finding your dreaded Liberal Media Bias there. As a liberal, I don’t find the subject particularly fascinating, but MSNBC is obssessed with it.

  31. ^ Wow. It’s almost as if that guy was paying attention, and could remember more than six months past.

  32. Olbrermann did stories “helpful” to “Republicans lost in the wilderness” for six months after he 2008 election. Only a dumbass liberal would fall for it other than just another way to criticize the enemy. By the way, in November 2008 Republicans found their way out without at aid of MSNBC

    Speaking of liberals,

  33. 2010 was nothing more than a national temper tantrum. Republicans elected the most extreme, the most anti-Obama candidates they could find and Democrats, upset with Obama, simply didn’t vote. Given what the long term impacts of 2010 have been (Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida and Virginia acting loony), I doubt Democrats will ever make the mistake of sitting out another election and letting Republicans win races with otherwise unelectable candidates.

    Republicans have a problem. It’s not a messaging problem, it’s a policy problem. All they’ve done the past few years is wrap their culture wars positions up in fiscally conservative wrapping paper… claiming that same-sex marriage, illegal immigration, contraception and so on are all economics issues. Now, they’re trying to pursue the same unpopular policies with a different approach, by trying to come up with catchy freedomly names for them.

    To say the Republicans will be in good shape in 2014 — maybe they will. But I don’t think they can ever count on another 1994 or 2010. And, even worse for them, the American people are demanding compromise – unlike in 2010 when they were demanding Obama be stopped. They’re demanding Republicans worth with Democrats. Republicans going around saying they’ll compromise only if they get 100% of what they want because there’s no mandate won’t work for them. President Obama was re-elected in a landslide, Democrats gained seats in the House and Senate. That’s a mandate.

    The sad part of all this is that this is still an ultra conservative country. This country is now more anti-union than ever, more pro-gun than ever, more favorable to policies that help the rich and hurt the poor than ever and less favorable to helping other Americans than ever. The fact that Republicans can’t win a presidential election in that kind of climate should awaken them.

  34. The problem Republicans have is their primary voters. If they had fiscal conservative candidates that knew to shut up about gay marriage and abortion and didn’t pursue regressive tax policy, they would win elections every time. They’ve got to get rid of the Paul Ryan and Rand Paul candidates of the world.

    Unfortunately, their primary voters — I know a lot of these hardcore conservatives working in the racing scene for a living. They hate Democrats with a passion. They hate Democrats more than they hate Osama Bin Laden. They’ve always hated Democrats and they think anyone who votes Democrat is an evil person who wants America destroyed. The candidate that does the best job calling Obama a “Western European Socialist” (because the only thing they hate more than Democrats is Europe) or does the best job subtly questioning his birth place has the best chance of winning. Congratulations, that’s how you got stuck with Willard and lost an election that you should’ve won in a historic landslide.

  35. That was too long to read. You aren’t bright enough to get hat much attention. Anyway, you’re wrong.

  36. I might be able to follow that with GPS, but it’s not worth the risk. I will say that I’ve figured something out. Once George Bush was out of office, that was when Rush Limbaugh (and perhaps conservatives in general) went off-the-rails. When you think about it, there was no longer an Alpha-Male, so it sort of fell to Rush. Bush was gone, Gingrich was insignificant, Republicans in the minority..and he was it. This, as we know, is not a good thing.

    Tommy Christopher wrote that Rush recently stopped using some parody song because Marco Rubio found it offensive. I haven’t listened, so I don’t know, and I always hated the parodies anyway. What suddenly occurs to me is that Rush may now be listening to something other than his own id, He’s not the Big Dog anymore. If that kid can tell Rush Limbaugh that he needs to knock it off, that puts him miles ahead than anything Mitt Romney accomplished in all his years. If that’s the case, liberals might just want to pack up their faux-concern, and start worrying about the future.

  37. Marco Rubio is the Death Star for liberals. He’s smart; knows his Tupac from his Biggie; and isn’t afraid to tell his party to join the 21st Century. If he doesn’t go Full Bobby Jindal on Tuesday, MSNBC might want to start talking about how liberals are the better answer again. Soon.

  38. icemannyr Says:

    Tea Party Bully Carl Rove basically said on The Factor he’s going to continue to bash Ashley Judd via his American Crossroads PAC ads to prevent her from running for senate when she has not even decided if she’s going to run. Classy.

    The Jesse Watters segments get more and more stupid every time and him pretending be a Republican Obama hater is comical when he supported Obama in the last election.
    Tonight was a useless segment interviewing people at a nudist resort in Florida.

  39. If Karl Rove thinks Ashley Judd is afraid of anybody, he’s never read her Twitter feed. She’ll run just to piss him off.

  40. lonestar77 Says:

    And she’ll lose by double digits. So, good for her..

  41. icemannyr Says:

    Steven “HLN seems like it has been the secondary feed of what was the old Court TV.”

    That’s exactly what they are doing. TruTV used to air “In Session” trial coverage to 5pm then changed it to 3pm.
    Since TurTV and HLN are Turner channels, when there is a big trial being broadcast at 3pm coverage ends on TruTV and HLN picks up the coverage.

  42. savefarris Says:

    “how can Republicans get their party back from the crazies”

    Claiming that a political party is controlled by a bunch of lunatics. Yep, no bias there!

    To be fair, republicans DO have a problem. But it’s how to convince the public that just because something is “free” doesn’t make it *free*. In a normal world, the MSM would call democrats out on their fiscal suicide plan. But we don’t live in that world.

    “When you think about it, there was no longer an Alpha-Male, so it sort of fell to Rush.”

    I think it fell to Karl Rove. If Rush were TRULY in charge, would republicans have nominated McCain and Romney?

  43. Uh, Rush basically gave us Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain, and constant murmurs of Sarah Palin. The fact is, we weren’t crazy enough to nominate them, and were left with Romney by default. Our best option was Rick Perry, but he was, unfortunately, doped up with painkillers.

  44. Crap. Poor Jake Tapper.

  45. Crap, poor me. It was just a Live intro.

  46. @icemannyr,

    This is what I recall, to add to your statement on the the court coverage.

    It was about 2006ish was when TW acquired a 50% of the old Court TV (Liberty owned the other half) and then they brought it into the Turner division. Nancy Grace left Court TV like a year later to focus on HLN. Then Catherine Crier had already left, which would’ve ended gavel to gavel coverage to 6pm ET.) They had actually 9 hours of programming of live court coverage at the time of the acquisition. With those two departures, it was then where the coverage was cut to a 6 hour block at that point.

    I believe the Manhattan studios disappeared when TruTV came to be and now they just hang around the various studios in Atlanta to do the various shows on the various channels.

    I completely understand their attempted format but it is so lame because its kinda like program load-balancing. Instead of using one network to do add more coverage, why can’t they save themselves and do the programming on TruTV? I don’t know about ratings, but it still in the same number of homes when it was on its former handle.

    There is no news they cover anymore on HLN. Sure going back to the 80s and try to do CNN2 type of format is financially infeasable in these stone age times coming from their messiah. Though I did like their 12-5 kinda the conversational all-news format, but at this point I can’t stand Court TV 2 on HLN kinda thing.

    And another sidenote, I can’t stand “Weekend Express” ether. 8 hours of a taped newscast. At this point I’m surprised that the whole format revolving Robin Meade one would think is so dated. I haven’t watched her show in years

    But what do I know? Zucker might be doing something with this new show

  47. In fact I used to have my set on Court TV, CNBC and FNC as my preset channels back in the day. It was actually worth watching when all the court trials was done on one single network.

  48. Are the Menendez brothers dead?

  49. Larry, the ex-LAPD officer, Christopher Dorner, who went on a killing rampage was also a fan of Chris Matthews, Anderson Cooper, Joe Scarborough, Brian Williams, Joe Biden, and President Obama. He wrote about his idols in his manifesto. And he hates the NRA. Can’t wait to see how the media is going to treat this. The Huffington Post has conveniently left out Dorner’s love for the above people in its partial posting of the manifesto. And the HuffPo commenters are lovingly talking about Dorner as if he is the next Mumia. Sick.

  50. Well, they talked for years about anger from the right, but the pure vitriol left loonies get from a daily feeding of MSNBC anger and vilification is poisoning.

  51. Crazed killer cop contacts Cooper:

    Dorner’s efforts to reach media personalities had apparently been planned for several days, as CNN confirmed it had received a parcel mailed to Anderson Cooper’s office at CNN’s Gotham branch.

    A CNN spokesperson told Variety: “The package arrived on the first of February and was opened by Mr. Cooper’s assistant. Inside the package, a hand-labeled DVD, accompanied by a yellow Post-it note reading, in part, ‘I never lied,’ apparently in reference to his 2008 dismissal from the LAPD.”

  52. Killer on CNN deportations:

    CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, he writes, has never “uttered a positive word about America” and thus deserves to be deported, while Piers Morgan deserves “indefinite resident alien” status. “I want you to know that I agree with you 100 percent on enacting stricter firearm laws,”

  53. Random observation FNC’s Chris Stirewalt reminds me of Nelson Muntz from the Simpsons.

  54. MJ spent about 30 seconds on Christopher Dorner this morning and, not surprisingly, made no mention of Dorner’s admiration of NBC/MSNBC personalities. In fact, Joe was AWOL today. I wonder how much time would have been spent on this story if Dorner was a fan of Billo or Sean or Megyn? Since Joe spent an inordinate amount of time one morning this week bashing FOX, I’m sure they would have had a field day.

  55. Anchor Martha MacCallum is doing the angry biased republican act giving her opinion during the Benghazi segment.
    Is this a news show or an opinion talk show?
    What happened to the anchor being the moderator and the guests giving their opinion?

  56. Let me clarify I’m talking about America Live where she is subbing for Martha.

  57. “What happened to the anchor being the moderator and the guests giving their opinion?”*

    *see Andrea Mitchell, to name one

  58. Meh, that’s Martha subbing for Megyn. Can we get an edit option please? 😛

    If they call America Live an opinion show then I have no problem with Megyn or her subs giving an opinion.

    In weather news, The Weather Channel is live to at least 11pm Saturday covering the winter storm they named after a Disney movie. 😛

  59. Hopefully a neighborhood watch guy doesn’t kill Dorner.

  60. I’m not just bashing FNC for the sake of bashing FNC,
    Larry, I totally agree it’s a mistake that Andrea is still a reporter for NBC News and hosts an opinion politics talk show on MSNBC.
    None of the FNC reporters host opinion shows.

  61. That’s true. I’ve always thought of Megyn’s show as an opinion show that gives news which is why I rarely watch it. Only opinion show I watch on Fox is The Factor because Bill is unpredictable and entertaining.

  62. CNN has decided to do storm coverage overnight.
    Brooke Baldwin ‏@BrookeBCNN
    Oh… and did I mention I’ll be live when the storm hits ALL through the night? We’re going big. I’ll be anchoring from midnight til 5amET.

  63. MSNBC will do a “What Republicans need to do if they want to play in the snow” Special?

  64. Guests fighting on FNC. 😛

  65. Who told me last week there is no northeast biased with the news. The blizzard is the top story on MSNBC.

  66. Did anyone see Ed Schultz mouthing off about Chris Christie’s weight last night? Ed ain’t exactly a little guy himself.

  67. Eh, in this case I think it’s more of a ‘sensational’ bias. What are they covering? A blizzard in the NE and a killer in CA. People like bad weather and crazed killers, it’s as simple as that. Where NE bias comes in was a few years back, when there was some sort of supply problem, and no gas in the Southeast. No gas. NO GAS. For at least a week. Now, no gas may be a slight exaggeration. We would get some, and it would run out in hours or a day. And price was commensurate with availability. It was reported, but in about the same fashion as some kid getting expelled for bringing a knife to school. An odd curiosity, but not something that affected MILLIONS OF PEOPLE. Gas in CA goes up to $5, and you hear about it hourly.

  68. Laura, I have to shut you up and you claiming this is such a “northeast” thing and talking down about this “sensational” coverage. I assume you aren’t from around here, so don’t make comments from an area you aren’t from (if my assumptions are right.)

    It’s really a ***New England*** thing, NY is going to spare this just like 35 yrs ago. Speaking of that, we are coming to the 35th anniversary of the “Blizzard of ’78” which effected the Greater Boston area and killed people.

    On the flip side, Brooke is taking this coverage a little too serious, to the fact she’s scaring people, and shes in Atlanta with probably nicer weather than here.

  69. Oh and dare I say the Northeast is very populated and with such tight density? You heartland types have lots of space with lesser amounts of population.

  70. I was trapped in my house in Ohio for an entire week during tHE BLIZZARD OF 78 mister know it all.

  71. Speaking about coverage, I am tired of TWC being around Boston. The city is very small and the population is 500K and the real population of the metro area is 4 million, including north west and south of the city including Southern New Hampshire, where the Boston metro ends around Concord.

    Yet TWC and all the other national MSM is hanging around a city that locals don’t give a crap about.

  72. We got three times as much snow in the two Blizzards of 2010 yet, if you watch the news today, this blizzard in Boston is the worst snowstorm in the history of the world.

  73. And before you say anything Steven, the blizzards of 2010 were in Baltimore, Maryland. Two snowstorms dumping more than 30 inches each. The snow didn’t melt until the middle of June.

  74. for Boston yes.

    I’ve watched the local over national given how the national MSM are focusing on a city that sleeps after 5PM and on weekends and a ton of state-only holidays.

    But really, “the worst in the world”? Sorry, I have zero respect for the heartlanders who choose to live in anonymity, or chosen to live in a least covered zone.

    To critique some more, Brooke on CNN needs a personality change. She is such an overserious reporter. Its annoying. She’s taking this SO seriously.

  75. Sadly, I forgotten that Andy, because my area didn’t get that blizzard in that scale. I really wished we got that, because I’d take snow over rain and 10 months of summerlike weather. I’m inland, and yet its warmer and it has snowed less too.

  76. The Cycle isn’t bad when you have the remote right next to you so you can hit the mute button when SE is talking.

  77. I like SE Cupp! its a shame shes not on FNC anymore.

  78. She’s obnoxious, her voice is irritating and she seems to think that everyone around her is stupid — especially when she starts talking about guns.

  79. Can you imagine if Dorner had claimed outrage against gun control, sent a package to Bill O’Reilly, praised Hannity, and bragged about meeting Judge Napolitano?

    Well, of course you can.

  80. People in Boston eat beans and talk funny.

  81. ^
    No that is a stereotype, with the beans, and what about you, do you talk funny? Should I pick on you? How does that feel?

  82. Now we are picking on SE Cupp because she talks oddly?

    Wow, how shallow has society gone, judging people on their appearance and not the content of their character.

  83. icemannyr Says:

    Greg Gutfeld’s lame un funny comedy lines on The Five are worse then any comments from S.E. Cupp.

  84. ^ I used to looovvee Red Eye, and his humor has gone over the top now. Especially when hes on the mainstream programs. Choose one or the other but not both, be serious or be funny. Hes gone too far with the abstract, proverbial or another word I can’t think of.

    S.E. on a liberal news net makes her cred go down. Especially on a news channel that few (including me) tune to.

  85. Wait..did some dude really say “Laura, I have to shut you up”? Watch yourself, sonny..that girl’s got a vicious right hook. And guns.

  86. ^ I realize that was bad choice of words. My appolgies.

    Guns should have nothing to do of my mistakes, if she shoots me then someone should directly shoot her to hell.

  87. ^ That “apology” needs work. How ’bout changing the subject or shutting the hell up, tough guy.

  88. Gutfeld is such an old fart, he thinks everyone (and EVERYONE) who uses technology is ruining society. I agree there is a number, but not everyone.

    What does this guy use a VT-100 terminal. What am I kidding, he uses an Underwood to type his thoughts!

    Again this dude needs to go or move back to soley 3am/ET.

  89. you brought up the guns, so I had to say somethin

  90. Laura needs no assistance.

  91. I always regret serving beans. Speaking of guns.

  92. Laura didn’t ask for any, nor did she object. And you’re on the wrong side of this little shlamozzle. You may be a raving lunatic idiot moron, but you would never try to shut her up. I SAID GOOD DAY, SIR!

  93. Sorry, I must missed something along sub thread.

    I am not a raving lunatic. Again my appologies

  94. Never mind, Steven. I was hollering at Larry. We have history… 😉

  95. When our consulate – and more imporant the men in it – were being attacked in Benghazi (all evening long), the President made one – one – phone call about the situation. He was informed about the situation and hung up. That was it.

    During the entire attack. One call. No followups.

    Sure, the President can’t be on top of all matters all the time. He has to delegate. It’s an impossible job and he has to rely on others.

    But one phone call is simply not doing it.

    I sure hope he’s not selecting drone targets with the same level of interest.

  96. I’m having a hard time believing this storm in the east is a ‘storm of the century’. I know the Great Lakes do intensify storms but the hyperboles need to stop. From what I’m seeing, it looks like what most people would call ‘winter’.

  97. For some reason Joe thinks I’m an idiot moron.

  98. “Can you imagine if Dorner had claimed outrage against gun control, sent a package to Bill O’Reilly, praised Hannity, and bragged about meeting Judge Napolitano?” – larrykelly

    No mention today by Chris Matthews about his biggest fan, Dorner. I think that if Dorner had mentioned his admiration for O’Reilly, then Bill would have at least said something like, This guy is crazy and I don’t want his admiration, I hope he’s caught soon. On MSNBC you hear nothing but crickets when it comes to talking about Dorner’s manifesto and the liberals he holds in high regard.

  99. icemannyr Says:

    Ed Schultz totally clowned Bill O’Reilly for saying NBC News was not covering the Obama administration and its drone policy.
    NBC News broke the story on Monday and Ed played a clip from Tuesday where he was talking about it on the Ed Show.

    O’Reilly is slowly turning into a conservative hack like Sean Hannity.

  100. For some reason Joe thinks I’m an idiot moron.

    It’s a term of endearment. I reserve it for the good ones.

  101. “O’Reilly is slowly turning into a conservative hack like Sean Hannity.”

    Yep. The story broke on MSNBC and NBC News. NBC’s covered it extensively and MSNBC has torn in to Obama over the drone policy all week.

    I hate when FOX pulls the “NBC isn’t covering this” or “the mainstream media isn’t covering this” crap when they are. It’s just BS from a bunch of conservative shill hacks to tell their followers that the media has a liberal bias that doesn’t cover stories that make Obama look bad.

  102. Yeah, I think FOX’s swing and miss for sure makes the Not Hot list this week. Epic fail on their part.

  103. Oh good, then just skip it to avoid being redundant. Speaking of that, Joe is an idiot moron.

  104. And thanks for keeping it pithy, Andy.

  105. MSNBC running live coverage of the blizzard right now. C’mon man!

  106. Someone tell me, with a straight face, that the networks don’t have a northeast biased. This is ridiculous.

  107. CNN Live, Fox..Mark Fuhrman. I’ll take snow.

  108. 400,000 people without power?

    4.2 MILLION people lost power in the derecho last summer, 22 killed, several hundred million in damage and it wasn’t a blip on the radar of the national news media. That was real news.

    This is sensationalist crap.

  109. So… Steven apologised for not being a raving lunatic? He fits right in here.

    Gutfeld has a quick wit and a freshly unique way of interpreting the world around him. This lack of discipline that makes him the perfect host for a programme such as Red Eye also renders him worthless as a panellist on a more traditional style of opinion show.

  110. Gutfield fits the stereotype I have of my Republican friends on Facebook. He’s quick and witty, the way he can throw out a four word talking point bashing liberals. But when it comes to serious discussion, he’s worthless.

    He’s either a serious commentator or he’s a comedian. Unfortunately, much like Rush Limbaugh and Jon Stewart, he wants to have both labels. I HATE when Rush’s supporters throw out the “he’s a comedian” label when he says racist crap and I HATE when Jon Stewart’s supporters throw out the “he’s a comedian” label when he says something stupid.

  111. -Sensationalist Crap-
    I’m in Michigan this week and a local reporter this morning recounted his irritation at being taken off a good field interview to go do one of those silly “traffic mess” reports whilst standing on an interstate overpass with the snow and slush in the background:

    “It’s Michigan. It’s winter. It’s snowing. Reporting from Southfield, Jason Carr, Fox2 News. Back to you in the studio.”

  112. You’ll never see me apologize for such a thing!

    NETFLIX now has its own 13 episode political drama called HOUSE of CARDS staring Kevin Spacey. I highly recommend it. Stream to your Apple device, Android, PC, or NETFLIX enabled TV.

  113. This sounds a lot like a thing we used to have when I was a kid. They were called “snowstorms”, and no one made that big a deal of them. Then, one day, Dan Rather or Geraldo or some number of other idiots stood up in the middle of a storm and got famous. It’s been downhill ever since. At least, unlike the irresponsibly self-serving coverage of random shootings, it can’t be said to encourage more bad weather. So there’s that.

  114. Snow is caused by global warming.

  115. Nobody ever makes a big deal of snowstorms, unless they hit New York or Boston. That’s ultimately what it’s about. It’s Winter, it snows. And, sometimes when it snows, people lose power.

    The Boston area gets a “Storm of the Century” blizzard every three years, and every time it’s Earth Shattering Breaking News.

  116. Yes, but when you’re anonymous, heartland people, it really doesn’t matter.

  117. Clinging to our guns, Bibles, and primative superstitions.

  118. I’m not denying the blizzard is news-worthy… but to think it’s worthy of overnight coverage on par with Katrina and Sandy………. well….

  119. well thats why this year I never watch the news. I only tune in a couple times every other day and then get myself sick.

    To be quite honest, I wished the MSM had camped out in Staten Island just like they did with Katrina.

    The media is biased really biased in NYC and Manhattan, northern NYS gets forgotten, The MSM seems to believe that the City of Boston is the only populous area of NE, and gets the center of the attention all the time, especially when a killer tornado (for New England standards) hit Springfield, Mass and the media didn’t cover it the way a tornado hit North Carolina 2 years ago.

    Its all about relevance. They may focus on the Northeast, but again its all about relativity.

    Honestly, the way the Internet has allowed us to speak our minds, we can never agree with the news coverage, and this has enabled the media can never do anything right, so why in the hell should I watch it?

    After last year, the American media committed suicide.

  120. Ok, in the summer time I’m like well if its windy and takes buildings down and people die, its just another tornado. So what, its not my problem that people choose to live in a risky area.

  121. Did they yell FOUR when you got hit in the head with the golf ball?

  122. One other problem is the Northeast (NY and New England specifically) rarely gets these diasterous storms, like tornadoes, Hurricanes/Superstorms or blizzards that impact a large and productive population (well Upstate NY for the blizzards.) Blizzards like this happen once and a generation. Hurricanes like Sandy NEVER happen in the Northeast. Last winter and spring we had a lot of spring and summer like weather to quickly. And I bet that was a massive factor for Sandy to hit an area that never gets such devastation.

    Again, its all about relevancy. But I guess its a matter of public opinion.

    I applogize if I came off as offensive to some of the readers.

  123. Only apologies needed here are if you pass gas.

  124. Once again Alex Witt on MSNBC Is covering the story Bill says NBC News is not covering. The Drone Strikes.

  125. For the life of me, I don’t see why Bill would want to deny this.

  126. Steven, cut it out. THE only reason the storm is getting coverage is because it’s Boston. You know it, I know it. The once in a lifetime blizzard event that hit the BWI area (twice the population) and dumped twice as much snow didn’t even get half the coverage.

    The only people that can justify this getting as much coverage as it’s getting are the people being affected. The derecho last June affected 10 times as many people.

  127. “The derecho last June affected 10 times as many people”

    1) left Larry’s cabin without power for 11 days
    2) spit 100-year old tree in Larry’s back yard in half
    3) nearly gave Larry second heart attack cleaning up mess

  128. icemannyr Says:

    The Weather Channel does just as much coverage of tornadoes that don’t effect the north east as it does cover snow storms that do effect the north east.
    I don’t complain when they extend coverage of tornadoes.

    This extended coverage is better then TWC airing reruns of shows that have been broadcast many times already with some of them having almost nothing to do with weather.

  129. icemannyr Says:

    FishBowlDC might be right about Brianna Keilar anchoring for CNN as she is subbing today anchoring at 5pm.

  130. Betsy is never wrong. Well, except the decision to be interview by Tommy Christopher.

  131. Doctor Ben Carson seems to be an incredible person (I’ve read that he has surgical skills comparable to a world class athlete) but I don’t think a prayer breakfast is the place to make overtly political speeches.

    What was President Obama supposed to do, get up and refute him? Turn the ceremony into a debate?

    Time and place, time and place, time and place…

  132. As Ertha Kitt once said to Mrs. Johnson, “you have to use your opportunities”.

  133. ^Well, I just remembered Al Sharpton doing something similar (worse; much more in your face) to Bush during Correta Scott King’s funeral. Jimmy Carter too at the ceremony.

    How was Bush supposed to respond? He just had to sit there and take it.

    Not fair to the men. They are our President after all.

  134. But not kings. Goes with the job,I’m afraid. Beats having a shoe thrown at you. The speaker risks a backlash. In Sharpten’s case, he was awarded a TV show.

  135. The Left like to complain about evil, wingnuts on the Right, but my God these people are sick:

  136. A good read, albeit it’s been out for two years: “The President’s Club” by Michael Duffy and Nancy Gibbs.

    Some fascinating insights into how presidents consulted with their predecessors for advice. Or shut them out. Personal conflicts, egos, politics,….good stuff.

    Eisenhower, for example, so detested Truman that he never invited him to the White House in eight years. Not. One. Time. Truman never set foot there.

    But they got over it when attending JFK’s funeral. The White House staff forgot to invite them over that evening. So Ike and Truman got together for a drink.

    Truman and Hoover were very close. Clinton talked late into evenings with Nixon. Ford didn’t like Reagan.

    Good read. A bit “People magazine-ish” at times but there’s some real substance too.

  137. Show me a couple loons supporting the ex-cop cop killer, and I’ll show you an entire right wing of this country who seem to think an unarmed black kid had it coming.

  138. This ex-cop hunt makes me think of the 1998 Samuel L. Jackson/Kevin Spacey flick, The Negotiator.

  139. Oh good, another if Im bad, your worse rebuttal with an offer to show the unshowable.

  140. Was Samuel L. Jackson guilty? I totally forgot the movie other than a lot of shooting in it.

  141. ^ He was cleared at the very end. The plot was the entire PD and FBI going after him no-holds-barred, all being directed by a band of cops who were the real thieves and murderers.

  142. A couple of rightwing loons are trying to dig up a couple of leftwing loons as proof that The Left supports a cop killer. It’s bullsh!t, especially coming from idiots who support a crazed vigilante tracking and shooting an unarmed teenager. Stfu.

  143. Still can’t stand that facts trickling out clouded his initial simplistic scenario. Even when his network of choice edited deceptively to keep it alive.

  144. thoi trang nam gia re

    Free for All: 02/06/13 | Inside Cable News

  145. blog design

    Free for All: 02/06/13 | Inside Cable News

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