Buried Nuggets…

This is story about Steve Capus maybe going to CNN by Claire Atkinson in the New York Post is a few days old but it contains one piece of information that set my alarms off…

Meanwhile, Capus’ former boss, Chairman of the NBC News Group Patricia Fili-Krushel, has moved her office down from the corporate floor to the third floor, where NBC News management resides.

A source familiar with NBC said Fili-Krushel bumped Elena Nachmanoff, a news vice president in charge of dealing with talent.

I noted this on Twitter yesterday in between layovers getting home. That Fili-Krushel had moved “downstairs” was old news. That long time NBCer Elena Nachmanoff was the one who had to vacate her office to make it happen was big news that can’t be ignored. The fact that it happened and was publicly leaked out to the Post, which tends to not happen in this industry, is significant. Just how significant is the open question. Nachmanoff wields a lot of power inside NBC…or rather she did under Jeff Zucker and Steve Capus. This relocation for someone of her stature inside the news division is the kind of publicly embarrassing moment that makes observers like me stop in our tracks and say, “Hmmmm…is there another shoe that’s going to drop?”. It may ultimately mean nothing. But if something else should happen to Nachmanoff, you can point to this moment as the first public sign of what was to come.


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  1. location location location

    (and where in the hell is the snorkel?)

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