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Blogus Interruptus…

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Incredibly long Snorkel backstory going back years can be found…oh wait…

There is no snorkel backstory this time because it’s not my snorkel that’s missing!

Last October I was vacationing on The Big Island with Spudette. The day before we were to leave (and the night of the Tsunami alert) Spudette and I were snorkeling at the Hapuna Prince Resort’s beach when a big wave came in and ripped her snorkel and mask off her head. Several hours of searching commenced and after much salt water and sunburn the search had turned up several pairs of sunglasses, one fin, a pair of goggles, and a different mask which also got ripped off in the surf and lost. But no snorkel and mask. The next day searching was not resumed because the beach was closed because of the Tsunami alert the night before. We headed home one snorkel and mask light…

Now, as my beleaguered readers who have had to put up with numerous inane stories can attest, I’m an old salt with lost snorkels. They don’t faze me now. But Spudette is fragile. She still bemoans the fact that she couldn’t go out and search again the next day.

As Spudette is currently landlocked and unable to travel and being the loyal significant other that I am, I will undertake my Spudette’s quest for her lost snorkel. But where to start looking?

It’s a big ocean. Lots of places to search. I gotta go with what I know so my search will commence in Palau. Yeah it’s probably not there. It’s probably still somewhere near the Big Island. But at least I’ll get in some killer diving which is something I haven’t done since The Maldives two years ago.

Voting Issue!

Blogging resumes February 22nd. Behave yourselves while I’m gone. And I’m ordering a cable news blackout while I’m gone. Palau has internet but it’s sloooooooooooooooooooow. Like 56K modem slow. I’ll be tweeting when I can but that’s it…


Another CNN Hire?

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FTVLive writes that CNN is hiring WJLA’s Pamela Brown, apparently for the network’s new morning show…