Free for All: 02/11/13 – 02/21/13

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  1. Might have a few friends over for a little party.

  2. Today’s question:
    Will Obama not being Catholic keep him from becoming Pope?

  3. Grandpa Dave Says:

    Technically, no, assuming he’d convert to Catholicism upon election.

  4. So, Talkback is becoming a key feature of the Costello hours of CNN Newsroom?

  5. Fox News looks to increase Hispanic audience, considering launch of 24 hour Fox News Latino streaming service. I think Fox News’ own Rick Sanchez will play a part in the new endeavors.

  6. Could FNC make this “O’Reilly Factor” State of The Union Preview promo any more scary?
    This promo is over the top lets scare people from the special effects and gloomy music.
    Mr. O’Reilly we get it, you really hate Obama and the fact he was re elected.
    Bill is starting to sound like Glenn Beck who went from doing a regular talk show to loony lectures about how bad this country is going to get under the Obama Presidency.

  7. we owe over a trillion $ to a communist country and the President thinks he is done with debt reduction?

    Gloomy is appropriate.

  8. The Obama Administration screwed up during the attack on the consulate in Benghazi. And the President failed to press his people during the crisis.

    Everyone was asleep, the bureaucracy got locked up, communications got crossed, and the Commander in Chief – who has to stay on top of things like this – failed to follow through. Push, push, push….

    It’s happened before. JFK and the Bay of Pigs, for example. He failed to stay on top of the plan, he allowed his advisers – some of whom he inherited from Ike – to manage it and the whole thing blew up in his face.

    It happens. But we’re supposed to hold them accountable when it does. And this President hasn’t been held accountable.

    Full stop.

  9. I just don’t get how anyone is not even a little annoyed by Megyn Kelly’s acting when she is doing an intro to a story.
    The hyper comical goofy nonsense is not needed on a news program.

  10. ^ hint: doesn’t like her

  11. Ooh, Deborah Feyerich is reporting the resignation of the Pope. I wonder if it has anything to do with Global Warming?

  12. Is Popemobile electric? I think so.

  13. Love it. I wonder when some “reporter” will dare to ask this question of Obama. Maybe Steve Kroft will, after he picks up the President’s dry cleaning.

  14. I don’t care what a network’s editorial slant is, the guy running a cable news channel should not be commenting on the president’s performance, especially in these terms. Roger Ailes is the same mean-spirited political strategist hack he always was. Rupert should fire him for this.

  15. Donny Deutsch’s 4 guests talking over each other on CNN at 9pm is bad TV.
    When does Piers return?

  16. lonestar77 Says:

    Does it matter that Ailes is 100% correct?

  17. Gavin Newsom was on Hannity. I wonder if he ran into his ex, Kimberly Guilfoyle, in the News Corp. building?

  18. Ailes doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about. As usual.

  19. And no, it’s not ok just because you agree with him. If Phil Griffin made a comment like that about a Republican president, every conservative in America – including you – would lose their damn minds.

  20. CNN showing CNNi covering the report seismic activity from a North Korea test site.

    No coverage on MSNBC or FNC.

  21. And that only lasted about ten minutes, then back to tape.

    I was listening via an App, not watching TV, and I thought my stream jumped, but CNN went into the story, and then out the story abruptly.

  22. Does North Korea WANT to become a radioactive island?

  23. CNN cut out of the story in the middle of a report to go to Erin Burnett rerun. It was strange. It was almost like it was an accident they ran the bulletin.

    MSNBC just ran a bulletin.

  24. Joe thinks he is smarter than Roger. Maybe he could put his giant brain to good use and find Spudett’s snorkel.

  25. I just sat through an excruciatingly stupid conversation about drones on The Factor. Billo’s contention is that the left is hypocritical if they don’t object to Obama’s drone policy at all times because they objected to torture of war prisoners.

    Umm..that’s ridiculous. Before 9/11, torture was considered a violation of the Geneva Convention in this country, and the thought of us using it was unimaginable. After 9/11, the right went all in for it, but the left resisted, eventually winning the argument.

    Drones are a different topic. I personally have major problems with it, but the reality – as Ed Schultz discovered with a phone poll last week – is that a majority of the country supports the practice, and I believe would do so under a Republican president, too.

    In war, which is what most Americans consider our battle against terror, the concept of killing the enemy before he kills you is acceptable. And most of those Americans prefer drone attacks over the blood of soldiers being spilled in foreign lands.

    Another problem with his argument is that he’s conjoining drone attacks in general with targeting of American citizens. Many liberals who support drones against Al-Qaida do not support hitting citizens without due process. O’Reilly needs to be specific and go after the true hypocrites: Torture critics who support killing American citizens. Those are the people who suddenly don’t care about rules of war when it’s their guy doing it.

  26. Water poured down 3 foreign enemies noses doing no permanent harm giving evidence leading to Osama (tough sh|t, it’s the truth) in a harsh interrogation, not torture. Comapred to Obama hand picking drone kills of over 2000 men, women and children in a country where we are not at war. Joe has head up his (Hypocrisy).

  27. You don’t read well. I don’t support the policy.

  28. BTW, FOX did cover the nuke test earlier and they, just a few minutes ago, were the only network to break out of taped programming to report the official confirmation. CNN remained at tape with Piers Morgan and MSNBC on tape with Maddow.

  29. The hypocrisy charge deals with the level of outrage, not from you personally Joe, but from liberals in general on Bush-Waterboarding vs. Obama drones.

  30. They’re not the same thing. I explained this. In detail.

  31. FNC just had Ainsley doing a live report on North Korea.
    Breaking news with no script is not a good thing for her.

    CNNi was on CNN to 1:12am then regular rebroadcasts.

  32. – Ainsley –

    Comforting to know that years of experience don’t make much of a difference.

  33. When did she develop an accent?

  34. Huh. I knew she had a slight southern accent, but tonight she sounds like she’s on Designing Women!

  35. Fallout does strange things.

  36. FNC just did another live FOX News Alert.

    Checking CNN and MSNBC and they are regular programming,

    CNNi and CNBC World are covering the story.

  37. FNC never did find a person to fill the role of Rome Correspondent. Or Moscow. Or Islamabad.

  38. Dominic Di-Natale who was reporting from that area is in CA.
    I guess Greg Palkot is now their only reporter for Rome and Middle East?

  39. They have two in Jerusalem and Palkot is still based in London. Having reporters in the field does make a difference but of course FNC doesn’t have to try hard to gain viewers. N Korea has been in the news so often and yet FNC doesn’t have a reporter in Seoul.

  40. I think Sky News (NewsCorp) has Mark Stone as their Asian correspondent based in Bejing, but they’re still trying to fill a vacancy in the Middle East. I thought Leland Vittert was FNC’s Jerusalem reporter.

    If it’s ok for USA to fly armed drones in foreign airspace to target its enemies I doubt there will be much international outrage when others fly their drones over our heads. The technology for unmanned aircraft with guided weaponry isn’t all that complicated in this age of computerisation.

    I don’t mourn Al Alawaki but no American citizen should ever be targeted for assassination without due process. The difference is irrelevant to the Al Awalakis of the world, but if constitutional oversight can be ignored in one instance it can also be for others. Doesn’t seem that it would be all that much trouble for the executive branch to seek and obtain from the judicial branch a lawful order… a conviction in absentia, if necessary.

  41. ^ The precedent is one of my problems with the drone policy (as it was for torture). When Iran starts droning houses in the US, those Americans who thought the painless, bloodless Drone War was super awesome aren’t gonna be happy.

  42. CNN just ran an ad for “The Lead with Jake Tapper” at 4pmET/1pmET starting March. Suppose that does mean Wolf is losing an hour in his Situation Room.

  43. Wolf loses hour one month. Gains hour the next. Wolf still heads the pack.

  44. Wolf could get back that hour if The Situation Room goes 5pm-8pm and Erin moves to another show.

  45. “If it’s ok for USA to fly armed drones in foreign airspace to target its enemies”

    Al, we did this throughout World War II but the planes were, of course, piloted.

    What’s the difference between flying a piloted plane to attack enemy combatants and using a unpiloted plane to do the same thing? Other than the obvious one. From what I’ve read (there I go again reading things) the drones are more accurate and precise.

    Second, we’re targetting terrorists in countries that support the policies against those groups. I.e., Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and the Somalia. The people we’re attacking are also declared enemies of those governments.

    Granted, the Pakistan government denies that they give approval but nobody believes this. The other governments have given us approval to attack the terrorists.

    I think it’s not accurate to state that the US is simply flying these drones in countries against their wishes.

  46. I still think Dr. Carson was out of line at the prayer breakfast.

    However, if I ever wake up in a hospital in Baltimore for some reason and Dr. Carson is tending to me I disavow ever saying this.

    And wow, he is an amazing man.

  47. What the hell is wrong with CNN…the lady just called Sen Rand Paul sen Rand twice and the screen even said Rand instead of Paul….now never mind that hes just 1 of 100 Sen and is giving a speech tonight should a “news” network atleast know his name?

    Ive watched the network twice in 2 days and both time was like a high school newscast.

  48. FNC is continuing to make their promos for the State of The Union coverage have a depressing and scary feel.
    More of the same with ntense music, giant white text on a black background, photos of the president that are intentionally darkened.

    Did they do the same for Bush? I’m guessing no.

    MSNBC may be liberal, I doubt the promos for their State of The Union coverage when bush was President where edited to make it a depressing and scary event.

    I guess these promos are a part of their fair and balanced coverage. 😛


  49. icemannyr you do know those are promos for non news show right?

    While I dont watch BO Ive seen many of his promos and those fit right in with what hes done for years… are reading to much in. They seem fine to me. Now if those promos were for say a “News” program maybe it might be over the line but for BO……the seem fine.

  50. Well, the second one is for Special Report and Cavuto, and is slightly less “O’Reilly” than the first one. I totally agree with them, but that probably shouldn’t be the standard.

  51. Yes I get that the promos are for option shows.
    The promo for the State of The Union coverage is less creepy, it still uses the white type on a black background.

    Even if the promo is for their option shows would you agree that this promo for On the Record and Hannity’s State of The Union coverage is edited to be scary?
    They even added a fire and snow animated effect in the background.

  52. Im shocked that opinion show are showing an opinion in there ads…shocked I tell you. If we are using that standard what does that say about MSNBC KO ads for the Bush SOTU speeches.

    I just dont get the big deal…BO….and Cavuto have a point of view as does SR……these are NOT News shows of course opinion shows have a opinion.

    Should I judge MSNBC by ads for hardball? In that case MSNBC is clearly the new york white house press office.

  53. Let me add I’m not saying FNC the promos should be happy, there are serious issues for the Presidents second term.
    I’m just objecting to the over the top editing making the promos overly negative and scary.

    The promo for O’Reilly and last promo in the post above for On The Record & Hannity post speech coverage are a bit much.

  54. You know I cant stand Ted Nuget but its funny that the press seems to forget that cindy sheehan was arested at a Bush state of the union when clealry she should have never been invited.

    As for the ads Im not seeing it……the black and white graphics are scary to you? They seen fine to me. Fox is using black and white in there ads for all shows……..lots of networks do that…..the word for it escapes me but I dont get the scary part at all. Ive watched all 4 and just dont understand what you see.

  55. In short, icemannyr, I really hope they don’t extent TSR.

  56. If the promos for FNC shows on Wednesday go back to the graphics format they were using then this was just for the State of The Union and the black and white was done to make them a little creepy.

    I know some disagree, that was my honest first reaction to the promos that they were made to have a scary tone.

  57. Chris Matthews anchoring Breaking News…. this isn’t a good idea.

  58. FNC has Trace Gallagher in the LA newsroom doing most of the coverage.

  59. Was Gerri Willis as critical of any of Bushes’ economic policies when she worked for CNN as she is of Obama’s economic policies?
    All she does on FBN is bash Obama every night.

  60. Al Sharpton, REALLY??

    MSNBC needs to pull the plug on what’s going down on the air, right now.

  61. To paraphrase you,
    “Al Sharpton anchoring Breaking News…. this isn’t a good idea.”

  62. Sharpton came right out and called the LAPD racist and said he’d help Dorner get the word out about it if Dorner surrenders……. I just….. that shouldn’t have happened.

  63. And now the nightmare scenario – what do the news networks do if this runs in to the 8pm hour? Do they ignore a breaking story the rest of the night?

  64. Sharpie has never been one to concern himself with collateral damage.

  65. There are times when you know it’s a bad idea for one person to cover something. Generally, reporters know when it’s a good idea for them not to cover a story. MSNBC had to know it was a bad idea to put the Reverend on – they just don’t care.

  66. FOX is the first network to quit airing Dorner coverage. They’re running State of the Union coverage while showing ABC News’ feed in a small screen.

  67. Good God, get Sharpton off!

  68. MSNBC second off air.

  69. Fox just reported that one of the cops died, maybe five minutes ago, then went back to politics. CNN hasn’t reported it yet.

  70. CNN just reported it.

  71. But, by all means, let us all hear what this man has to say about the LAPD.

  72. Shep posted on Facebook that FOX Report will be picking up breaking news at 7pm.

  73. Fox is doing the best job, I think, of balancing these stories.

    If something in the Dorner story comes out, they can break in and report it. If not, they can do SOTU coverage.

    Good balance.

  74. @newsbreaker
    #BREAKING: Sources tell @newsbreaker 2 officers dead, 15-20 wounded in #Dorner shootout. Wounded being treated at Loma Linda Uni Med.

  75. ^ Only that source is saying that.both cops died. They were the first with the first one, so we’ll see.

  76. If Fox got rid of Hannity and some of the other crazies, and reined in Megyn Kelly they might have a quality network.

    But they’ve got too much baggage.

    And someone tell Ailes to just be quiet and run the news. Stop trying to be a player.

  77. Dorner’s done for.

  78. #ProTip: If you’re a spokesperson talking about the cop who died, and you don’t want people to know his name just yet…don’t mention that his wife just had a baby.

  79. O’Reilly covering Live. This is interesting.

  80. MSNBC just pushed their SOTU coverage back.

  81. Anderson Cooper 360 is on CNN.

  82. MSNBC pushing SOTU coverage back even more. I wonder what will happen if something breaks DURING SOTU address.

  83. Every year it occurs to me that the abbreviation “SOTU” is a typo missing an “F”.

    What’s the difference between flying a piloted plane to attack enemy combatants and using a unpiloted plane to do the same thing?

    Erich, during WW2 those bombers were flying in the airspace of a country actively at war. These drone strikes are more often than not an unauthorised incursion into a sovereign state with which we are not at war. Many argue that our own actions are an act of war. In years past such actions when taken by US and others were clandestine operations planned with plausible deniability.

  84. @newsbreaker
    CORRECTION: Officials have confirmed that only 1 deputy died and the 2nd is expected to survive after gunfire with suspect in Big Bear (2/2)

  85. I wonder if picture-in-picture will be in play, or if this story will be ignored for the rest of the night after all this coverage.

  86. CNN will easily land the largest audience tonight. Question is, by how much? And will they claim victory because of the SOTU or will they admit the only reason they’ll win the ratings race tonight is because of the Dorner Manhunt?

  87. MSNBC is formatting their SOTU coverage in 16:9.
    Why can’t they do this for all other programming?

    The award for most annoying guest panel goes to CNN.
    Chris needs to stop the cross talk.

    Anders left CNN and went to HLN’s coverage of Doner with Nancy Grace.

  88. Kirsten Powers’ tweets are from the far-right tonight.

  89. BTW, CBS News reporting Christopher Dorner is dead. Not even an on-screen bulletin on the cable news networks.

  90. lonestar77 Says:

    Is there a reporter/journalist in DC outside of Jake Tapper who you couldn’t make money betting on who they voted for?

  91. I’ll bet the summary from conservatives on FNC is that Obama is doubling down on his radical agenda for gun control and taxing the rich.

    The summary on MSNBC is going to be that Rubio and republicans don’t like the Presidents plan on gun control and taxing the rich.

    Rubio keeps touching his face and just threw the camera person a curve going for the water. That was awkward.

  92. Rubio’s speech was awful.

  93. I thought Rand Paul was supposed to speak, too?

  94. Anderson was on HLN with Nancy 9pm-11pm.
    He is back on CNN at 11pm updating the Dorner case.
    FNC also starting Hannity with Dorner at 11pm.

  95. lonestar77 Says:

    Rubio’s speech was not awful. That’s ridiculous.

  96. FNC and CNN going with the live LAPD press conference; not MSNBC.

  97. MSNBC staying with State of The Union coverage.
    CNN and FNC are covering the LAPD press conference.

  98. ^ MSNBC is not a news channel. There’s no good reason for them to cover the presser.

  99. So CBS was wrong in announcing that Dorner was found dead.

  100. CNN was calling him dead for hours. Fox didn’t mention it until 11, about five minutes before it was retracted. Weird.

  101. FNC starts their State of The Union coverage at 11:13pm with republican pollster Frank Luntz.
    Hannity just said it was the best republican response ever.
    Content maybe, appearance wise Rubio was very awkward.
    Any one in the FNC Panel going to curse tonight? 😛

  102. Content-wise, not a good speech. It was the same GOP talking points and the same message they’ve had for generations.

  103. Did anyone else notice the lack of women and minorities in that CNN focus group? This comes after Newt Gingrich’s commentary. Is CNN’s strategy to become FOX’s more combative brother?

  104. Those so-called “talking points” are what some might call “beliefs”. Those don’t change much, generation to generation. Liberals (or whatever) disagreeing with them is pretty much the idea.

  105. Alex Wagner’s smirk is obnoxious.

  106. So a core belief is that government hinders innovation (NASA?) and that our “alternative energy” plan should be to abandon alternative energy and drill everywhere?

  107. A couple hours ago FNC’s website had a bulletin about a body found “May Be Dorner”. KTTV reports sources claiming the body appears to be him but no official confirmation.

  108. And the network that lucked out is MSNBC. By going all politics, they haven’t reported the Dorner news and, by proxy, have been the only ones not to jump the gun.

  109. I have to laugh at Ted Cruz (R) on Hannity saying Rubio is a great communicator. That was not his best speech.
    If Obama was touching his face and going for a bottle of water during his speech FNC’s conservative guests would be saying Obama was off his game.

  110. Rubio looked distinctly as though the caffeine kicked-in all at once, and not in a good way.

  111. I didn’t see Rand Paul’s response on FNC. Did the other networks carry it?

  112. At 12am FNC is done.
    CNN is staying live with a special AC360.
    MSNBC is live with a special Hardball.

  113. So a core belief is that government hinders innovation

    Correct. A large bureaucracy that carries the force of government behind it will necessarily drown-out what is essentially “natural selection” in the private sector. This is why a capitalistic economies have hstorically out-performed the socialistic ones so greatly in terms of raising the standards of living for everyone. NASA was a different sort of animal in its hey day. While a government agency, it didn’t govern anything – at least nothing where the private sector operated. It did become a major customer of the private sector, however, and it was with their fierce competition that the amazing innovations were realised.

    The field of space exploration has since changed and the private sector is now able to venture into it, so I think the president’s policy of scrapping NASA’s next shuttle in favour of the private sector approach may turn out to be the right decision.

    Similar examples of innovation for the good of everyone by a government enterprise can be found in the American military. Again, it’s government that doesn’t govern anything within the same realm as the private sector.

  114. What a dangerous precedent to give monsters like Christopher Dorner such incredible news coverage, with even idiots like Charlie Sheen thanking Dorner for his kind remarks (about Sheen). This kind of wall-to-wall coverage, even eclipsing the SOTU in some cases, will only encourage other would-be murderers who want to be in the spotlight.

  115. Chris Matthews has been surprisingly low-key tonight.

  116. The Rubio performance was quite a show. He started great, then – as Laura says – the revs rose REAL high, REAL fast. Then he damn near fell over trying to reach for the water bottle (which was too far away). Frances Martel says the gig was pre-taped, so this is inexplicable.

  117. CNN is still live at 1am ET with Chris Cuomo anchoring coverage of Dorner.
    Using the State of The Union graphics package for Dorner coverage is goofy.

  118. imfabulous‏:
    BREAKING: USS #Rubio just sunk in Gulp of Mexico. #sotu

  119. @AlbertBrooks
    I didn’t see Marco Rubio’s speech but I just got a residual check.

  120. If that speech was prerecorded, then one assumes that he could have redone it. Since he didn’t, I have to think that a conscious decision was made to put it out there. Perhaps he’s seen these stories play out enough times to think that he can work it into an even higher profile.

  121. Robert Gibbs hired by MSNBC as pundit.

    I’m not a big Gibbs fan and don’t like pundits that just spout the party line so i hope he’s not on air a whole lot. Hopefully I’m wrong, but I put him in the Karl Rove/Valerie Jarrett school of punditry and not the Steve Schmidt/Harold Ford school.

  122. So I didn’t watch last night… but let me see if I can summarize:

    Obama didn’t say anything new.
    Democrats loved it.
    Republicans hated it.
    And Rubio did something minor and insignificant, that Democrats will talk about for days, instead of addressing any issues.

    Is that about right?

  123. Grandpa Dave Says:

    That’s about it, INB.
    I didn’t watch either; just read about it in this mornings paper.

  124. ^ Nice to hear from people who didn’t watch anything come to conclusions about how it all went down.

    I haven’t seen Rubio’s “water grab” anywhere on MSNBC yet this morning, including the first 20 minutes of Morning Joe, which I caught after waking up in the middle of the night.

    Mediaite has a picture showing the poor guy being baked by a giant hot lamp, so I think this will go down as crew error (including having the bottle so far away).

  125. Joe, Morning Joe definitely talked about Rubio’s watergate moment, but everyone seemed more amused than critical or nasty. I have to admit, MJ didn’t focus on it as much as I thought it would.

  126. Mediaite has a piece on the discussion of Rubio’s quenchable moment.

    Why anyone – of note that is – agrees to follow the president after a SOTU speech is a mystery to me. You’re going to look small and sound smaller. It’s just you and the camera and a bare background. This in contrast to the president appearing above the country, almost regal; with the Congress cheering his entrance and his speech.

    Two completely different stages.

    Why try to follow that?

  127. savefarris Says:

    MJ also lambasted Ted Cruz for pointing out Iran’s endorsement of Chuck Hagel, saying people shouldn’t be judged by those who endorsed them.

    … which is odd, because that was exactly the policy at MSNBC 9 months ago:

  128. Didn’t Pelosi and Reid do one, some years back? That had to be the worst, although no one cares enough about them for it to be a big deal. Now it’s a stage for the Next Big Guy, so that’s rather unfortunate.

  129. ^Yeah, a joint response. But nobody remembers what anyone says. It’s all optics and image. And the responder – whoever it is, Democrat or Republican – always looks small.

    Remember Bobby Jindal? I don’t recall a single thing he said but I do remember that he just looked overwhelmed.

    The best that the flavor of the month can do is tie. If it’s a no-name it might help. But if it’s a big name it just becomes an easy target for his opponents.

  130. I think Chris Christie could have pulled off a good SOTU response but he’s smart enough to not do it.

    I thought Bob MacDonald’s SOTU response was the worse of the recent speeches. The only one who could have been more wooden than BM was Romney who i would loved to have seen respond after Obama ‘s speech.

  131. Chris Christie standing in an empty space with hot lights. Yeah, that sounds like a career-maker.

  132. My favorite was the guy from Virginia, McDonnell I think. It was the year after Jindal, and he talked to a fake “Congress” made up of random Republicans sitting in a room. Because apparently he was constitutionally obligated to address a joint session of “people in a room”.

  133. I think the best Republican response was by Bob Michel of Illinois. But it was in response to an “un-official SOTU” during Clinton’s first term. I think Clinton had just given his first address to a joint session of Congress. It must have been televised because I remember Michel’s response as being very good – short and sweet and to the point and, Mr. President, we would like your help but we’re going to do these things with or without you. Delivered in a respectful and calm manner.

  134. Suzanne Malveaux was interviewing a hostage-negotiator. One of the last things she said was”What is the one burning question you have?” Really, Suzanne? Did I imagine that?

  135. Isolated in my cabin with no TV, Internet, nor cellphone, I listened to the speech on radio. Shades of days gone by. Just listening to the speech of Rubio’s, I thought it terrific. So did the NPR commentators.

  136. They thought they burned the Frankenstein monster to death in the first film, but were still making sequels half a century later.

    Hope they got some Dorner DNA. Maybe Sharpton will do his funeral. That would be fitting.

  137. “MJ also lambasted Ted Cruz for pointing out Iran’s endorsement of Chuck Hagel, saying people shouldn’t be judged by those who endorsed them.”

    There’s a difference between being endorsed by a whackjob (Hagel) and actively seeking that endorsement + embracing the whackjob that gave you that endorsement (Romney).

  138. I’m surprised Rubio, who’s clearly the 2016 frontrunner, agreed to that. Doing a SOTU response is political suicide. In fact, it’s strange that Republicans, over the last five years, have been putting their front runners out to embarrass themselves.

  139. I’m surprised Rubio, who’s clearly the 2016 frontrunner, agreed to that. Doing a SOTU response is political suicide. In fact, it’s strange that Republicans, over the last five years, have been putting their front runners out to embarrass themselves.

    ^^I don’t buy Rubio as front runner anymore than I did Jindal or MacDonald were front runners when they gave their SOTU responses.

    Rubio is only being talked about as ‘the one’ because he’s the only serious possible candidate putting himself out front at the moment. if Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan or any of a half dozen others were faux campaigning like Rubio they too might be considered front runners as well.

  140. Paul Ryan, IMO, is most likely to win a GOP Primary. His economic platform is extremely popular with the “base” and he’s pretty far to the right on social issues. I don’t think, for one second, Republicans are serious about shutting up about social issues. Abortion, gay marriage, stuff like that – it’s fundamental to them and, often times, it’s how the Republican Party unites moderate Republicans behind far-right TEA Party Republicans.

  141. Paul Ryan, IMO, is most likely to win a GOP Primary. His economic platform is extremely popular with the “base” and he’s pretty far to the right on social issues. I don’t think, for one second, Republicans are serious about shutting up about social issues. Abortion, same sex marriage, stuff like that – it’s fundamental to them and, often times, it’s how the Republican Party unites moderate Republicans behind far-right TEA Party Republicans.

    No matter what shiny new object they throw out (Palin, Jindal, Rubio), it’s still the same party. They just don’t realize the country isn’t comprised mostly of whites and males anymore. Palin was a gimmick and anyone who’s read Game Change knows that. People like Rubio — honestly, it’s the young conservatives who are the worst. They, like young Democrats, are more extreme on economic issues. However, young Republicans haven’t evolved on the social issues.

  142. savefarris Says:

    Leave it to Drudge to show just how stupid Water…gate is.


    They just don’t realize the country isn’t comprised mostly of whites and males anymore.

    Nice dog whistle there. When Romney was pointing out during the debates that wopmen and minorities were being especially pummeled during the “recovery”, he was actually signaling to Republican voters that he was gonna keep it that way! /Matthews’d

    Republicans want to lift ALL boats, not just the ones that contain favored-race/gender/orientation. We have this funny notion that “all men are created equal”, not “some are more equal than others”.

    Palin was a gimmick and anyone who’s read Game Change knows that.

    Ah, GameChange. Otherwise known as “I Told You So” by Steve Schmidt. Nope, no self-serving narrative building there!!!

    it’s the young conservatives who are the worst

    Best attempt at bipartisanship ever!

    Sorry Andy, but your talking points dump was just begging for a Fisking.

  143. Well Joe, are you ready for Daytona? ARCA race and the Sprint Unlimited on Saturday!

  144. — Republicans want to lift ALL boats, not just the ones that contain favored-race/gender/orientation. We have this funny notion that “all men are created equal”, not “some are more equal than others”. —

    And they seek to do so with policies that have an adverse impact on the poor. Trickle down doesn’t work anymore. Business is about making money. Romney’s a businessman. He knew what his policies were. He knew damn well that giving more money to corporations wouldn’t result in hiring. But he went out saying it anyways.

    Ironically, Romney would’ve profited a great deal from the “recovery” plans he was proposing. And that leaves a bad taste in peoples’ mouths. He lost. His ideas were rejected. And the Republican plan is to double down on those rejected ideas.

  145. Well Joe, are you ready for Daytona? ARCA race and the Sprint Unlimited on Saturday!

    Bring. It.

  146. Gerri Willis is now joining Hannity in the childish name calling by calling Obama “Imperial President”.
    This cranky Republican act is getting old.
    How about doing a show about business instead of Obama bashing?

  147. savefarris Says:

    And they seek to do so with policies that have an adverse impact on the poor.

    Really? You wanna compare how the poor made out in the Bush era (pre-Pelosi) vs. the Obama era (pre/post Boehner. Take your pick.)? Yeah, lets have THAT debate!

    Trickle down doesn’t work anymore.

    And as we’ve seen in the past 5 years, Keynesianism has just been a smashing success!!

    He knew damn well that giving more money to corporations wouldn’t result in hiring.

    Funny how corporations (the ones who take risks, the ones who provide a product/service people willingly pay for) is less deserving of the money they earn than the government (no risks, no service, all the rewards.) Letting companies keep “their fair share” != “giving them money”.

    Obama’s doing it wrong. And what’s worse: he knows it.

  148. O’Reilly is whining about the media covering Rubio going for the bottle of water.
    Give me a break Bill, if a democrat did the same thing in a response speech to a republican you mean to tell me not one person on FNC would mention it and they would not show the video?

  149. ^ Speaking of whining…

    “Waah… Bill O’Reilly/Sean Hannity/Megyn Kelly said this… waah!”

    Didn’t miss those posts last week.

  150. savefarris Says:

    iceman, Drudge just answered your question.

    ANYTHING to keep from talking about the economy…

  151. Why do I picture Chris Farley when I think of Chris Christie giving a SOTU response?

    “Obama wants you to live in a van down by the rivvverr.”

  152. savefarris Says:

    Chris Christie is … CHRIS FARLEY!
    Bobby Jindal is … KENNETH FROM 30 ROCK!
    Marco Rubio is … THE WATERBOY!

  153. It’s always such a shocking thing when the government gives stuff away, and people who don’t really need it take advantage. But no, let’s bitch at the conservatives who thought it was a bad idea!

  154. That’s what happens when people create websites like, claiming the Federal Government is giving away “free Obama phones” and go on television repeating this crap. Nice job idiots.

  155. So Andy… if I understand you correctly, the problem isn’t that the program was set up poorly, and didn’t contain the necessary checks to make sure the right people were eligible… the problem was/is that too many people (especially those who disliked the program) talked about it?

    And had those people just kept quiet, those 40% wouldn’t have known about the program, and wouldn’t have taken advantage of the government’s blunder?

    Do I have that correct?

  156. Well, a lot of people criticizing the media for yesterday’s false, pre-emptive report about Dorner’s body being located. The only network that didn’t report false information was MSNBC — even if it was an accident.

  157. You guys got the results you desired. Instead of whining about it, be happy.

    Instead of using facts to show the world how that “Obamaphone” woman was a fool, elements of the media decided to exploit it to make the President look bad. So, yes, it’s partially their fault.

    My rebuttal would be: Do you think we should eliminate every welfare program to prevent people from taking advantage of it? In turn, hurt those who are in need?

    So, let’s get this right: We should get rid of welfare people because bad people take advantage of it. We should get rid of gun laws because bad people don’t obey them. What else am I missing?

  158. savefarris Says:

    The straw is strong with this one…

    Do you want to get rid of all companies because someone might accidently get rich? /Andy-logic

    Helping those in need is one thing. Disincentivizing employment is another.

  159. Scott Brown is now an FNC contributor? Yummy!

  160. I can deal with “moderate” if it doesn’t look like Dick Morris.

  161. Andy… the idea that perhaps we shouldn’t just throw together a program, knowing it will be rife with fraud just so we “do something,” hasn’t occurred to you? Doing something CORRECTLY so that easy fraud, fraud that everyone knew would happen, would be slightly harder to commit… that’s an unrealized concept for you?

    My goodness! When your people come up with a plan, you scream at anyone who says “It won’t work.” And then when it doesn’t work, you scream that it’s everyone else’s fault. Again the party of “do something” gets burned, and then whines that it’s everyone else’s fault.

    It’s sometimes to figure out if you’re naive or stupid. Either way, just another reason why you shouldn’t be anywhere near government or adult decisions.

  162. “Gerri Willis is now joining Hannity in the childish name calling by calling Obama “Imperial President”.”

    Gee, Jonathan Turley, of George Washington Law School has also called Obama an “Imperial President. it is not just crazy Republicans that call him that, even left leaning law professors do. But, I understand why you’d want to ignore that! Just doesn’t fit your meme.

    Notice the language at minute: 2:05; 22:15, 29:50 and 30:25 (from C-Span on January 28, 2013

  163. Scott Brown will be fine if he avoids talking about the days when he met with “Kings and Queens”.

  164. When Gerri Willis uses Imperial President when talking about Obama she’s not talking in any historical context. It’s clearly meant as dig because every night her act on FBN is bashing Obama.

    If MSNBC was doing the same thing with Bush on their opinion shows it was not right for them to do it either.

    You can disagree with the President and state why without having to use silly names.

  165. Does anyone remember when O’Reilly kept saying “The Obama Regime”? He finally knocked that crap off after Chris Matthews lit him up.

  166. My point with my above sentiment – it’s a FOX News strategy.

  167. Yeah, Blue?? How’s this?

    It’s a program you guys created and a program you guys expanded. So roll that up and smoke on it for a while.

  168. Well, Costello’s hours are flashier with these opens and then there’s that Talkback section for the last 30 minutes of her Newsroom shift.

  169. Hey ice: you obviously did not watch the segment I linked to since Jonathan Turley was not using “Imperial President” in any historical context either. He was using it in the sense of Obama thinking that the constitution doesn’t matter if it gets in the way of what he wants to do.

    Maybe you really are dense or you just don’t want to see that even “some” liberals, who have a sense of the importance of our constitution, are even concerned about what this president is doing. At one point he says that once a President uses powers that really aren’t his to use and no one complains, it is very hard to go backwards. And that Democrats are foolish to believe they will be in control of the Presidency forever.

    I get it though – 45 minutes of real discussion, in a calm reasonable manner, actually listening to someone, is too much time for some people to handle! It is much easier just to b*tch about about Gerri Willis!

  170. lonestar77 Says:

    “Does anyone remember when O’Reilly kept saying “The Obama Regime”? He finally knocked that crap off after Chris Matthews lit him up.”

    Yeah, I’m sure that’s what it was. Cuz Matthews is relevant. And, regime is used all the time. Whether it’s regarding an administration or a coaching staff, or a group of any sort. Matthews is a nut. He’ll complain about anyone who doesn’t get the same thrill from Obama he does.

  171. ^Matthews had to finally admit that he himself has said “the Bush regime” on several occasions.

  172. Ok, so now we can’t have any weapons limits or background checks because of a future hellscape of roving bands of brown people, and no police to help us. That is one crazy m*****f*****.

  173. Yet Cm said NOTHING when KO called the Bush Regime all the time…never mind he said it himself many many times…thats why his show is unwatchable now days……….once a daily habit of mine….now 5 min and Im done.

    MSNBC was full of “funny” names for Bush (many I agreed with) and no out cry but now that it Obama some people care.

    IMHO this country is in such bad shape since we are full of so many people who are hypocrites in so many ways on both sides. There are sooooo many in the media it just sick…….anyone on MSNBC who bitches that some one called Obama a “funny” name should quit in shame if they were there when Bush was in office and said nothing.

    Dont care for the DC but its a good link on why CM is a nut!

    How do you get the NERVE to bitch about somebody calling some one something you called someone else 6769 times?

    BTW: are you srue it was BO and not Rush CM was talking about who of couse isnt on Fox News?

  174. “Does anyone remember when O’Reilly kept saying “The Obama Regime”? ”

    I don’t.

    I do remember Matthews going after Limbaugh for using “regime” but not O’Reilly. I don’t watch all of Matthews – I flip around – but I can’t recall him ever mentioning O’Reilly on his show. On this or any subject.

    And I believe someone found tape of Matthews calling the Bush Administration “regime”.

    But I don’t recall the Matthews/O’Reilly skirmish.

  175. ^Oops, sorry; I should have read the post above.

    Sorry gatxer.

  176. CNN is waiting for a cruse ship to dock with an exclusive camera following it back to shore. While this story is important to people who have friends and family on the ship, this is not news and does not need extended coverage.

    On FNC Megyn Kelly is complaining because a college professor for Liberty University told her students to not use FOX News Channel in their research because of the FOX News bias.
    She asked a guest from the college if the teacher would be fired.
    Yes this teachers action was wrong, they are not worthy of her being fired.
    FOX News Channel is a biased conservative news channel.
    All news channels are biased.
    Megyn also keeps hyping some big announcement for the end of the show.

  177. Now Brooke is doing cruise ship family reunions via phone.
    CNN is embarrassing.

  178. Limbaugh’s a dipstick. He’s ALWAYS been an inflammatory prick, saying things he knows are racist and sexist (among other things). Just another way the “I refuse to be PC” crowd really means “I’m going to say things I know are out of line and I don’t give a crap”.

    Limbaugh has also always tried the “Liberals do it too” stuff. Anyone who knows me knows I’ll sit right here and call out the left for inflammatory hate speech. A lot of people do. I couldn’t stand Olbermann and I rejoiced when he was fired. I detest Matthews and Ed Schultz. And the ratings PROVE liberals don’t watch Al, Chris and Ed – they watch Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell.

    The biggest difference between the right wing outlets and the left wing outlets, in all honesty — if Limbaugh was a liberal commentator on MSNBC saying the things he says, he would be fired. But, on the right, he’s held up as a hero and an idol. Liberal media outlets didn’t put up with Olbermann, they didn’t put up with Shuster, and I don’t think MSNBC’s going to put up with Big Ed much longer.

  179. As for the news – I turned on “NASCAR on ESPN” after five minutes of the news. In the same way the “National Debt” has been the right wing’s excuse to block everything the last four years, “Benghazi” is going to be the way they try to block the government from doing anything the next four.

    Anyone who thinks they’re holding up the nominations because of Benghazi is a fool. They were always going to filibuster Hagel nomination – Benghazi’s just an excuse.

    You lost the election. You didn’t get the Senate. Why? Because YOU GUYS screwed up. Deal with it and move on.

  180. Gooberish Obstructionist Pigs.

    I’m sick and tired of this Do Nothing Congress.

  181. Not sure what happened to you, Andy, but it’s a rare occasion when you get anything correct.

    “Just another way the “I refuse to be PC” crowd really means “I’m going to say things I know are out of line and I don’t give a crap”.”

    Really? And, what exactly can’t people on the left say? They can say pretty much anything, right? Because they are mostly the ones who assume the role of word policeman in order to shut down the opposing side.

    You have people at CNN and MSNBC cheering on a cop killer but it’s cool cuz he’s black. Limbaugh doesn’t hold a candle to Bashir, Matthews or LOD when it comes to hate speech.

    Often times, you just say stuff to stay stuff. Or, you regurgitate what you read from the whackjobs at Mediaite.

  182. lonestar77 Says:

    “Ok, so now we can’t have any weapons limits or background checks because of a future hellscape of roving bands of brown people, and no police to help us.”

    Think for yourself much? I realize that’s the talking point from MSNBC today, I woke up to it. But, it’s absurd and what you and those like you always do. Neat brown people card.

    BTW, do you live along the border? Near it? Have you seen illegals run across your property? Do you have to lock your deer stands so illegals won’t sleep in them? Do you have any idea what it’s like near the border? Have you had to have a police escort for simple jury duty because the border town is out of control? No? Then STFU about the “roving bands of brown people”. Gawd, you’re an idiot.

  183. You’re just a selfish, hateful conservative for not wanting brown people on your property, and sleeping in your stuff. That’s what the idiots think. Roll with it.

  184. I particularly love the revisionism on Olbermann. Liberals LOVED Olbermann, and didn’t turn on him until he totally lost his mind. Even then, it was grudging. MSNBC hung on to the guy until he became indefensible. Spare me your “higher standards” because it’s BS.

  185. I’m sure glad CNN is giving us border to border coverage of this ship. I’m sure there’s nothing else happening in the world anywhere of importance.

  186. Oh, give me a break Lonestar. If ANYONE on MSNBC said the kinds of things about Ann Coulter or Megyn Kelly that Rush Limbaugh and company said about Sandra Fluke, they’d be suspended or fired in world record time. Look how quick they yanked David Shuster off the air. In fact, they suspended Ed Schultz for something he didn’t even say on their network.

    Laura, Liberals turned on Olbermann when he went after Bristol Palin for something she said – and that was the beginning of the end. Conservatives worshipped Rush Limbaugh for the things he said about Sandra Fluke. If you want, send me a Facebook request and I can show you the kinds of things Rush Limbaugh listeners say on a daily basis.

  187. CNN is worthless garbage.

  188. Welcome to the Jeff Zucker era of The Most Trusted Name in News.

  189. Rush Limbaugh doesn’t work for anyone. Minor detail.

  190. The best thing with this cruise ship is the part where they inevitably give the passengers free tickets. It’s bad enough when airlines do that, but a plane ticket at least has some intrinsic value. The cruise IS the vacation, so the idea that they might do it again or pass it to a friend is sort of unthinkable. And it’s not just bad for Carnival, because I don’t think people differentiate between cruise-lines the way they do airlines.

  191. I’m not a fan of Martin Bashir but he’s tearing Wayne LaPierre a new one right now.

  192. Yeah, and Rush doesn’t face backlash from his own either – like Olbermann did. When advertisers boycott, several other conservative groups step up with funding to continue giving him a voice. If Republicans didn’t support Limbaugh’s actions, he would’ve been gone long ago. Money does talk – and it’s money , from Conservatives, that keeps him wealthy.

  193. The problem with conservatives and Rush is that they won’t understand that he makes us look bad. You can piss and moan about “liberal media” all day long, but some things just are. He goes on the air, he says crazy-ass things (and loves the resulting attention), and like it or not, he’s pretty much the Face of the Party.

    The biggest problem I see with Rush is that he’s old, and he’s pre-feminist. When he’s not saying “femin@zi” (it’s old, it’s tired, stop it), he’s talking about “women’s libbers”, a term that was passe and annoying about 30-years-ago. He’s flummoxed by hyphenated married names, as though it’s still 1970. He calls Huma Abedin “Huma Weiner”, because he (apparently) knows what her name should be. Or maybe it’s just because he’s a disrespectful @sshole. I could go on, but I have the only valid Driver’s License in my house.

  194. How exactly is CNN’s ground and helicopter video of the cruise ship exclusive?
    No other local or national media have a helicopter flying over the area?

    Wolf just mentioned there is other news.
    The Senate cloture vote on Chuck Hagel is happening now.
    CNN is giving this ship way to much coverage.

  195. savefarris Says:

    Liberals turned on Olbermann when he went after Bristol Palin for something she said

    Not really. Liberals didn’t really turn on Olby until he started turning on his compatriots (Rachel, Cenk, Al). Even whilst being shown the door, most of the liberal establishment seemed to be of the “No Olby, please don’t go!!!” mindset.

  196. savefarris Says:

    CNN is giving this ship way to much coverage.

    You just KNOW CNN is praying for that shot of a grandmother slumped over dead in her wheelchair (i.e. the Katrina Convention Center shot). That’s all they want.

  197. They just blocked the Hagel nomination. Gee, I thought Republicans were the “National Security” party.

  198. They’re clearly setting themselves up to vote for impeaching President Obama over Benghazi. Anyone with a brain can see that.

  199. Did CNN just ignore a Presidential Address?

  200. I read the actual Daily Caller article; posted it; and commented, you idiots. It’s a racist screed which imagines a hellish future in which there are no cops to save us from roving bands of Latino drug gangs, and THAT’S why we don’t get gun control. LaPierre is batshyte crazy, and so is anyone who supports that sick fck.

  201. CNN’s over the top coverage of the cruise ship should be a topic on “Reliable Sources”.
    This us just silly. Now we have a helicopter showing the woman they are talking to who is on the ship.
    Please get back to real news!

  202. “Over the top”? It was beyond “over the top” three hours ago. Now, it’s just pathetic.

    I thought the plane landings BS they used to do was painful.

  203. Now they have a box in the corner of the screen showing video of the cruise ship. This is an epic trainwreck.

  204. Does anyone except FNC pay attention to anything published by The Daily Caller?

    Tucker Clarson just wants more attention for his news blog so they publish a loony rant by the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre.

  205. Tell me just one thing that was wrong with the Daily Caller article, aside from the usual hysteria that accompanies any statement from Wayne LaPierre, and the perpetual “racism” that exists in every liberals’ mind. Oh, I forgot. That’s pretty much it.

  206. 100% chance Anderson says that a special live AC360 is going to be on at 10pm ET as they wait for the ship to dock.
    Would not be surprised if they have Erin live at 11pm to. 😛
    Martin Savidge must be saying to him self,
    “Of all the things I’ve covered for CNN, they have me waiting for a cruise ship to dock?”

  207. Unfortunately, Wayne LaPierre is the head of the NRA, a gun seller’s lobby with WAY too much power in Washington. He’s a doomsday prepper who can’t decide if we’ll need to be armed against the government, or armed because there is NO government. Either way, his ultimate goal is as many weapons; with as much capability as possible; sold to as many people with no background checks as possible.

    In a sane world he would be laughed off the stage, but unfortunately we have a country full of anti-government militia loons willing to put up with psychos like him and Ted Nugent. It’s unbelievably depressing.

  208. I explained it, Laura. Several times. You don’t listen.

  209. Wayne LaPierre makes is sound like the USA is turing into a 3rd world country and he’s getting ready to fight a real war.
    It’s not on the loony on the Alex Jones level though it’s pretty close.

    This whole hype by the pro gun lobby that Obama is going to re write the second amendment and the military is going to come for your guns is comical hype.

  210. It’s always the same crap from that guy: He imagines a doomsday scenario, then lies that the government is planning full confiscation. That’s not a rational argument. It’s doomsday prepper madness.

  211. Erin Burnett’s anchoring live from Mobile, Alabama? Wow… I feel bad for her.

  212. “FOX URGENT” LMAO. This is snarkworthy now.

  213. Hagel will be confirmed next week.

    Seriously, does anyone think he’s up to the task? Especially if we’re going to undertaken a major downsizing in the military. He didn’t even know the Administration’s policy towards Iran. I.e., containment won’t work.

    The President, barring extreme circumstances, should get the people he wants. But this is a bad selection.

    I’ll just note that Senator Obama voted against Justices Roberts and Alito and a number of other high ranking nominees by Bush (Bolton et al.).

  214. She’s covering what Wolf called “this dramatic and important story”. They should all be fired. Now.

  215. POTUS should stop screwing around and appoint LIBERALS to these positions. He picks a Republican, and Republicans have a fit. Get a clue Mr. President..THEY HATE YOU. DO WHAT YOU WANT.

  216. FNC covering the cruise ship as their second story then going on to other news as CNN should be doing.

    Guessing Carnival is not going to buy ads on CNN any time soon. 😛

  217. savefarris Says:

    then lies that the government is planning full confiscation.

    Not a lie.

    Q: What’s worse than spending 5 days on a cruise ship with no power and filled with feces?

    A: Spending more than 5 minutes in Mobile.

  218. Hagel’s not qualified.

    In any case, exactly what was President Obama doing the night of the Benghazi attacks? Our embassy in Cairo was also under an attack. It was the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

    And he was nowhere to be found?


    Presidents screw up. Bush failed to kick the bureaucracy when the warnings before 9/11 came about. JFK was asleep before the Bay of Pigs. FDR and Pearl Harbor. Lots of examples.

    But Obama’s getting away with it.

    Not good.

  219. Obama’s gotten more criticism over Benghazi than Bush ever did over 9/11. There were numerous attacks on embassies under Bush. It’s politics, that’s all. And using Benghazi as the reason to filibuster something you were always going to filibuster is cowardice and a copout.

  220. You’re a liar, Farris. Those dumbass Dems in Missouri only proposed confiscating the banned weapons, not legal firearms. And POTUS isn’t even proposing THAT.

  221. “Obama’s gotten more criticism over Benghazi than Bush ever did over 9/11.”

    From where? Fox News and…..?

    Why did we just find out three days ago that he never made any calls to his SecDef or top military man during the attacks?

    This more than 5 months after the attack.

    To state that the President has been criticized for his actions that night is just without foundation. Ambassador Rice has been criticized and Secretary Clinton too. But the President has gotten off completely free.

    Some of your posts Andy are just not from this planet.

  222. savefarris Says:

    Obama’s gotten more criticism over Benghazi than Bush ever did over 9/11.

    OH PLEASE!!! Let me know when Michael Moore makes a $100 million film about how Obama was responsible for Benghazi. Then we’ll talk.

    There were numerous attacks on embassies under Bush.

    How many resulted in the death of an ambassador?

    Those dumbass Dems in Missouri only proposed confiscating the banned weapons, not legal firearms.

    Read the law. As written, just about everything more advanced than a Colt Revolver is banned and thus subject to confiscation.

  223. Geez, we gave our second car to my Mom for her to give to her church or Wounded Warriors (she hasn’t decided which).

    It’s going to take 6 weeks for her to get the title? Six weeks?

    What is this Botswana?

  224. We don’t call people liars here. Spud said to behave. Stop acting out.

  225. This isn’t about Bush or the man in the friggin’ moon.

    Every damned time someone screws up in government one side points to something done by the other side as an excuse.

    It’s all politics to you folks, isn’t it?


  226. Bull, I get called crap like that all the time. The gun nuts repeatedly lie about a gun control measure nobody is proposing, and I’m tired of arguing their lie. Stick to the facts, which is that you’re a bunch of anti-government loons who reject ANY restrictions because of your imagined future war against the US Military. Freaks.

  227. Welcome to the Jeff Zucker era of CNN.

  228. Sounds like someone’s overdue on his Chill Pill.

  229. Has CNN tried to get a reporter on the ship yet? 😛

  230. ^ No volunteers.

  231. Chill Pill?

    He needs heavy sedatives and a straight jacket.

  232. Rick Sanchez would have done it, but alas he is gone.

  233. True. Sanchez got tazed for his art, and they fired him anyway. Tis a shame.

  234. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen since Nancy Grace’s Casey Anthony circus coverage.

  235. Oh, Diane Sawyer barefoot on the carpet interviewing Elian Gonzalez was classic.

  236. Chris Cuomo anchoring 360. I guess Anderson Cooper told them, straight up, that he wasn’t covering this. :-p

  237. They have a reporter on a boat????? LMAO!

  238. Cruise to nowhere.

  239. I would shoot myself in the foot before I covered a story like this.

  240. I wish Will McAvoy was a real person and NewsNight was a real show.

  241. I’d settle for Les Nessman.

  242. Yeah, you guys support a psychotic doomsday prepper, and I’m the problem…

  243. Didn’t you once rant and scream (because that’s all you do) about people who say “all Liberals” like their one monolithic group?

    Yeah. That was cute.

    Does it bother you to lie, or is it just second nature at this point?

  244. And some of belong on the “Do Not Arm” list.

  245. savefarris Says:

    The gun nuts repeatedly lie about a gun control measure nobody is proposing

    … except … they ARE proposing it. I know you hate that the talking point taken away from you, but it has. Deal with it.

  246. Bring it, Blue. Show me the line of conservatives here on ICN who will admit Wayne LaPierre has psychotic delusions, and is promoting a bizarre argument against ANY form of gun restrictions.

  247. You’re lying, Farris. The Missouri Dems – which nobody cares about – did not propose full confiscation, and the president isn’t anywhere NEAR it.

  248. Wayne L is a good, who wants far more than what the the US needs or requires. He heads a special interest group which only advocates for its own interests, not the best interests of America.

    And that’s 1.

  249. – that’s 1 –
    When Joe gets into “You’re lying” mode, rational responses get you nowhere. This is four years experience talking.

  250. That’s a start. Now try again with all the words included so I have a some idea what you’re trying to say.

  251. FYI: Jesse Watters will be a co-host on tomorrow’s The Five.

  252. Sure, Laura. I said LaPierre has psychotic delusions, and challenged you guys to admit it. So far I have Farris misrepresenting what the Missouri Dems attempted, which makes him a liar, and Blue apparently trying to answer my question, although it didn’t all make the page. So what’s your story? Is Lapierre batshyte or not?

  253. “My story” is kiss off.

  254. The A block on Hannity is all about the cruise ship.
    Sean must be mad he gets one less segment to bash the Obama administration.

  255. carolmr Says: FYI: Jesse Watters will be a co-host on tomorrow’s The Five.

    Is Jesse still going to pretend to be a republican who hates Obama or is Beckel going to call him out as a phoney since Jesse contributed to the Obama campaign?

  256. That’s what I figured. You’re only response to me posting the Daily Caller screed was to defend that lunatic, so I have my answer.

  257. I have said plenty about Wayne LaPierre and the issue in general. You’ve either forgotten, or weren’t paying attention. Go find someone else to answer your demands.

  258. Life in 2013.
    Passenger tells CNN the hardest part of being stuck on cruise ship with no food and sh\t running down the halls was no WiFi

  259. CNN’s coverage of the cruise ship continues for the 9pm hour.
    Erin is on location and Donny Deutsch is in CNN’s NYC studio with a panel of guests to discuss the story.
    Way to much coverage.

    The Carnival CEO is about to give a press conference and FNC plans to broadcast it.

    MSNBC is ignoring the story,

  260. Uh huh. I posted a criticism of LaPierre today, and you responded with a defense of his “fears”. Tell it to the jury.

  261. The only cruise ship coverage MSNBC has had is with Veronica De La Cruz on the newsbreaks.

  262. MSNBC’s going to take a HUGE ratings hit for not covering this crapoola.

  263. I don’t answer to you or to anyone else around here. Shove your ‘jury’.

  264. MSNBC took a ratings hit the other night as well, when sticking with State of the Union coverage instead of relaying inaccurate reports about Christopher Dorner. Even though it was an accident, they did the right thing – and they paid for it.

    As critical as I’ve been of MSNBC – they’ve been classier than the other networks all week.

  265. Joe, I’m pretty sure Laura’s criticized Wayne LaPierre several times.

  266. She seems incapable of stepping back when I criticize him. I am unaware of stand-alone occasions when she has gone after the raving lunatic.

  267. – MSNBC –

    It’s sad how that works. The sensational story that’s shot full of BS gets the eyeballs, while the channel behaving responsibly gets screwed. CNN used to be that channel, but no more.

  268. Hey Joe… remember a few weeks ago when you lied about me, and then refused to defend yourself?

    How are you not embarrassed daily by the things you say and do?

    AS FOR “CLASSY” MSNBC… they also have spent more time talking about “Water” Gate, than any other network. “Classy!”

  269. That’s easy, Blue. I’m better than you.

  270. “Classy” is for suckers. They all play to their audiences. Although, maybe MSNBC knew how upset their audience would be over Dorner’s death, so they held back on purpose.

  271. ^ That’s disgusting.

  272. lonestar77 Says:

    Hearing you (and others) complain about what you see as hyperbole from Wayne Lapierre is awesome.

    War on Women; Republicans want to take your contraception away; They’re gonna put y’all back in chains; Romney is advocating social policies of the 50’s; Republicans want dirtier air, dirtier water, less people with health insurance; Republicans health care plan is don’t get sick and if you do, die quickly;

    And, of course, Republicans hate blacks, browns, oldies, youngies and da poor.

    And, that’s just what I could think of off the top of my head. But, by all means, lose your sh!t over Wayne Lapierre. Someone who is being attacked by the entire media machine, the WH, etc.


    I’ll go first:
    Based on his “classy” performance this week, AL SHARPTON.

  274. lonestar77 Says:

    ^ racist.

  275. Okay, I’ll throw in a white guy, HARRY REID.

  276. Hannity and Brent Bozell are whining because the media did to much coverage of Rubio going for the bottle of water and not enough on the speech.

    According to FNC it’s the medias fault.
    FNC is wrong, that lunge for the bottle of water was very awkward.
    The blame should go to the person in change of the set who did not have a table with water closer to Rubio.

  277. What meds are you coming down off this week, Joe?

    I hope whomever provides your supervision notes that this fistful, isn’t working either.

  278. Rubio got lucky. Most of that rehashed Romney speech refuted things Obama didn’t say that night. The actual transcript is pretty embarrassing.

  279. I find taking mine with a shot of Wild Turkey helps.

  280. Ice… the point is that the story is stupid, meaningless, and without any impact on anything.

    And yet, it’s gotten more air time than countless other issues! Why is that a good thing?

  281. lonestar77 Says:

    “As critical as I’ve been of MSNBC – they’ve been classier than the other networks all week.”

    MSNBC ran the clip of Rubio taking a sip of water 155 times…in one day. Classy!

    But, at least they didn’t cheerlead Dorner, like CNN did.

  282. I’m Quomo the sailor man, poop poop.

  283. In the process of reading the book on the Conan O’Brian and Leno mess. Who played the biggest part in setting up that catastrophe? Well, Jeff Zucker, of course.

  284. Rubio’s speech being trumped by the water lunge is not a good thing for Repiublicans and I’d agree some of the coverage was a bit much.

    My point is that’s the fault of the people who planned and setup the location for the Republican response.
    When it happened I found it to be awkward and expected it to be covered by the news channels.

  285. lonestar77 Says:

    ^ and, the news value is what? I can see a “hey, this is funny, watch this clip”. But, 155 times? And, CNN asking if that will end his political career? Indefensible.

  286. Show me a Republican the Left hasn’t latched on to something to demean them as a moron. Standard modus operandi. Anything to mock and destroy. Evil people.

  287. savefarris Says:

    “Ragin’ Cajun’: I love it.”

    Whoever is anchoring CNN apparently has no idea about the University of Louisiana-Lafayette.

  288. savefarris Says:

    “I Miss My Cats”

    Journalism in 2013, folks.

  289. The thing where CNN asked if it would “end his career” was one of those silly promos, of the type that Fox does all the time. No one that I saw actually thought that was the case. MS does what it does, and who cares.

  290. So much for MSNBC being watchable. They just interrupted The Last Word with The Ed Show covering breaking news….WTF?

  291. And now we know why Rachel doesn’t talk to Lawrence at the transition..

  292. Truth will probably show Obama was splitting a gut watching a pre screening of Django while Benghazi was going down. Hid,ing something. Like pulling teeth to get WH just to admit sad excuse for a POTUS made not a phone call. Wasn’t on the campaign schedule.

  293. Was The Last Word live tonight?
    Odd they would break into a live show to have another live show to cover breaking news.

  294. I would be pissed if I was Veronica De La Cruz or one of MSNBC’s overnight anchors. To be on standby for breaking news then, when breaking news happens, be shoved aside so an opinion anchor can cover it……

  295. I don’t know, ice. I have the TV set up to block that damn obnoxious bar across the top of the screen.

  296. LOD was definitely not live. My guess is it never is, which I didn’t realize.

  297. If Joe outlaws guns only a Dorner will have guns.

    Guns don’t kill people, Dorner kills people.

    Well, Joe’s not taking my guns. Not sure where they all are.

  298. No, there was no ‘live’ bug. I rewound to check.

  299. I don’t want your antique pistol. No one is coming for your antique pistol, or Glock, or hunting rifle. We want smaller clips, and universal background checks.

    Personally, I’ll never own a handgun. The chances of me screwing up and ending up with a bullet from my own gun are much higher than the chances I’ll ever be “a good guy stopping a bad guy” with it. I don’t need the risk in my house.

  300. JFC. It’s not the Titanic.

  301. @greenfield64
    CNN’s cruise ship coverage has now exceeded the entire running total of “Gilligan’s Island” episodes.

  302. Congratulations, now a couple thousand Americans know how billions of people, worldwide, live every single day (except, they don’t have iPhones and their misery lasts longer than five days).

  303. Have CNN and FNC stopped the broadcasting commercials? MSNBC is commercial free since they started coverage.

  304. savefarris Says:

    JFC. It’s not the Titanic.

    But … they ran out of beer!!!

  305. Now we get to hear all the passengers demonstrate their engineering expertise.

  306. savefarris Says:

    “Carnival Cruise lines doesn’t pay any taxes”

    –The President’s ears just perked up.

  307. Does FNC dare pre-empt The O’Reilly Factor at 11pm for more this?
    Bill is going to be so mad if they do that.

  308. savefarris Says:

    Has CNN never seen a wheelchair before?

  309. MSNBC’s going even more bizarre. A random commercial just cut off The Ed Show, mid-sentence.

  310. Yep. I got Toyota of Marin. Now back to our show.

  311. That might have been a local commercial break on MSNBC.
    I remember the old days of breaking news coverage on cable TV when CNN would put a message on screen saying your local cable system may be taking a commercial break while CNN’s coverage continues.

    FNC’s coverage continues with Marianne Rafferty.

  312. The crew seems to have unleashed the free alcohol in time for phone interviews. These ladies talking to Ed are LIT.

  313. Yeah, that and they don’t allow weapons in your cell.

  314. Funny when Ed says “This is MSNBC’s continuing coverage.” when MSNBC did not continue to cover the story from 3pm till around 10:15pm ET.

  315. Underfed people with alcohol. Yeah, that’s a good idea.

  316. savefarris Says:

    And now Ed is accusing Carnival of shaking down passengers on the way out.

    MSNBC: Your Home for Factchecking…ish.

  317. Now the media is fighting to get interviews with the passengers.
    Welcome to the media circus.

  318. In South Africa, they tightened gun laws to the point that to own a handgun, you had to take a course, pass a test, obtain a license, register the gun, and an individual is allowed to own but one. Now with the “blade runner” shooting has the same anti-gun groups saying the girl would be alive if all guns were outlawed, and will push for that.

    Of course we have a second amendment here in the USA, but we gun owners believe one step leads to another fueled by the latest gun tragedy. Like liberals and their taxes. Never satisfied. Never stop. Good reason not to trust them. Look at what a phony Obama turned out to be. They will do whatever it takes. Resist we much.

  319. Will Big Ed poop in a trash can to show what the passengers went though? Wouldn’t bet against it.

  320. Some of the passengers are good-natured and handled the difficulties in stride. Then there’s those like these last two ladies interviewed by Erin Burnett who seem the type to go negative at first excuse. Sort of like… n’ermind.

  321. Universal background checks would be nice, but don’t be fooled into believing that they will have any effect whatsoever on reducing criminal acts with firearms. For obvious reasons, convicted criminals don’t buy their weapons through legal means and there’s no mechanism in place (or even in concept, for that matter) to reliably track those with diagnosed emotional/mental disorders. Putting those names on a list would unquestionably create some very negative consequences.

  322. Not sure how you could be anything but happy to be off that ship. It’s like the person that you call or visit, who then bitches that you never call or visit.

  323. It’s good to know that going on a cruise can sometimes be a real crap-shoot.

    “Bowels of the ship”… yeah.

  324. Haven’t watched FNC. I imagine Geraldo would be the first reporters on board in full battle gear… perhaps reporting live from the poopdeck.

  325. I got a kick out of the young lady who tried to throw a bible verse in and the NBC guy cut her off. “Joshue 1:9. Look it up!” I heard several Lord references while in the car..sounds like there was a young mission group aboard.

  326. When quoting Bible verses, keep it pithy: “Jesus wept”.

  327. At 12am MSNBC is done. CNNi is regular programming.
    CNN and FNC are still live.

  328. This is certainly a more pleasant story than crispy critter in the cabin.

  329. FNC goes back to The Factor, instead of Hannity at 12:15am.
    The Factor is in a smaller video window as they spam the screen video on the left and a lower third on the bottom about the cruise ship.

  330. I’m pretty sure those guys wanted to appear on CNN just so they could make a “poop deck” joke.

  331. Everyone who’s on the news complaining about the free Carnival Cruise tickets they got, feel free to send them to me. I’ll be more than happy to get them off your hands.

  332. Going wall-to-wall on this story.. and promo-hype about re-living it tomorrow.. is all silly. Still, it’s nice to have one witha good ending every once in while.

    “Sweet Home Alabama”. So clever.

  333. Speaking as someone who was on a sailboat in the middle of Lake Erie at 3:00 AM in a terrible storm having difficulty stating the auxiliary engine as an oil tanker headed directly at him… Be prepared if you get on a boat for stuff to happen.

  334. “…and the guvnor, too.”

  335. We. Get. It. You’re in Alabama. STOP with the Skynard.

  336. Bill must have some contract.
    His show just ran on FNC from 12:15am to 1am and FNC is airing it again at 1am instead of waiting for 4am.

  337. They had bible studies and kept their spirits up and the crew busted ass for them. I pity the newspeople looking for the horror stories they’ve been preparing us for..

  338. – sailboat in the middle of Lake Erie at 3:00 AM-

    I was sailing my boat from Pelee Island, ON to Putin Bay, OH at 6:00AM when a dense fog suddenly appeared, and this route necessarily crosses the path the big ships take. Sound really travels in the fog so the low “drum” of a big ship engine… that freighter may have been over a mile away but to me it was 50′ off the port bow. I had a radar unit installed the next weekend.

  339. I see CNN finally went to tape at 1030pmPT/130amET.

  340. Hundreds are injured after a meteor crashed in central Russia.

  341. savefarris Says:

    ^Is This the Result of Global Warming?


  342. “The dinosaurs didn’t have a space program”

    Got to love this genius on CBS This Morning.

  343. Nearly two decades after Nelson Mandella ended apartheid, South Africa is heading toward the fate of so many of the continent’s countries. Whites are now segregated in heavily guarded, gated communities. Rape and violence flourish.

  344. Hey Al: My husband & I were just in Put-in-Bay last summer. We had a great time and hope you did too when you were there. (We unknowingly made reservations on Pirate weekend!)

    2013 will be the 200th Anniversary of the end of the War of 1812 and Colin Powell will be at Put-In Bay to commemorate the event. Lots of events happening in Labor Day/September if you are a history buff!

  345. Looks like Suzanne Malveaux will be co-anchoring Newsroom International with Michael Holmes come next week.

  346. That fcking monster Lapierre was on my TV again today with some BS about the Democrats “dismantling the Second Amendment”. He’s a liar. He’s evil.

  347. We docked the sailboat in Putt In Bay one night. Nice place. Lake Erie a dangerous place to sail. A shallow lake, strong winds can whip up a dead-calm into high caps in an instant.

  348. Wayne knows, as do I, the only thing keeping liberals from banning all guns is the opportunity. They are evil.

  349. larrykelly, the same thing could be said about abortions and the right.

  350. That sonofab!tch got on TV this morning to anticipate the president’s meeting with the Newtown teachers. That sick monster doesn’t give a DAMN about those children.

  351. Stop swearing, Joe.

    Chris makes a point, I concede is true. 100% true.

  352. CNN and MSNBC are showing the President’s speech on guns and the economy from Chicago.
    FNC is not showing it. Sports scandals the cruise ship passenger lawsuits are more important.
    Was it not the opinion hosts on FNC who said why is the President not talking to people in Chicago? He does and they ignore it.
    They could have at least taken the initial comments on guns and then gone on to other stories.

  353. savefarris Says:

    Was it not the opinion hosts on FNC who said why is the President not talking to people in Chicago? He does and they ignore it.

    Is he actually saying something new or is it just his regular stump speech with a different backdrop?

    Someone ought to make a drinking game…

    “Middle Class”
    “Bottom Up”
    “Fair Share”
    “Invest in education and research”
    “Republicans in Congress”
    “Common Sense”
    “Everyone can agree”

  354. If the president does what conservatives ask, they ignore it; make up quotes for him; then come up with something new to complain about.

  355. “green energy”

  356. The ARCA race is going to be a crashing festival of carnage tomorrow.

  357. Obama and Hannity are very similar, they repeat themselves over and over again with nothing new to add. His speeches are predictable and full of empty words.

    Oh great, The Five’s now talking about guilt over the Natives’ land being taken away. I’ve had to listen to people whine about that for weeks up north and ultimately the protesters lost because we were sick of it.

  358. Clearly none of you bothered to listen to the speech. It’s so much easier to tell me what he said when you HAVE NO IDEA.

  359. CNN had higher ratings last night with its wall-to-wall coverage of a cruise in the ocean. So now we’re adding Earth-shattering catastrophes to the list of “what can we make-up for ratings?” next to water-related political scandals and pastor Wright controversies.

  360. Just heard what Touré said earlier. I think he’s a racist twerp but I find it extremely hard to disagree with what he said.

  361. If 20 black children were shot by a white guy you can be damned sure that there would be a national outcry.

    Five black kids versus five white? Likely not.

    There’s no doubt in my view that when a black child is killed in an urban area in a shooting that it doesn’t receive the attention that the death of a white child would. Although economics might also be a factor. Race and socioeconomics. Certainly race.

    But nope, if 20 black children were killed there would be a huge uproar.

    Touré is a racialist but not, I think, a racist.

  362. Anyone who thinks the news media is bad about sensationalizing the cruise ship stuff have seen nothing. The stuff Joe and I are having to suffer through – the stuff that is called NASCAR on FOX… here’s a recap: Danica blah blah Danica Ricky blah blah blah Danica blah Ricky blah blah blah Stenhouse blah Danica Danica Danica Danica blah blah blah Danica Danica Danica Danica Danica blah.

  363. Let me quote Toure accurately: he didn’t say there wouldn’t be a national outrage; he said there “wouldn’t be a national conversation about guns.”

    He’s still wrong.

  364. Um, who is it that’s yapping about a “conversation” about guns? Liberals. Sounds as though he’s indicting his own side.

  365. And you know, maybe this whole thing has helped to bring attention to Chicago. Maybe that was Toure’s point, ineptly made. I’m glad to see the President talking about it, especially the issue of no fathers in the home.

  366. Pam: Thanks for the info about Gen Powell planning to be at Perry National Monument. I might go. We prefer anchoring just off the south side of the island near the state park. Quiet and peaceful.

    I’ve crossed Lake Erie when a strong wind switches over to be from the northeast and the waves quickly build up to around 20′. On a sailboat that’s just fun but I always feel sorry for the stink-potters (power boats for the non-boaters among us) who can do little more than point their bows toward the waves and ride it out.

    The Piers Morgan promos tonight are ridiculous the way they’re hyping coverage of the cruise ship thing as if it’s some heart-wrenching tragedy.

  367. Well looky that. Someone actually listened to the speech, and appreciated its contents.

    In other news..Happy Birthday, Laura!
    (yeah, she’s gonna kill me, but that’s nothing new)

  368. Upstage the Democratic President at an even being recorded on video and you get a special on FOX News Channel with Hannity and his conservative audience.

  369. Why is CNN’s AC360 wasting an hour doing a special on Dorner?.
    This guy deserves no more media attention.

    The Last World is back full time Fridays on MSNBC.
    Ezra Klein hosting and the show is taped.

  370. “conversations” about guns usually as predictable as “conversations” about race. I applaud them both with one hand.

  371. Since Greta is asking, the amount of money spent on the Obama’s separate vacations is so minute, in the grand scheme of things. that I really couldn’t give a crap. Plus they’re, you know, President and First Lady. Let it go.

  372. Winds split our mainsail once. That’s when the crew mutinied.

  373. I am now singing “Happy Birthday Laura”, and it sounds really good.

  374. Toure’s point is so blindingly obvious that it’s not worth making, but he’s right. If 20 black kids had been murdered by a white guy with a gun, we wouldn’t be talking about gun control. The mainstream media would brush it off as a terrible thing in a “bad neighborhood”, and that would be the end of it. It’s not right, but that’s the way things are. It’s the same mindset that focuses on pretty white girls for sensationalistic crime coverage.

  375. ONE almost-white-guy shoots ONE black kid in circumstances that some see as self defense, and ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE.

    Toure’s point, like Joe’s, is on the top of his head.

  376. Just like how the media, whenever it’s discovered the gunman in a mass shooting is white, always pulls the “mental illness” card. Why don’t they talk about “mental illness” when blacks or Muslims commit crimes? “Mental illness” is the default statement when a white person commits a crime.

    They’ve said every mass shooter from Columbine to Sandy Hook has a mental illness (oh, and Rush Limbaugh claims ALL of them are Liberal Democrats who voted for Clinton and/or Obama with no proof whatsoever). Fact is, there are bad people. And, yes, there are evil white people. Evil isn’t confined to blacks or to Muslims like some white people like to believe.

  377. ^ that was so dumb, I swear Andy must have written it while dizzy watching the cars go in circles.

  378. Every crime is covered differently based on the race(s) involved. It’s simple human nature. Did LaPierre claim that Trayvon would’ve been better off carrying a gun? Of course not.

  379. How so? If Adam Lanza was black, he would’ve been called a gangster. If he was Muslim, he would’ve been called a terrorist. But, because he’s white, “mental illness”.

    Don’t even get me started on how FOX, Limbaugh, Breitbart, Daily Caller and company label every mass shooter as a Democrat with no evidence whatsoever.

    There’s a segment of the population that refuses to believe white people are capable of committing crimes. I’ve met many of these people. And with the political division in this country, people want to take someone like Adam Lanza and lump half the American population with him to make themselves feel better.

  380. Yep, that Al Capone, Phil Spector, Ted Bundy, Jessie James, are all incapable of committing crimes.

  381. Why don’t they talk about “mental illness” when blacks or Muslims commit crimes?

    A man shot three generations of his own family today in Detroit. Two were reported dead and I’m not at liberty to disclose the conditions of any of the others. He is a black man with a long history of mental illness and the media is reporting it that way. Now this will really burn your ass: It is also being reported that he had passed the extensive required background check and holds a valid concealed weapons permit.

    I also hold a valid CCW. One of the questions on the application asks whether or not you are currently or have ever been treated for a mental illness. If the applicant checks “no” and signs his or her name, that’s pretty much all the authorities have to go on.

    Reports of large fireball seen over SF Bay. I, of course, had to check on here to see if maybe Joe was ticked about something again.

    Happy day after your birthday, Chickie.

  382. I sent up a flare to announce I had SOMETHING TO SAY. Sorry for the commotion…

  383. Which, btw, “Happy Birthday, Laura” looked pretty badass over San Francisco.

  384. There’s a report breaking that the FBI found no evidence of Sen Menendez patronising prostitutes (neither underage nor otherwise) in DR. I realise that it would be unconstitutional to place restrictions on what the news media is allowed to report and that is as it should be, but I really wish they would voluntarily refrain from reporting allegations such as these at least until a person is charged with a crime.

  385. Jesse Watters on The Five is awful. He’s still pretending to be a Republican.
    I’d rather have Greg and his lame jokes.

  386. So Menendez did nothing wrong, and he’s tagged with underage prostitutes now. That’s just great.

  387. This is the problem with Republicans. They’re too impatient. Would it hurt them if they waited for all of the facts to come out? Not all Democrats are saints and they’re bound to slip up, like Jesse Jackson’s son. Their lack of patience just ends up creating distractions for liberals to use against them and whatever scandal that’s been revealed fades away because of that.

  388. “That is the problem with Republicans”

    We will work on the problem. Then we will be okay.

  389. Jessie Jackson Jr.

    He was… somebody.

  390. “There’s a segment of the population that refuses to believe white people are capable of committing crimes. ”

    Sorry, you actually know people who believe that white people can’t steal a car or rob a bank or murder someone? The newspapers have stories of such crimes every day. Do they actually say, “White people can’t rob a bank”?

    Do you think those people are anything more than a tiny segment of the population?

    I’ve never met – or heard or read – anybody say that a white person couldn’t commit a crime like theft or murder. It happens every day.

    Frankly, I have absolutely no idea what your point is.

    As to Toure’s point: it is simply absurd to argue that there wouldn’t be an uproar if a white person – crazed or sane – murdered twenty six-year old black children. It would seize the nation. Admittedly, perhaps not to the degree of the Newtown horror. But it still would be a national story for weeks.

  391. Oh, please… if anyone shot up an urban, inner-city, majority black school, nobody in the media would are because it would be “routine” and fits in with the stereotypes people have about urban areas.

  392. ^It would be much MORE of a media story if a white person killed 20 black children.

  393. Jon Scott just ended a segment about some bunch of media stories for the week on News Watch and made note that HLN covered the runaway police man instead of SOTU.

    So, no news network can cover something different while everyone else saturates us with the SOTU?

  394. Has Kirsten Powers changed her voter registration to “Republican” yet?

  395. Chris, there were a lot of people on my Facebook complaining that the news channels were covering the State of the Union. Of course, most of those people were registered Republicans. HLN didn’t make a bad decision – especially since they’re a sensationalist infotainment network.

  396. Andy: Exactly. If you really scope it out, you have at least four broadcast networks, plus four cable networks (maybe six/seven if business comes along) covering the same story. There’s no reason one of them could cover something else, especially if it’s happening live and no one else is on it.

  397. Where in your world do you think that someone shooting 20 kids in an inner-city school is “routine?”

    This shows your naivete towards the city and reality.


    RE the Menendez story: Where do Liberals and Democrats get off telling Republicans not to “jump to conclusions” and “wait until the evidence comes out”??? Who do they think they’re fooling?

  398. Chris, I was surprised the networks didn’t utilize picture-in-picture on Tuesday.

  399. Kirsten Powers likes being the liberal who bashes liberals on FNC while her conservative colleagues giggle. She’s a jerk.

  400. savefarris Says:

    NOT: CNN’s decision that Marco Rubio’s thirst disqualifies him from 2016.

    NOT: CNN’s reporting that asteroids are the result of global warming.

    NOT: CNN becoming Cruise News News Network Thursday night.

  401. Joe is a jerk, not Kristen.

  402. Liberal Logic:

    Kristen Powers occasionally disagrees with Democrats while on FNC = “She’s a jerk.”

    Michael Steele occasionally disagrees with Republicans while on MSNBC = “He’s honest.”

    Joe Scarborough frequently disagrees with Republicans while on MSNBC = “He’s a hero.”

    At least they hypocrisy (and subsequent childish whining and temper tantrum) is easy to point out.

  403. they = their

    (Lest Joe get confused)

  404. It’s Kirsten, not Kristen, and it’s not “occasional”. She’s a selfloathing liberal who gets empowered by showing conservatives she’s “cool” because she picks on liberals all the time. She’s a jerk.

  405. Joe’s a jerk. Kirsten is cool.

  406. And the difference between her and the “Republicans” I listed?

    Oh, and yes… it’s occasionally. She doesn’t walk in lockstep, and that’s what really bothers you guys. You’ll ramble about “big tent” and whine when a Republican “moderate” gets criticized by the right, but at the end of the day you’re the same or worse. You demand ideological purity. Throw in employment with “the enemy” and you’re positively foaming at the mouth.

    But the hypocrisy is nothing new, is it?

  407. Let a black person not talk in lockstep-lib-tongues, and cry havoc, release the dogs of war!

  408. Kirsten Powers is a liberal who somehow never lost her youthful idealism. She values the truth more than she does a political policy “win”.

  409. You have no clue what you’re talking about. As usual. Kirsten claims liberalism, but bashes liberals with glee at every opportunity, while her Fox flunkies nod in approval and hand her a check. She should just admit she hates liberals, and join the other side. But then her gig as “liberal mean to liberals” would end, and FNC would boot her out. And she knows it.

  410. Oh so fitting:

    Still looking for an honest liberal,? Well, she might be the closest to such a princess among thieves.

  411. She disagrees with most conservative policies and regularly bashes Repubs who engage in false narratives, too. Another liberal who was pretty much the same way was Tim Russert.

  412. Powers said the media finds every one of Obama’s speeches “brilliant,” when this particular one was “uninspired” and just an assortment of “rehashed ideas.”

    Yeah, that’s some insightful commentary right there. A completely fact-free generalization of “the media” being “in the bag”. She’s bought into the conceit that FNC is The Truth, and the rest are biased mainstream media. She’s a jerk.

  413. Joe’s a jerk. He refuses to accept the obvious that an honest liberal would be prepared to deal with. That of course being Kirsten.

  414. What’s honest about that statement? She’s a Foxbot who has bought into their myth of themselves as the beleagured “good guys” beset by The Evil MSM. It’s pathetic.

  415. I’d tend to agree with Joe. From her last couple of appearances on FNC Kirsten Powers has agreed with the conservative guest and or the option of the host which is the same as the conservative guest. She did not even try to make an argument for the liberal side.

  416. Kirsten doesn’t say anything remotely liberal anymore.

    While Joe Scarborough bashes conservatives – he spends much of that time saying conservative things – talking about the debt and criticizing Obama. Scarborough remains true to his beliefs. As for Michael Steele – I voted for the man before you all knew who he was so don’t even come at me with your crap.

    I used to like Kirsten because she would go rogue from time to time (especially during the Egyptian revolution and on some abortion stuff) while staying true to her beliefs. Now, she just goes rogue, claims FOX is attacked unfairly because they’re fair and balanced, criticizes Democrats for everything and claims conservatives are the victims. She hasn’t stayed true to her principles and I have an issue with that.

  417. Michael Steele was ALWAYS a Moderate Republican. When he ran for Senate, he ran as a Moderate Republican who broke ranks with Bush on Iraq (which was still the big story at the time) – unfortunately, he lost to a left liberal in a hardcore Democratic state.

  418. Liberals can’t stand anything that contests their rigid views. The name “liberal” is as devoid of truth and freedoom of expression as its people. If you want proof, look what they have even done toward a movie:

    “Zero Dark Thirty,” the best- reviewed film of 2012, has become an Oscar longshot because of a political backlash in Hollywood over its depiction of torture in the hunt for Osama Bin Laden.

    Since early January, Kathryn Bigelow’s critically praised movie has sunk to fifth from third among likely best-picture winners at, which ranks award prospects. Actors Ed Asner and David Clennon urged academy voters to snub the Sony Corp. film. Author Naomi Wolf called Bigelow “torture’s handmaiden” and compared her to Nazi propagandist Leni Riefenstahl.

    I don’t much like liberals.

  419. I think we need to bail on this debate.

    The regular leftwing bigots, who demand ideological purity, embrace hypocrisy, and refuse to consider anything other than “FOX bad!” have made up their mind.

    And really, what this tells us is less about Powers and more about the state of the left today. Those cowards are at this point simply unable to disagree with the established leftwing meme (“Powers bad!”). Just like Powers gets attacked every few weeks by the usual sources for not towing the line, our cowards refuse to put themselves on the line by disagreeing.

    The fact of the matter is, the left today is a small tent, and demands every single member repeat and parrot only the approved ideas and opinions. And even the lowest of them, are too afraid to step out of line.


  420. Nev-ah!

    And where have I been hypocritical like that?

  421. Ideologically, Powers is a true blue liberal. Her criticisms are usually about elected office holders failing to be truthful or liberal ones who appear to only be giving “lip service” to the cause.

    She’s been highly critical of the administration over the Benghazi deal. The time-line of what they said and when they said it makes it plainly obvious that they were not telling the truth. Powers points this out but refuses to go to the next step and assign a reason for the misrepresentations because, as she says, she doesn’t know why they’re being untruthful about it.

    I think I know… because the murdered ambassador who was operating without a security detail was CIA.

  422. Chris Lindhartsen (@clindhartsen) Says:
    February 17, 2013 at 11:23 am
    Get over yourself Blue.


  423. I think I know… because the murdered ambassador who was operating without a security detail was CIA.


  424. Oscar Pistorius was incapable of murder because he is white?

    Taken directly from the TOO DIMB TO VOTE test.

  425. Ha… he misspelled “DIMB”.

  426. Yeah, it’s the Left that doesn’t tolerate dissent…….LOL. Moderate Republicans like McCain and Graham have gone to the far-right to appease the TEA Party morons out of fear of a primary challenge.

    Al, Kirsten Powers hasn’t stood up for her liberal beliefs for months now. Benghazi is just another way she parrots the FOX News talking points while claiming to be a Democrat. We can go back and forth all day on the Benghazi stuff and how much of FOX’s reporting was made up… but this is about Kirsten Powers.

    She is no longer a liberal. She is a conservative wearing liberal clothing.

  427. BTW, how about Daytona Speedweeks? Lots of upsets and it’s only the third day. John Wes Townley won the ARCA race and Danica Patrick scored the pole for the Daytona 500.

  428. savefarris Says:

    Moderate Republicans like McCain and Graham have gone to the far-right to appease the TEA Party morons out of fear of a primary challenge.

    How dare Republicans try to appeal to Republicans in a Republican primary: SCANDALOUS!

  429. They’re going to the far right and selling out on their principles because you people believe in ideological purity and won’t accept moderates anymore. If Democrats wanted to cut taxes and cut entitlement spending – you guys would oppose both.

  430. It’s called compromise dumbo, you know, the thing you phony people pretend to be in favor of?

  431. You people wouldn’t know compromise if it hit you in the face with a sledgehammer.

  432. Andy, you wanna give examples of the other side not offering valid compromises?

  433. I’ll show good intentions by offering a compromise right now. I’ll admit white people commit crimes if And admits he is an idiot.

  434. Don’t you have cattle to herd, Larry?

  435. Keep them dogies rollin’.

  436. Head ’em up, move ’em out, Move ’em on, head ’em out. Set ’em out, ride ’em in. Ride ’em in, let ’em out, Cut ’em out, ride ’em in …

    so damn tedious, no wonder I get grouchy.

  437. They are using Anna Kooiman, Steve Doocy and Peter Doocy for FOX & Friends Monday.

  438. “They’re going to the far right and selling out on their principles because you people believe in ideological purity and won’t accept moderates anymore.”

    ^^Andy: Your assuming they have principals; something I sincerely doubt.

  439. you people believe in ideological purity and won’t accept moderates anymore.

    Our last 2 presidential nominees were McCain and Romney: each the most moderate of the available choices.

    If Democrats wanted to cut taxes and cut entitlement spending – you guys would oppose both

    You’ve got it backwards, my friend. Republicans DID offer to raise taxes and increase spending. Obama’s response: a last-minute deal-breaking doubling of the proposed taxes.

    Obama and the Dems don’t want a solution: they want the issue to remain unresolved so they can use it as a sledgehammer to whack those grandma-killing, rich-proctecting Republicans. #passabudget

  440. Just saw that CNN has returned to using a crawl. Seems odd, wish it were white though.

  441. ^^ Exactly. This crowd of Democrats would be perfectly happy to see the country burst into flames if they could blame it on Republicans in general and Tea Partyers in particular. They know that an increased minimum wage A. won’t pass, and B. would destroy jobs. Doesn’t matter. It makes Republicans look bad, so let’s keep pushing it. Republicans, after all, are only defending the horrible employers who, as we all know, have a magical pile of money in their basement that’s just waiting to be given to deserving employees. The same way that they will miraculously provide healthcare, now that the government is forcing them to. Oh, wait.

  442. And Republicans would be more than happy to burn America to the ground if they could blame it on Obama.

  443. They know the debt ceiling has nothing to do with new spending, but hey, let’s make it look like we care about the debt after eight years of “deficits don’t matter” and blame it on Obama when our credit gets downgraded because we pulled the pin from the grenade.

  444. ^ if garbage actually typed

  445. You two fight amongst yourselves.

    I did not realize that Brian Wilson left Fox, or that he now does PR. Guess I should pay more attention.

  446. There’s a meltdown of sorts at the BBC today as journalists there are on strike over the layoff of 30 staff members. The union is upset because those 30 workers have to reapply for new positions created recently.
    Viewers are ending up with lots of UK-centric news and old graphics at times or a mix of the new BBC World News graphics and the older version the domestic news channel still uses.

  447. They know the debt ceiling has nothing to do with new spending.

    It does when Democrats refuse to pass a budget. Now that we don’t vote on budgets anymore (apprently), the only time we can review our finances and even question whether we’re spending our way to “Bolivian” (ht Iron Mike) is via the debt ceiling.

    Don’t want spending decisions tied to the debt ceiling? #passabudget

    let’s make it look like we care about the debt after eight years of “deficits don’t matter”

    Would it not cause the post to sit in moderationville until spud finds his snorkel (and/or assasinates another high-value target), I’d show you (again) the HUNDREDS of links to conservatives lamenting Bush’s spending increases. Which led to deficits that Obama QUADRUPLED. Would it not then hold that the complaints about deficit spending should quadruple likewise?!?

  448. Wow, Kirsten Powers tweeted something progressive today. Maybe she reads this site.


    “The challenge now falls to party strategists to persuade the hosts to overcome the frustrations of many hard-core listeners over issues like spending and border security without alienating them.”


    “Serious budget process reform is necessary. Federal spending has leaped 45 percent since 2001 to a peacetime record of $23,760 per household.[1] Even worse, the impending retirement of 77 million baby boomers threatens to push Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid spending to levels that would require European-size tax increases or the elimination of all other government programs.”



    Cavuto wondered if Bush’s budget and deficit were “a disappointment to conservatives?” Limbaugh said the spending has “been a little of a depressing aspect of the administration to me.”

  452. Want your mind blown? Here’s MediaMatters torching O’Reilly for OVERSTATING Bush’s increases in spending:

  453. Amusing now Newshounds seems to have an issue with Rush mentioning 9/11. How dare he reference actual history.

  454. Brian Wilson is still with the Beach Boys.

  455. Andy, I was not saying you are garbage, just what you say is. You are a jolly good NASCAR fan among other fine things I am sure.

  456. Joe is garbage.

    Idiotic, moronic garbage, that is.

  457. Megyn Kelly is doing a segment that “Downton Abbey” is bad for President Obama because it makes the rich appear good.
    It must be a very slow news day.

  458. CNN’s new crawl is horrendous.

  459. CNN now carrying the LA Lakers press conference in its entirety.. That’s a job for ESPN, not CNN.

  460. Andy, sports has infiltrated CNN these days, and they relish in it. That and it’s a slow news day anyhow.

    As for the crawl, it needs some tweaks but man does it look odd to have a crawl on CNN again. Half-way welcome it, half-way want that flipper thing back.

  461. Now they’re covering the Carnival stuff again. CNN is a joke.

  462. Another goofy thing with CNN.
    Deborah Feyerick was anchoring from the Atlanta studio on the weekend.
    Today she subbing for Brooke who does usually her show from the Atlanta Studio and anchoring from the NYC newsroom.

    Unless she on for someone else later why not just have her stay in Atlanta?

    HLN is just as goofy. All day it’s been trial coverage.
    Why give Kyra a 12pm-2pm if you are going to broadcast trial coverage instead?

  463. Today in Deb Feyerick: 196MPH is almost 200MPH!

  464. “Today in Deb Feyerick: 196MPH is almost 200MPH!”

    Please tell me this wasn’t insightful commentary about Daytona…

  465. I think Rand Paul’s amibitions are getting the better of him (that tends to happen) but he does raise a good question. To wit, we do not know whether the President believes that he can authorize the assassination of Americans on US soil.

    I think that’s a fair and necessary question to ask. I support the use of drones by this President but the targetting of US citizens – even traitors like an Alwaki – needs some general oversight. I.e., specific standards set by Congress and some, even post hoc, oversight. Judicial review like a FISA court? No, that goes too far.

    But it is astonishing that we don’t know – or I don’t – whether President Obama thinks he has that authority.

  466. Oops. This is what happens when liberals accidentally tell the truth.
    One of the major gun-control efforts in Olympia this session calls for the sheriff to inspect the homes of assault-weapon owners. The bill’s backers say that was a mistake.

  467. CNN always did sports news until around 2001-2002, and it only disappeared as they were trying to build up CNNSI, their attempt at an ESPN competitor (which failed miserably like all others). I think it’s smart to re-position CNN as a ‘broader’ national news network, and stop allowing themselves to the halfway between FNC and MSNBC political horse race network. Or the place for politics if you have no point of view on politics.

    Of course you have to do more than cover sports and entertainment stories to do that credibly, but I find nothing objectionable about them working those into the mix.

  468. Kirsten Powers says something very pro-Left… and look, the Liberals are upset.


    The hypocrisy is shocking. Do they have no shame?

  469. CNN is still turning the news scroll off for prime time.
    They turned it off for Erin’s show.

  470. It seems to be a new thing with CNN, where they promo Anderson as tho he’s focusing his show on one issue. Tonight it’s Robert Menendez, complete with suppositions about under-age hookers.

  471. The problem with Kirsten isn’t her liberalism or lack thereof, it’s her glee in attacking liberals. She does not like them.

    Watch Hubris: Selling the Iraq War on MSNBC at 9est. It’s based on a brilliant book which exposes the BS we were sold so 4000 Americans could die in Iraq because some neo-cons wanted to annex the Persian Gulf.

  472. He didn’t say it. Been hearing about Alec Baldwin all day, and he didn’t say it.

  473. Yeah, it’s because she’s “too happy.”

    Not because she doesn’t tow the line.

    Sure. That makes perfect sense.

    *rolls eyes*

  474. If only she looked sad 😦

  475. lonestar77 Says:

    That’s neat, Joe. I’ll be sure to watch it. Then, I’ll watch the MediaMatters special on why Fox News is bad.

  476. Hannity is whining that Obama should not be golfing because of all the problems we have though. RIght Sean and Bush was never golfing during the Iraq war. He just stayed at the White House 24/7.

  477. Is Bill Cunningham deaf? Why he always yelling when he’s a guest on FOX News.
    This show is embarrassing. FNC needs a new host at 9pm.

  478. And one other thing,
    why does FOX News have an obsession with Alec Baldwin?
    Who did he have an argument with to get on their hit list?
    His altercation with another reporter is barely newsworthy compared with all the other things going on.
    Let the entertainment shows cover the story.


    Or this one time, you’re right… and he’s a shouter.

    Although, I said the same about John Kasich (sp?) back when he would guest host.

  480. I now, at this very moment, love Jim Norton. Sean Hannity’s obsession with Alec Baldwin is weird.

  481. Hey Joe, did you see that?! WOW!

    They’re gonna need to declare martial law in Hampton, VA tonight.

  482. Hannity going after Alec Baldwin is petty and a waste of a segment.
    Holder is right. Hannity is only going after Baldwin because he’s a liberal.

  483. This is CLEARLY an attack on a public liberal, for no other reason than than he is liberal. And it’s based upon a NYP article that may be inaccurate. At least he has two people who mostly disagree with him.

  484. savefarris Says:

    [The Left/Right] is only going after [Insert Name Here] because he’s a [Right/Left].

    Alec Baldwin
    Michael Moore
    Matt Damon
    Barbara Streisand
    Jane Fonda
    Sean Penn
    Rosie O’Donnell

    Though, to be fair…

    Ted Nugent
    Donald Trump
    Jon Voight
    Charlton Heston
    Kirk Cameron
    Mel Gibson
    anyone who has ever appeared willingly on FNC

  485. Notice on Hannity’s show he never mentioned that The NY Post is owned by News Corporation. That should be a part of full disclosure when ever FNC reports on the Alec Baldwin story.

  486. “Hannity is only going after Baldwin because he’s a liberal.”

    Why I’m shocked! After 15 years of Hannitty going after nobody but liberals on TV, radio, and county fairs, the thought had never occurred to me. Nobel Prize material.

    If you don’t like fat ladies singing, don’t go to the opera.

  487. Maybe there is someone dumber than Andy.

  488. Certainly whinier.

    But where would we be without the nightly Hannity tattle?

    Can’t you just imagine him saying, “Oooooh, look at what Hannity said now…….. I’m telling!”


  489. icemannyr It’s classic FOX. Somebody is famous, Liberal, and found, apparently, acting improperly. They bash them, and in turn make Liberals look bad, thus make their audience happy. It’s a classic of the network, and it also serves as time filler today since not much appears to be happening.

  490. I’m not dumb and I’m not saying MSNBC has not gone after conservatives.
    My point is FNC has an agenda with Baldwin. As a network they don’t like him.

    To clarify my comment the allegation is Baldwin went after a NY Post reporter and since News Corporation owns FOX News and The NY Post, FOX News Channel should state that ownership when covering the Baldwin story.

    Charles Krauthammer has it right, the media not having access to Obama playing golf with Woods is a non story.

  491. FYI:icemannyr Bush gave up golf before the Iraq war…of course you wouldnt know that unless you looked it up…that said so what? Obama has a reason for not wanting video of him playing with Tiger…..again so what?

    He gets a day off like everybody else does or should.

    On Baldwin Fox goes after him for many reasons……hes a star…..he a jerk….he wants to be mayor of Americas biggest city…..he a outspoken Lib whos not very smart…..and its easy. That said dont you people watch CNN or MSNBC they go after people they dont like everyday.

    As for staing NY Post ownership……if Fox did that looking at how many media things they own people or atleast I would get sick of that real fast……the Wall Street stuff bugs me already. However since they feel the need to do that with the WSJ Im shocked they didnt do it with the post. Of course it wont matter soon as the Post and Fox news will soon not be the same company.

  492. LS, you should watch that doc. It’s based on the the book, which is very well regarded. Warlock, Chalabi, yellow cake, Judith Miller, tubes, “mushroom cloud”. It was all bull to start a war they wanted before 9/11.

  493. Oops. Curveball, not Warlock.

  494. savefarris Says:

    It’s based on the the book, which is very well regarded.

    Liberal reviewers gave a liberal movie based on a liberal book great reviews? SOLD!!!

  495. It’s a classic of the network…

    It’s funny how according to Liberals, Hannity = All of FOX News.

    Do the same with Sharpton, LOD, Ed, etc.. and you’ll listen to them scream about how it’s “just one person!” and “it’s not the same as NBC” and on and on.

    I guess that’s what happens when the left-wing thought police tell you what to believe, and you’re only capable of parroting it back… illogically.

    @ farris

    To some, when they hear “It’s good!”… they don’t recognize, it’s just an echo.

  496. Here are about comments about the return of the scrolling news ticker for CNN’s programming (the comments were posted on TVNewser originally):

    “I wish the scrolling ticker had stayed gone; it was always an unnecessary distraction during CNN’s programming. Since I had been watching CNN’s programming less often recently (normally during “Reliable Sources” and some live events) and normally while working at my computer, the scrolling ticker should be less of a problem for my eyes in the foreseeable future. I hope Jeffrey Zucker realizes there are many persons such as myself who share the same feelings about the scrolling ticker and listen to CNN’s programming the same way”

    By the way, yesterday the ticker was blue with white text; now the ticker is white with black text.

  497. savefarris Says:

    It’s who they are. It’s what they do. It’s never going to change: more tape-editing shenanigans at 30 Rock.

  498. But farris… that’s just Roberts. It’s not ALL of MSNBC. You can’t take what Roberts does, and apply that to all of MSNBC or NBC.

    What do you think this is… FOX?

  499. I must correct part of my previous post: the text in the ticker now is blue, not black.

  500. lonestar77 Says:

    I’m sure it’s all kinds of awesome, Joe. Prolly will win an Academy Award. I was watching the actual History Channel, last night, though. They had a pretty good series about the President’s. Although, I only watched up through LBJ and taped the rest. I’m sure, it got pretty terrible once the Reagan coverage started. But, what I did see was pretty good. I could have done without “historian” Jonathan Alter, though.

  501. savefarris Says:

    You can’t take what Roberts does, and apply that to all of MSNBC or NBC.

    I know you’re playing the game, but let’s be sure it’s spelled out completely for Joe, Andy, and Ice.

    If it was just Roberts… but it’s Andrea Mitchell. And Ed. And Matt Lauer. And Martin Bashir.

    ALL have been busted in the past 12 months for editing footage to suit a particular storyline. And NONE of them are held to account. Because at 30 Rock, that’s just the way things are done (going all the way back to our good friend, the exploding gas tank).

  502. MSNBC & NBC have just added David Axelrod to their pundit stable. Like the Robert Gibbs hire I don’t see this as a positive. Both are very close to the Obama administration but are unlikely to provide more than unedited talking points.

    There are lots of good Democrat analysts out there that can give good unvarnished Democratic punditry (like Steele and Schultz do for the Republican side). Axelrod and Gibbs aren’t among them.

  503. Schultz? Do you mean Schmidt? If so, Schmidt sits there like a bump on a log.

  504. MSNBC & NBC have just added David Axelrod to their pundit stable.

    Watch your back, Howard Fineman! Nothing less than 120% compliance with the offcial talking points and Axelrod will take your bookings like that!

  505. Remember when the left whined about FNC hiring Rove?

    Pretty funny. Pretty funny stuff.

  506. Steve Schmidt, like Scarborough, is the kind of Repub that the media loves – one who trashes the Republican Party. Scarborough recently said he agrees with the economic policies of the Dems more than those of the Repubs. That’s why MSNBC keeps him.

  507. Blue, the problem for me with Rove is that he’s still active in Republican politics running PACs and giving advice. And he’s just announced that he’s creating another one (New and Improved!!). That’s a clear conflict of interest, a concept that Fox News seems to disregard too often.

    Is Rove giving us his best analysis? Or is he worried about what his bosses think?

    If Axelrod is still active in Democratic politics then the comparison is apt.

  508. About 3 years ago, Scarborough saw which side of the bread needed to be buttered for him to keep a place at the MSNBC table.

    A friend with whom I used to converse by phone every Sunday had a very liberal blog with a section favorable to Joe. He was surprised one day to get a Twitter DM from Scarborough requesting his phone number and then personal calls as Joe searched for what spark had kindled such an attraction. For all I know, those exchanges still continue.

    It was helpful for me as he asked Joe to unblock me after I offended him. I broke off contact after the Tucson shootings when accusations of cause were thrown at Sarah Palin by my liberal friends while blood still flowed on the pavement.

  509. To other folks objecting to the return of the scrolling ticker at CNN,

    I suggest contacting CNN to let them know how we feel about the ticker. If enough folks express similar feelings about the ticker, the folks in charge of it at CNN may get rid of it.

  510. That scroll on CNN is even worse now it’s a blue text on a bright watch background. WTF CNN! 😛

    Christi Paul is subbing for Brooke. Could this be a tryout to get an anchor time slot weekdays?

  511. That should have been blue text on a bright white background.

  512. Who’s this subbing for Brooke? Uh, no.

  513. Hillary Clinton, Senate floor 2002: “Saddam Hussein continues to build WMDs and must be stopped.”

    Joe Biden, Senate floor 2002: “Hussein’s arsenal of WMDs must be removed.”

    John Kerry, Senate floor 2002: “Iraq continues to defy the international community and amass WMDs. This must not stand.”

    Bill Clinton, White House, 1999: “Saddam has used WMDs before and he will again.”

    I’ll stop here.

    I mean at this point if you believe that the Bush Administration made up the WMDs issue then you’re really grossly ignorant.

    Exagerrate the threat? Sure. Made it up? No evidence of that unless you believe Hillary and Biden and Kerry went along with it.

    And how the hell do you annex the Persian Gulf? A gulf?

    Gonna need a big boat I guess.

  514. I think that’s a fair question of Rove… if he’s pushing things for his own advantage, or for the advantage of the audience.

    But if you think Alexrod or Gibbs isn’t in a similar position… come on. Of course, the same could be said (and was) for folks like Begala and Carville, so this is nothing new. Rove was/is just a Republican, so his complaints get more attention.

  515. “But if you think Alexrod or Gibbs isn’t in a similar position”

    Are they running PACs? I know MSNBC had Gibbs on during the campaign but he was a guest and not an analyst. Same with Axelrod.

    In any case, the principle applies across the board: if Axelrod and/or Gibbs are still active in Democratic politics – giving paid advice, running a PAC or acting as consultants – then that’s clearly a conflict of interest.

    Fox has had Joe Trippi on – I thought he was pretty good – and he cut the strings from all politics. That should be the requirement.

  516. The white ticker at least works with the look, though I don’t understand why the text is blue and not black.

    As for Christi Paul subbing, maybe CNN’s just testing out their pool of anchors and seeing who’s solid and who isn’t. I thought it was weird that Anderson Cooper has been out and Cuomo has been anchoring his hours, though I suppose we are in a holiday week.

    Either way, the crawl looks better in white.

  517. You’d be hard pressed to convince me that two former operatives for the Obama campaign, two people responsible for launching Obama’s Presidential career, and still very much entwined with its legacy, are now able to be objective about it. Obama’s success is still their success.

  518. Howard Dean tells the truth to the middle class today that Democrats have up to now kept hidden: “Either your taxes are going up, or your benefits are going down, or we face financial oblivion”.

    He can do that now that the taxing the rich was accomplished.

  519. “Schultz? Do you mean Schmidt?”

    “”Yeah sorry. Brain cramp.

  520. Because 3 hours of Wolf is not enough he’s subbing for Anderson at 8pm.
    They don’t have anyone else to sub?

  521. icemannyr I would have thought they’d have Cuomo in if Anderson was going to be out, but apparently not.

  522. If Spud never finds the snorkel and doesn’t come back will the Internet die?

  523. Yeah I’d expect them to have Cuomo used more as a sub in prime time till the new AM show is ready.

  524. James Carville was on O’Reilly. Is he now an FNC contributor?

  525. The comments from Obama confuses me. He said sequestration would mean cuts to EMS and policing. Is it true that DC funds paramedic services and frontline officers? I live in a country with a federal system and the idea of a federal government funding these services is strange in my opinion. It seems more of a local matter than a federal one. Am I going to find out garbage pickups in the US are funded by DC too?

  526. I didn’t say the WMD threat was made up. The intelligence on it had a lot of holes, and nobody believed Saddam was capable of nuking New York like they claimed. The neo-cons planned that war before getting into office, then BSed a scared country into it after 9/11. If you’re not reading the history of this event, you have no business commenting on it.

  527. We’ll be greeted as liberators, it won’t take long, it won’t cost anything, we don’t want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud over New York City, it’s pretty well proven that Saddam had contact with al-Qaida, Nigerian yellow cake.

    Shall I go on?

  528. “Is it true that DC funds paramedic services and frontline officers?”

    Well, this is what they call OBAMATIC LICENSE as the sequester will only cut things that scare you the most, well actually, the rate of growth of things that scare you the most.

    It made a better picture than Obama standing in front of two dozen IRS workers.

  529. The big difference between Obama and George Bush is that Bush didn’t know he was selling a line of bull, and Obama loves doing so.

  530. The big difference between Obama and Bush is Obama wouldn’t let his VP jam him into a needless war without asking questions. “The President was too stupid to know better” is not a reasonable justification for young soldiers dying, while others came home with missing limbs.

  531. The NY Post says the CNN AM show is going to be Chris and Erin and unless Soledad gets a prime time show she is leaving CNN.

  532. savefarris Says:

    The comments from Obama confuses me. He said sequestration would mean cuts to EMS and policing.

    Nothing to worry about. He also said it’ll never happen. And if there’s one thing Obama’s track record has shown us, his word is GOLD:

  533. savefarris Says:

    We’ll be greeted as liberators, it won’t take long, it won’t cost anything, we don’t want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud over New York City, it’s pretty well proven that Saddam had contact with al-Qaida, Nigerian yellow cake.

    What I’ve proposed is a net spending cut. If you like your health insurance, you can keep it. My plan will cut the average family’s insurance bill by $2000. $4 trillion in 8 years is unAmerican. It’s unpatriotic. Unemployment will not rise above 8% and will be 5% by 2012. I am against the individual mandate. The mandate is not a tax. Obamacare will actually lower the deficit. You don’t raise taxes in the middle of a recession.

    Need I go on?

  534. “I signed the F**king bill into law that allows the sequestration – but now I don’t want it, So now I need to scare the sh** out of you low information voters and tell you idiots you better call congress on your Obama phones and tell them “my garbage still needs to be picked up and I need those paramedics to come pick up the pieces after the neighborhood shootout with the druggies down the street since they aren’t scared by your threat to take away really bad guns” Lastly, you idiots, this is all the Republicans fault and I didn’t have a stinking thing to do with it. And, if it helps, it’s George Bush’s fault too!”

    Who listens to this guy anymore?

  535. FNC has stopped showing the studio for F&F First before the show starts.

    There was no real reason to show the studio as the anchors are checking their makeup and adjusting their dresses.

    Now when The Factor is over they play the National Anthem then go to FOX & Friends First.

  536. Obama is an overt liar aided by the mainstream media which are his willing accomplices and enablers. Unfortunately he has 51% of the electorate that is either wiling to suspend disbelief “for the cause” or is simply too stupid to know better. The other couple percent available is from voter fraud.

  537. This is why liberalism sucks. This is why left with power they will eventually rot a country from the inside out:–finance.html;_ylt=A2KJ2PaG1CRR5iAAaXHQtDMD

  538. Once again, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden and John Kerry et al. all believed that Saddam had to be removed. For some reason – mostly cheap politics – people ignore the statements made by anyone not named Bush.

    This revisionist – and dishonest – account of the leadup to the war has been shown to be just that – dishonest.

    The war was a mistake. But it wasn’t just the mistake of one person.

    The big mistake was the complete failure of the intelligence agencies. Not just our own but those around the world.

    Instead of blaming one guy or the “neocons” we needed to fix that problem.

    But playing politics is so much easier.

    Just as with the issue of gun control, simple minded people need a bad guy – the NRA – instead of trying to come up with a solution.

  539. The city of Detroit forecasts the country’s future as driven by the action of Democrats:

    Michigan State Treasurer, Andy Dillon and Detroit Review Team:

    Detroit has:

    A cash-flow deficit of more than $100 million without “significant spending cuts” by June 30, on top of an accumulated deficit of $327 million.

    $14.9 billion, including unfunded pension and employee retirement liabilities. The city also needs $1.9 billion during the next five years to make payments for the liabilities, but city officials have no debt payment plan.

    Accumulated deficits in the general fund of $155.4 million to $331.9 million annually since the 2005 fiscal year.

    Dillon said the city has been “masking over” annual deficits with long-term borrowing. The report said that without the borrowing, the deficits would total $937 million in fiscal year 2012.

    “We believe there’s a financial emergency in the city and that there’s no plan in place to correct the situation,” Dillon said.

    From The Detroit News:

  540. Republicans talk a good game about deficits and debt but when they get to run things it’s all that: just talk.

    As your new good friend Howard Dean admitted, the middle class is going to have to take a hit. Or two. Or ten. I don’t see the Republicans telling them that.

  541. Because like our Governor in Ohio, Republicans will cut taxes. He also cut expenses while balancing the budget and increasing employment.

    Your brush is too broad, Erich. Bush though he would win liberals over by spending like a Democrat. He was wrong on all counts.

  542. Well, Bush wasn’t exactly figting a recalcitrant Republican Congress. They went swimmingly along. Prescription Medicare program, no child left behind act, unfunded wars.

    And cutting taxes isn’t going to solve the entitlement problem.

    Isn’t that why you quoted Dean? Cuts in middle class programs AND middle class tax increases. Both.

  543. I quoted him because of what HE favors, not I. We have a spending problem, not a taxing one. Cut spending, raise retirement age, and evoke means testing. That’s what I propose.

  544. In case you haven’t had a cup of tea lately, today’s Republican is not George Bush’s Republican.

  545. I am ever more confident that the Democrats will begin to hemorrhage votes, because they seem determined to keep fighting the fights from 5 – 13 years ago. Mark my words, 2016 will roll around, and they’ll still be fighting Bush, Cheney, Rove, and occasionally Palin.

    That’s the problem with a successful long-term political attack message, everyone remembers it and wants to be a part of it. But it doesn’t last forever… and parrots are only train to repeat, not think for themselves.

  546. My frustrations with Bill O

    Last night, I made an insane decision to watch his program. (actually I got suckered into it because Scott Brown, a decent moderate [read realistic] Republican was entering into the No Spin Zone.

    O’Reilly had his Talking Points memo talking about his upbringing, and how he worked hard, and how he had to do hours of homework a night, and him having to pay his own tuition and an emphasis on no mention of welfare in his younger days.

    It was thoughtful until he derailed his memo into a horrible rant about the majority of Americans sending stupid text messages, addicted to porn and anonymously ranting on blogs on the “Internet” has he refers to that technological protocol as a dirty word.

    I wonder if he took his DEC VT-320 terminal he used from his Inside Edition days to FNC, because his rants seems so analog and so bitter and so “simple” plain text. The memo he used last night is just a rant from a guy who appeared to be sheltered and is showing off how he loves his boring life.

    Yes, I think there is a number of people addicted to “virtual realities” but because a number of people are abusing the technology, it doesn’t mean that O’Reilly should be demeaning some useful tools in today’s modern society.

    It is not the technology that is making is dumb, its how its being used that is ruining our culture Mr. O!

    I was like, where is his producer telling him to stop acting like an arrogant 12 year old.

  547. My frustrations with Bill O, part two

    I didn’t like his constant interruption with Scott Brown cutting him off to enhance the unnecessary drama on his show. Like you icemannyr, he used his “simple man” (read: dumb boy) in that segment too. Scott Brown couldn’t explain the hyper-local corruption in Mass, where he couldn’t underscore the 3-consecutive Convicted Felon Speaker of the House, and the corruptions in many prominate Mass. state boards, and the corruption on Boston, and I wished Bill could had shut up since he worked in the Boston market for nearly 5 years in the 80s in the height of the corruption yesteryear.

    Its a shame this man love the attention and the spotlight on him, and sadly his guests last night just couldn’t get a fair word, maybe I just am oversensitive.

  548. I have no opposition to the CNN crawl, I’ve noticed an earlier comment. It’s not a “scroll” because it doesn’t move vertical, it moves horizontal.

    I miss the drop shadows on the news graphics. I don’t make news graphics, but if I did, I’d make them “grandmother” friendly for people can’t read 12 point PC type size.

  549. CNN just had a technical glitch causing a tapped piece to stop, then they went back to the correspondent and his phone started ringing. Keep it up guys.

  550. Yeah, it sounded as though Acosta got a call from 1980.

  551. I think it more likely sleeper cells will be activated by that captured marine who became a congressman.

  552. Remember the days when racists weren’t perplexingly everywhere, and they would just tell you what they were?

  553. lonestar77 Says:

    You do get the irony, right, in criticizing some random FNC pundit for tying Al Jazeera to sleeper cells while many in the mainstream press continually blame FNC or Rush Limbaugh or anything remotely considered conservative for fomenting hate, causing non existent violence, etc? How many times have we heard that Obama is under considerable risk because of the “hate” coming out of FNC or talk radio? And, Sarah Palin was responsible for the Gabby Giffords shooting, dontchaknow? And, the tea party was responsibile for the Colorado shooting.

  554. Oh please, you guys have been blaming Democrats for everything from Columbine to 9/11 to Sandy Hook for decades. Don’t give me that “poor us, we’re the victims” BS.

  555. “today’s Republican is not George Bush’s Republican.”

    When i see you guys marching on Crawford, Texas with pitchforks and torches in your hands then i’ll be convinced.

    About 12 years ago the Republicans led the Democrats on issues of national security, defense, economics and the budget. Today, you’re behind on or at best tied on all of those.

    Bush may not be the worst president we’ve ever had; but he’s in the top ten if not top five. At least my five.

    Okay, I’ll compromise. No torches; just pitchforks.

    There, I’m reaching across the aisle in the spirit of bipartisanship.

    And you can leave Barney’s grave untouched.

  556. ^^Holy Allah, Andy Marquis is now the official space cadet of ICN. Sorry Larry, you’re a distant second.

    Well, if the sleeper cells are made of white Muslims then they’ll never go to jail.

    ‘Cause there’s a segment of American who think white people can’t commit a crime.

    That segment is about eight people – half of them institutionalized – but eight people apparently constitutes a segment for people from the planet Jupiter.

  557. I hope Republicans give simple-minded Liberals another person to hate soon. The “We hate Bush! We hate Cheney! We hate Palin!” Has lasted through another election, but I’m not sure post-Obama whining about Bush/Cheney/Palin will be as much fun 16 years removed.

  558. This revisionist – and dishonest – account of the leadup to the war has been shown to be just that – dishonest.

    Nothing I said was revisionist or dishonest. That some Democrats went along with that egregious BS does not change the facts. The neo-cons in the Bush Administration used this country’s shock over 9/11 to gin up a war they wanted the day they came into office. Read some books and learn something.

  559. Whatever erich… it was a stupid comment for FOX to go on the air with. Instead of realizing it was stupid, the RWNJ’s response is to pull out the “poor us” victim card….

    Hint: Y’all aren’t as good at playing the victim as Sarah Palin is. She mastered it. You will never come as close. Give it a rest.

  560. Where you working at these day’s, Andy ol’ pal?

  561. @ Joe

    Right. It was the “neo-con’s” fault… even though almost all the Congressional Democrats joined it. They were in the minority, so couldn’t do anything.

    Only Republicans in the minority, can do things and are somehow still in power… right?

    Oy vey.

    @ Andy

    Why does “FOX” get blamed for the comment of one of their guests? Is it because your dishonest, or because the dishonest people who think for you told you to copy/paste this bit of rage?

    And PS… thanks for proving my point. Another unrelated whine about Palin. You guys sure are good at repeating the same nonsense, hate, and insults over and over again for years at a time. I sure do hope they market a new hate for you guys soon.

  562. lonestar77 Says:

    “Oh please, you guys have been blaming Democrats for everything from Columbine to 9/11 to Sandy Hook for decades. ”

    Huh? News to me. In case you haven’t noticed, we tend to blame the person who commits the crime. Liberals like to use crimes to blame those they disagree on taxes and abortion with.

  563. savefarris Says:

    I am ever more confident that the Democrats will begin to hemorrhage votes, because they seem determined to keep fighting the fights from 5 – 13 years ago.

    I wish I could agree, but I’m not as optimistic. Yeah, if people knew the actual size of the hole we’re in, it’d be pitchfork time. But people don’t know, because the only thing the media will tell them is Marco Rubio is thirsty, Paul Ryan wants to push grandma off a cliff and Obama’s just Mr. Reasonable.

  564. savefarris Says:

    you guys have been blaming Democrats for everything from Columbine to 9/11 to Sandy Hook

    If I’m not mistaken, popular opinion holds that those acts were committed by the following:

    Columbine: Charlton Heston
    9/11: Bush/Cheney, along with an assist from the JUUUUUUWS!
    Tuscon: Palin
    Aurora: Tea Party
    Sandy Hook: Wayne LaPierre

  565. Yes, the Republicans will keep losing because of the media. That’s it.

  566. You are mistaken farris.

  567. I love when Liberals pretend that the media isn’t responsible (not solely) for public opinion. That works when they’re mocking those who point out the undeniable left-wing bias.

    Of course, ask why the public supported the invasion of Iraq, and “the media was in the tank” will flow from their lips and fingers like rain from the heavens.

  568. Of course not solely the media’s doing. But you couple them, with the moochers, socialists, dimwits and atheists and you’ve got a formidable constituency.

  569. “Okay, so this was posted elsewhere, a couple days ago. Have at it.” – Laura

    This has happened with Baldwin too many times to be dismissed. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. And he used the word “crackhead” to describe the photographer in a tweet, then deleted it. But he’s a devout liberal and he will never get any of the anger from the media that someone like Mel Gibson has gotten.

  570. I agree that Billo kept interrupting Scott Brown. Not a nice thing to do to a first time guest, who is a new FNC contributor. Funny thing is, Bill was much more courteous with Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, even though he disagreed with him. At the end of that interview, Bill said that he hoped Hill’s comments wouldn’t hurt him because he (Hill) is a “stand-up guy.”

  571. It now takes over 15 seconds to scroll to the bottom of this page.

  572. “Crackhead” is not “coon”, and it’s not ok to imply Baldwin is a racist because “it’s happened too many times”. If I were a celebrity being chased all the time, I’d get pissed, too.

  573. I’d like to think of him more as a talented idiot with a bad temper.

  574. lonestar77 Says:

    “Crackhead” is not “coon”

    Hahahahahahaha! It would be if Ted Nugent said it. Or that one conservative guy in Hollywood. Can’t think of his name at the moment.

    Once again, you show that you don’t actually care about what is said. You only care about who says it.

  575. Haven’t kept up with comments here, but I see the latest edition of Bob Beckel puts his foot in his mouth is making the rounds online. First of these I’ve seen travel outside of the typical cable news folks, so maybe he actually has some actual punishment this time?

  576. Note to NBC News: If you say you’re going to run a segment on NBC Nightly News (a segment that A LOT of people tune in to watch) you damn well better have a reason when you don’t air it.

  577. Anyone think FNC will keep Bob Beckel on ‘The Five’ after his latest rape outburst?
    I think they should replace him with the newly hired Dennis Kucinich; if only to watch Eric Bolling head explode on a semi-regular basis.

  578. LS, I reject your ridiculous premise that I would call a different person racist for the same non-racial term. Which ignore the point of Laura’s article, anyway. The NY Post falsely tagged Bawldwin with a racist epithet, and nobody on the right seems to mind.

    Larry, you don’t have to wait for the scroll. Put your cursor on the scrolly thingy, hold down the left click, then drag.

  579. savefarris Says:

    The NY Post falsely tagged Bawldwin with a racist epithet, and nobody on the right seems to mind.

    The last time someone falsely tagged a group with a racist epithet, joe didn’t seem to mind.

  580. And like all good Bob Beckel controversies, you knew there had to be an apology stated.

  581. MSNBC/NBC manage to obtain the latest batch of people to leave the Obama Administration, FOX got a fair handful of the ex-Bush Administration folks, CNN got a fair number of the prominent ex-Clinton era folks for a time. This seems commonplace, whether that’s good is another question.

  582. Can’t do that on my iPad, Joe.

  583. If you don’t take Bob Beckel seriously you will live longer.

  584. larrykelly I don’t even watch a minute of FOX these days. Somehow turned on to Hannity tonight and it’s unbearable. Schultz on MSNBC is a clone of that guy, just tilted the other direction, and somebody I can’t watch either.

  585. Most of MSNBC is a clone of Hannity.

  586. Follow my lead, DON’T watch either.

    I watch Special Report and Shep Smith on FNC, a sample of The Five and Billo.

    Way Too Early on MSNBC. A sample of Alex Witt and Chuck Todd.

    A sample of Erin Burnett and Wolf on CNN. Zackaria sometimes. Will try Tapper’s new show.

    Network News:
    PBS News Hour
    CBS Morning Show

  587. larrykelly These days, mainly because of the evolving state of CNN, I’ll end up watching Costello, may watch Newsroom International, skim Wolf’s hours some days, and that’s about all I do. Shepard is an occasional, don’t think I turn on MSNBC except that I record Up on weekends and will usually watch Witt.

    Seldom occasions I’ll check in with HLN, CNBC. It’s amazing how HLN has cornered crime stories, wow.

  588. Up is the best show on cable news, and the only one I make a point to watch every week. I usually catch it later online, as I’m on the west coast and don’t get up at 5:00 AM on the weekends.

    There are shows I consider unwatchable: Hannity, Schultz, Bashir, Fox & Friends, The Five. And ones that aren’t much better and are usually avoided: Piers Morgan, Greta, The Cycle when it’s not a Steve Kornacki segment. I often find O’Reilly and O’Donnell o’dious, but sample both.

    Pretty much everything else I sample, with an emphasis on stuff I can expect to not leave me feeling dumber: Chuck Todd, Maddow, Erin Burnett, Wolf, AC, Special Report, Shep. I’m quite interested in Tapper’s new show, and would watch an Ezra Klein hour on MSNBC if he ever gets one. I used to enjoy Morning Joe, but it’s now a pale shadow.

    What I mourn are shows and hours that used to be quality and now are awful. Like how Fox News Watch and Beltway Boys were both fine weekend week-in-review shows. Or the often excellent Dylan Ratigan Show, replaced by the snide and embarrassing Bashir.

  589. Also, why I don’t want to come off as a Tapper fanboy, he was subbing for Cooper tonight. In his first try (and presumably his first time anchoring an hour on CNN), he was more comfortable and impressive than anyone else they’ve rotated through that sub role recently (Wolf, Soledad, Banfield).

  590. savefarris Says:

    “If you like your coverage, you can keep it”,0,4887679.story

    Joe Wilson was right.

  591. James Carville is on Morning Joe today and looks very comfortable interacting with the usual suspects on the show. I hope he returns and even becomes a regular at the big table.

    Mary Matalin wasn’t there and that’s a good thing. Hopefully she heads over to FNC where she can spout Republican talking points; which is her forte. She plays about the same role for Republicans as Babe Buchanan but Buchanan is far more talented and watchable.

  592. Joe Wilson was right.

  593. @ fritz

    Are their any Republicans you far-lefties want to hear from? No matter who it is, you guys just whine that they “should go to FOX.”

    How afraid of opposing views are you?!

  594. Christine Romans anchoring at 11am on CNN.
    Is this simply a fill in or a try out to anchor regularly?
    She was a sub anchor on the old CNN AM show.

  595. Carville was on O’Reilly the other night, too. Maybe he’s shopping around until someone hires him. MSNBC certainly doesn’t need another Dem.

  596. “‘Crackhead’ is not ‘coon’, and it’s not ok to imply Baldwin is a racist because ‘it’s happened too many times’. If I were a celebrity being chased all the time, I’d get pissed, too.”

    It is still no reason to grab the woman reporter’s arm. You can see clearly in the picture her photographer took that Baldwin is grabbing her arm. Isn’t that assault? If he doesn’t want to be hounded by reporters or the paparazzi, then he should find another line of work.

  597. imnotblue There are some good Republican pundits out there, but they have become harder to fine. Some of us enjoyed Joe because he does provides that perspective, but not as hardline as some on FOX would. It’s a matter of finding the ones that don’t sound like they are playing keywords into their sentences and they end up sounding the same as all the rest of them.

    And don’t spin this back on me about people on MSNBC. There are some there who are ruthless left-wingers but have even stood in opposition to Obama on things. Back in the days of the Bush Administration, I don’t remember any of their pundits, or commentary hosts, really standing against the administration on near anything, though I’m sure a rare exception exists.

    On Matalin, she’s alright, one of the better ones. I think some on the left just aren’t really wanting to see someone be this steam roller liberal on CNN or MSNBC as much as FOX love those types. Bring in someone who’s smart, can articulate, but doesn’t do the act of shouting the other one down.

  598. libertyandjustice Says:

    Chuck Todd & Greg Gutfeld. You have to love Gutfeld!

    Chuck “I think that the mythology of the big, bad non-conservative media has gotten into some offices,” Todd said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Tuesday. “And so that there’s this fear of, oh we can’t do, we can’t do anything that’s not — it’s sort of this — and I feel like it’s a mythology that now younger staffers believe and then it infuses, and then these guys, they actually believe the spin that’s out there.”

    After complimenting Todd on his goatee, Gutfeld said there was evidence to prove media bias, including studies and anecdotal evidence.

    “Nice goatee,” Gutfeld said. “OK, look — denying the media bias at this point has to be like denying science. You’re worse than a flat-earther — you’re a no-earther. Because if you don’t believe in media bias, what else do you believe in? That men once rode dinosaurs? That Bill Maher is edgy? In order to deny media bias, you got to deny studies of voting practices of journalists, which reveal liberal purity; the frothy leftism of the journalistic launching pad that is the leafy campus; the scandals where journalists conspired to smear righties as racist; that journalistic whistle-blowing is always left on right and it’s never the reverse (see Benghazi, as opposed to [Valerie] Plame); the threesome that occurs whenever a lefty shows up on ‘60 Minutes.’”

    He went on to say if you deny bias, then you’ll likely believe a myriad of things, including stereotypes about conservatives.

    “But I guess if you believe in an objective media, you’ll believe in anything: like a whistle is better than a gun; redistribution beats opportunity; black conservatives are Uncle Toms and female conservatives are scolds; that being born white is racist; that tolerance requires calling terror ‘workplace violence’; that our country’s energy can be found in griffin lint; that the tea party is more harmful than drug lords; that Occupy Wall Streeters were cuddly Muppets; that choice matters before birth, not after; that a border is selfish; that every tenet of the left hasn’t saddled most young Americans with a toxic notion of entitlement without achievement, drowning in disposable culture as China rifles our wallets and our hard drives. But it’s easy to miss media bias. To quote Madge from Palmolive [commercials], ‘You don’t see it my dear, because you’re soaking in it.’”

  599. Gutfeld/Todd:

    Waiting for the headline over at mediaite proclaiming:
    “Greg Gutfeld skewers/destroys/tears into/nukes/etc. Chuck Todd”

    I guess the one conservative guy over there is busy.

    Speaking of mediaite, is there a website out there that is a bigger pile of vomit than mediaite? It’s the Jerry Springer show of “news” sites.

  600. It didn’t start out that way. I post there just to get the hateful replies. You develop a tough skin if you dare to use a picture avatar. Useful on other forums.

  601. Back in the days of the Bush Administration, I don’t remember any of their pundits, or commentary hosts, really standing against the administration on near anything

    Chris obviously missed the middle of the thread.

  602. Sample just in the last day or so:

    Nuff said. Hillbilly, go back to producing moonshine, instead of pushing your religion on decent people.

    CrossEyedWingnut: “What in hell does the Chicago Police Superintendent know about gun laws in Chicago? Fox News, WorldNetDaily and FreeRepublic say otherwise!”

    listen chubby,put your teeth back in your mouth and lose the marbles,bush was an idiot and a cancer to this nation.try to graduate to low income housing,do not be satisfied with the gov”t owned trailer you cherriish so much.

  603. I’ve been banned from there more than once. For referring to Tom Hartmann as Hom Tartman and for accusing Tommy Christopher of lying. Pretty funny what is acceptable over there. I rarely check check the site out any more. It’s a clusterfark of far-left hate. Dan Abrams only cares about web traffic & $$$$. So very lefty of him.

  604. Did HLN even air Kyra’s show today or is it all trial coverage?
    It’s stupid for HLN and TruTV to air the same Arias live trial coverage.

  605. “Back in the days of the Bush Administration, I don’t remember any of their pundits, or commentary hosts…”

    What you do and don’t remember, is not my problem. It happened, frequently, even from someone like Hannity… whether you were aware or not.

    Anyway… so Joe Scarborough (a VERY moderate Republican) is the only one you guys can really stomach anymore? And that’s supposed to be a winning argument? Oy.


    @ lone

    TC recently banned me, for saying something he said was untrue, demonstrating it, and then requesting I “prove” it… again… to him.

    He really may be the thinnest skinned man, ever.

    And I bet he reads this site (in between getting marching orders from KOS and the like), but won’t defend himself or his employer. A real coward. Not entirely responsible for the mess that Mediate has become, but certainly part of it.

  606. “Back in the days of the Bush Administration, I don’t remember any of their pundits, or commentary hosts, really standing against the administration on near anything, though I’m sure a rare ”

    You didn’t watch O’Reilly regularly blast the Bush White House on the handling of the Iraq War? Or spending? Or immigration? Or gas prices? Gosh, he did something like three weeks in a row on gas prices and how the Bush White House wasn’t going after the oil companies and market “speculators”.

    Hannity too – for what it’s worth – criticized Bush for spending and immigration. Sure, his criticism came from the hard right, i.e., Bush wasn’t conservative enough.

    But I remember seeing criticism of Bush on Fox News.

    To be sure, after 9/11 Bush got too much of a pass. There was a “rally around the flag” mentality in almost all of the press and they didn’t challenge Bush enough.

  607. Ugh, Oscar Pistorius was one of my heroes. Small “h” mind you. He’s not up there with the Jackie Robinsons and Lech Walesas of course. But heroic in terms of overcoming personal hardship as opposed to fighting an entire system of injustice like Robinson and Walesa.

    Well, I still have Jesse Jackson Jr.


  608. Regarding conservatives not criticizing Bush:

    Um, Harriett Myers?

    Tommy Christopher:
    Dude is not playing with a full deck. I’d hate to be his health care insurer. I can’t imagine how many pills that guy is on.

  609. The whole “conservatives not criticizing Bush” made me think of Glenn Beck who criticized Bush a lot. Anyway, I remembered this clip from a while back:

    Beck is the same guy. Matthews has become a hyper partisan hack.

  610. An O’Reilly Factor promo claims that pretend journalist and republican Jesse Watters found an uncle of Obama living in the USA and he’s an illegal immigrant.

    Wow Bill we know you hate Obama, this is getting comical.
    Are going to now check all previous presidents to for any illegal relatives? How about the congress and senate?

  611. @ ice

    Do you really think O’Reilly sent Watters out to find out of Obama had any illegal relatives? Or perhaps more likely, so right-wing website did the research, and O’Reilly sent Watters out to check on them.


    Apparently you think any negative story about Obama comes from “hate” and “obsession.”

    Makes me wonder if you apply the same to yourself. Why do you “hate” and “obsess” over O’Reilly, Hannity, and FOX News?

  612. “Apparently you think any negative story about Obama comes from “hate” and “obsession.””

    No I don’t, in my opinion which you disagree with,
    Bill is mad that Obama got re elected and it’s partly the reason he is doing segments like this.
    With all the problems in this country do we really need a segment on the Presidents Illegal relatives?

    I’d give the story more legitimacy if was done by a real reporter and not from Jesse Watters who plays the role of Obama hater when he donated to the Obama campaign.

  613. Why do you think he donated to the campaign? And why should I care if he did or didn’t?

    As for “hate” and “obsession,” I’m only applying YOUR standards. See how that works?

  614. It is still no reason to grab the woman reporter’s arm.

    Of course not, and I don’t support his actions, but it’s still not racism, which is the point of Laura’s comment. The NY Post plastered this crap on their front page, and it’s not true.

  615. I agree with Joe, which I hate, because he is an idiot and a moron.

  616. Tommy’s girlfriend is one of my favorites on Twitter. He is a lucky fellow. He’s been nice to me which you all know isn’t easy.

  617. No. It’s the same kind of joke Eddie Murphy would tell, or going further back, Cleavon Little in Blazing Saddles. Jamie Foxx got hassled for joking about “killing all the white people” in Django Unchained when he hosted SNL. IT’S A JOKE.

    Yes, I’m happy to hear about Nielsen joining the 21st Century. It’ll be interesting to see what changes this produces, as many younger people hardly watch TV anymore. My daughter canceled her cable, and only watches on her computer.

  618. “…And Bill Maher is a Liberal, and good for the party, so he gets a pass.”

    You left that out.

  619. He’s a comedian. You can tell because he does stand-up all over the country, and at the beginning and end of his show. He says “shocking” things on purpose. Like most comedians. I don’t happen to like his schtick, but I know what a comedian is, and what a joke is.

  620. Now if a comedian says something blatantly racist, like Michael Richards did, that’s different. I simply don’t think variations on Cleavon Little’s “Where all the white women at?” is racist. It’s a parody of a stereotype.

  621. But what if, lets say Rush Limbaugh had said Lawrence O’Donnell ‘Likes Working With MSNBC Team, Particularly Some Of Them Fine-Ass Black Women’?

  622. lonestar77 Says:

    Is there an exam you have to take to be considered a “comedian”? There are plenty of people I find more amusing than Bill Maher. But, because he calls himself a “comedian”, he’s free to say whatever he wants? Strike that. We all know that he’s free to say whatever he wants because he’s a liberal. The comedian thing is just a convenient excuse.

  623. lonestar77 Says:

    That’s different Larry. Why, you ask? Because the word police say so. And, you’re prolly a racist, too.

  624. No, people, I’m not going to argue this silly Maher tangent all day. Sometimes I think you guys just like hearing yourselves talk. Have at it.

  625. Has Kirsten Powers switched her voter registration to Republican yet? She spends more time criticizing Democrats than anyone else I follow on Facebook or Twitter.

  626. ^ Seriously, she’s worse than most of the righties I follow. Her need to point out every possible liberal screwup is becoming pathological.

  627. You know Joe, if the Daytona 500 is anything like today’s qualifying races, it’s gonna suck.

  628. Because you only follow people from the left, so you complete you own echo chamber.

    Not sure that’s Powers’ fault though.

  629. Didn’t answer my question Joe. Andy, what kind of Hot Pockets do you like?

  630. She’s criticizing liberals for doing, well, liberal things. It boils down to that. Liberal Democrats who hold a majority in the Senate and have the advantage of a Democratic President who was elected with a mandate are not going to act like TEA Party Republicans.

    It’s strange that a Liberal Democrat like Powers thinks Democrats should bend over backwards to Republicans. I get that Republicans expect Democrats to do it their way, but not Democrats. Powers is no longer a liberal – I don’t care how you slice it.

  631. Well, that makes it official, doesn’t it.

  632. The best I can figure is she spends most of her time with Fox News conservatives, so has adopted their belief that they are a victimized minority in an unjust world. It’s weird ’cause I don’t see much ideological change in’s mostly a defense of the conservatives’ personal complaints against liberals, with the converse personal attacks on Those Bad Liberals. Stockholm Syndrome.

  633. See just isn’t a liar. Pretty simple.

  634. Wow. Special Report managed to go 20 min without a commercial break and it wasn’t breaking news coverage. But they made up for by having a 4 min break and losing the Grapevine. I think US cable news channels have too many ads and too many breaks so this was nice. Canadian ones are only slightly better. BBC WN has 3-4 min breaks in the first half-hr and AJE has almost no breaks.

  635. Here’s the thing – we had an election. Romney ran on conservative principles and Obama won on liberal principles. The liberal ideology won. Why is Obama going to govern from the far-right when the progressive ideology won the election – in a landslide.

    Kirsten Powers falls right in that – that liberals need to move to the center. The problem is, every time the Democrats take a step to the right, the Republicans take two steps to the right. The whole intent of the TEA Party is to drive the country to the far right – and Kirsten Powers, being surrounded by those types all day, is doing exactly what they want.

  636. Powers ends up with the best of both worlds here. She ingratiates herself to FNC’s conservative audience by saying bad things about liberals and Democrats most every day, and progressives get riled up trying to discredit her. On both fronts, a rather insignificant, unimpressive pundit keeps seeing her profile raised.

    We really don’t see conservative commenters getting upset all the time over what Michael Steele said on Hardball. And I have to give them credit for that. Stop taking the bait. She’s trolling you.

  637. WOW, within the last hour, Kirsten’s managed to tweet something liberal.

    kirsten powers ‏@kirstenpowers10
    #ThingsYouCanLearnFromGOPCongressUnderBush RT @jjauthor: #ThingsYouCanLearnFromLiberals how to spend like a drunken sailor!

  638. Gnome, the thing is – Conservatives believe Liberals are going farther to the left. I’m not sure if all of us are or not – I’m not. But Kirsten Powers plays in to that. They now believe we’re all “Socialists” and “Communists”.

    By going to the right to try to sound like the adult in the room on a childish network, Kirsten is doing EXACTLY what they want her to do. As a result, people like myself who are closer to the center-left more than anything are seen as far left socialists when, in reality, it’s the Republican Party that has drifted so far to the right they can’t see reality.

    Part of how FOX manages to get sane Republicans to subscribe to far-right views is by painting the picture that they’re the centrists that represent the majority of citizens and it’s liberals going far-far-far left. Kirsten, by trying to be the adult in the room, plays right in to that.

  639. “Stop taking the bait. She’s trolling you.”

    You’re talking to liberals. If they were suckers, they would have moved on.

  640. Obama ran on liberal policies? This was the most substance free campaign in 20 years. It was awful.

    For four years liberals insisted that Obama wasn’t a liberal, that he was a moderate who compromised too much with the Republicans. Obama himself said he was a moderate and to my knowledge has never called himself a liberal.

    The he wins re-election and all of a sudden it’s a huge victory of liberal policies?

    No, sorry I’m not buying it.

    My guess is that the public doesn’t care for either liberalism or conservatism right now. The Bush albatross hangs around conservatives necks and the public is still too sceptical of government to embrace liberal policies.

  641. So let me see if I understand this…

    The problem is that Powers believes that the government should act like adults, and even those in charge, should be respectful and govern the way the people actually want… not the way the partisans want. And she’s wrong for believing that, because it doesn’t beat on Republicans the way partisans want the Liberals to.

    Of course, if she was speaking the same about Republicans beating on minority Democrats, the left would looooove her again. But I digress…

    So the problem is that she expects maturity and respect from both sides. And that’s more than some partisans want to see.

    Yes, now I understand why ya’ll whine so much.

  642. Andy, that may be true, but my point is very simple. Fox News has and has had intellectually honest center-left contributors who are worth listening to, even if the deck is always stacked against them: Mara Liasson, Mort Kondracke. Juan Williams has had questionable moments, especially after the NPR firing. But he’s a paragon of virtue compared to Powers, who is just gleefully playing a role. Even Sally Kohn, who was so obviously picked to make the left side of the argument instantly unappealing to an FNC viewer…well, I don’t think she’s exactly in on the joke.

    You don’t overcome someone like Powers by continually spotlighting her cheap gimmick. That just drives you further to the ‘angry left’, and bolsters her ‘independent’ cred. I think it’s fine to reiterate, “Kirsten Powers is neither a liberal or a Democrat. You’re not going to hang her on us.” But dissecting anything she has to say is a mistake. She’s irrelevant and not to be taken seriously.

    Now that I’ve posted about her twice, I’m part of the problem. Crap. Kirsten who?

  643. Frankly, both the left and right need a few more Scarboroughs and Powers. And more than a few. Both sides live in little cocoons and need someone to shake them out of it.

    The complaint seems to be that not what they say is wrong but that they’re just not supposed to says those things. Party line all the time.

    Why not? What’s the problem?

  644. Liberals never run as liberals. They know better. This revisionism would be funny, if it wasn’t kind of sad. For all of us.

  645. Liberals vote for liberals. Nobody voted for Obama thinking they were getting a conservative. Look at all the latest surveys about how the majority of the country feel about specific major issues. The US is center/left, and so is its President. And its next one.

  646. Hope and Change, no RedStates no BlueStates… this guy ran as not a liberal, but as many things… all lies.

  647. And no one who voted for Romney knew what they would get. They voted for someone who, on any give day, could sound like Rush Limbaugh or Ted Kennedy. This President never ran as a liberal, and the independents who voted for him didn’t care. You guys can dream all you want. The next election, after ObamaCare does its damage (or more damage, I should say) you might get a little surprise.

  648. “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire”

    What? Um, that’s the sh\t they keep saying about Rush. One side, with an obvious interest, keeps lobbing charges at someone they don’t like, and eventually people are supposed to assume that there must be something to it. That’s crap, I made clear that he’s probably not a nice person (although I only know that from tabloids), but you don’t get to label someone as a “racist” based upon the word of people whose business it is to stir the pot. It’s wrong.

  649. Every libera/left website I viisit has been filled with complaints about Obama not being a liberal, of betraying what they thought they had they voted for for years ago. “He’s too moderate and compromising”. Heck, that’s been the complaint from liberals here.

    Then he wins reelection and all of a sudden it’s a victory of liberalism?

    Okay, believe what you want.

    In any case, about 40% of the electorate leans left, about 40% leans right and the middle 20% goes both ways. Obama beat Romney because he had a much better get out the vote effort and because of his likeability. I’ll say policy differences were a small factor but certainly a factor.

    The country is up for grabs right now though the disorganization of the Republicans and demographics clearly favor Democrats.

  650. The next election, after ObamaCare does its damage (or more damage, I should say) you might get a little surprise.

    That surprise is statistically almost impossible without a drastic change in The Republican Party. One which a significant portion of the party have no interest in making. Short of a huge scandal which decimates the Dems in the next four years, the GOP’s chances of making those leaps in that period of time are minimal. The country has changed. A lot.

  651. Spud has crept back on tiny cat feet.

  652. “The country has changed. A lot.”

    Sure as hell not for the better. Turds have blocked up the toilet.

  653. Mr 500 has been surprisingly on-point today. Yes, first we heard that Obama was a moderate, then a neocon, then GW’s third and fourth term. Now, suddenly, he’s an out and proud liberal. Uh, not where I’ve been watching.

  654. Just two years ago, Obama got “shellacked” nearly two years after Olbermann and company were doing shows on the sad state of the Republican Party. Now Joe, one thing we can be sure of, the future is not something political partisans can predict.

  655. Sure I can. I predicted four years ago that the demo was changing in favor of the Democrats. The only thing I got wrong was how quick it would turn around. I didn’t predict the rise of a virulent Tea Party which would dominate a midterm, thereby ensuring that the slowly awakening new demo would never sit out another election. My bad.

  656. Exactly. Conservatives lost the election but they somehow think that the nation should be governed their way.

    Scarborough I don’t have an issue with because his positions have never changed. He was critical of Bush for the exact same things he’s critical of Obama about. Kirsten Powers – no matter how you slice it, she’s changed. She used to be a bleeding heart liberal. Michael Steele — again, you people don’t know what you’re talking about. I voted for him in 2006 and he was a Moderate Republican back then.

  657. I’ve told Republicans, to their faces, for years now, that they’ll never get the youth vote if they refuse to evolve in to the 21st century on social issues. Hell, some of these Republicans are still fighting against the Civil Rights Act (Rand Paul).

  658. savefarris Says:

    Nobody voted for Obama thinking they were getting a conservative.

    Peggy Noonan did.
    And, if you want to believe that it wasn’t 100% due to crass racism, Colin Powell did as well.

  659. The problem with today’s Liberals is that, just like Andy demonstrated, they have no problem lying, believing their lies, and spreading those lies.

    And just said that Paul was fighting against the Civil Rights Act. Thinking people, know that’s a lie. His opinion has always been that it was an over-reach of the government to tell business who their client base can and can’t be… a principle of small government and Libertarian ideals. That’s not fighting against the Civil Rights Act, nor does it reflect the implied racism and push for inequality that Andy infers.

    In short, their dishonest, scared, unethical… and PROUD of it. They celebrate just how well they warp the message, confuse the public, and smear or confound the opposition (see the celebration of Hillary Clinton’s non-testimony last month). They don’t mind lying, just so long as they win. They have no plan once they win, they just know how to attack.

    This isn’t a long-term strategy. And may soon bring the Democrats to their knees.

  660. Screw Salon. That site freezes my computer every time I click on it. I’m not going through this to read about some stupid actor with a bad temper.

  661. “I didn’t predict the rise of a virulent Tea Party which would dominate a midterm, thereby ensuring that the slowly awakening new demo would never sit out another election. My bad”

    The exception that proves the fool.

  662. “I have no opposition to the CNN crawl, I’ve noticed an earlier comment. It’s not a ‘scroll’ because it doesn’t move vertical, it moves horizontal.” – Steven

    A scroll can be unraveled vertically and horizontally.

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