CNBC vs. FBN and Bloomberg?

NPR’s David Folkenflik writes about a booking war going on between CNBC and FBN and Bloomberg TV… (via Talking Biz News)

CNBC is far and away the television ratings leader in the financial cable news business. Now, evidence arrives that its executives, producers and reporters are going to great lengths to maintain its status.

The channel has adopted a policy that prohibits guests from appearing on rival channels amid breaking news if they want to be seen by CNBC’s larger audience.

The tension over the policy with one of its peers offers a window into the intensity of the cable battles over what’s called booking — landing interviews with key financial players, commentators, insiders and analysts.

“Every network should be trying to hustle to get content that’s distinctive to their channel,” said Andrew Morse, president of Bloomberg Television’s U.S. operations. “That’s our job. We’re in the news business.”

But Morse said Bloomberg doesn’t try to dictate who can appear elsewhere.


2 Responses to “CNBC vs. FBN and Bloomberg?”

  1. I have a problem with CNBC. I have a lot of problems with them actually. I feel I have to say this publicly because they are only tarnishing themselves, but they are tarnishing business news, and their part legacy network the old FNN.

    Their new “Pr1me” lineup coming early next month is just absurd, and I really think CNBC should implement replays of Fast, Mad and LayLow. CNBC’s move to “reality” shows actually shows how shallow they are because they will be promoting it during the day.

    Secondly, CNBC is not “first in business worldwide” because they take bank holidays off just like the government hacks. Least we remember Steve Jobs’ last medical leave, and FBN ran it all day, until 4 Eastern when the others ran a crawl (fianally?)

    I love the New York Stock Exchange. I went there in April 2001, the same time I went into the now former WTC complex. Its a nice building, and I saw it at the height of the floor activity. It was a wonderful and unforgettable experience. But I suspect CNBC is violating New Jersey rules for their tax break because they do spend a lot of air time in New York state. If I were a Jersey CFO, if Englewood Cliffs is there for a tax break, I would pressure CNBC to move their broadcast at their headquarters, and be there full time from sign on to sign off. Because perception is reality. If people see that they aren’t in E.C. often, people would think Jersey isn’t that important to the jerks at NBC.

    Third, put focus on the ticker! I want to see live quotes and recaps off hours, and I don’t like how they have switched it off during LayLows’s show. The thing that makes me sick about CNBC, is how arrogant and narcissistic that network is because the whole studio is like a mirror and they need to show how much they are such jerks! I’m sick and tired of him forcing his free market agenda and hearing his smokers voice! He should force the FCC to allow smoking legal in the sense of commercials again because I would think the big tobaccos companies would love to sponsor his show!

    And you can’t report and name call at the same time, we as posters on blogs can do that, but not an on air talent. I’m sorry!

    Notice I didn’t mention doing more reporting because the 3 other suggestions is asking for too much at this point.

    I do think CNBC is going to fall apart with their closed minded approach of doing exclusives and barring people from any property other than NBCU. It’s disgusting and shows how arrogant that a network things they are covering business, when all they are doing is dramatic debate clubs all day long you would expect in the suburban high schools!

    FBN is better than CNBC, but the old late 90s CNBC was the best. I settle for less because I know the media heads don’t care about quality. They like to cut costs and make obscene profits and put childish people on air instead.

    This decision is very shallow for them. Shame on you CNBC!

  2. there is a related story on one of those websites; that the PBS program (at last check I thought) the Nightly Business Report is going to be taken over by CNBC in a few weeks.

    The program has gone totally down the drain. In fact I watched that for years because of CNBC’s shoddy coverage. Now its going to be a product of CNBC. PBS ruined it 7 years ago and they forced out Paul Kangas too, and after his retirement it totally shallow.

    I can’t imagine what NBR will look like under CNBC. I can’t remember the last PBS show I watched, PB$ has been crap for years now.

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