CNN…Don’t Wait Around to Kill Starting Point. Do It Now…

This morning CNN extended Starting Point by a full hour to cover the latest Oscar Pistorius courtroom drama, thus hammering home a predicament the network now faces as it works behind the scenes to ready the next show which will occupy CNN’s morning timeslot.

Extending Starting Point creates an illusion the network really should be running away from as fast as it can; that Starting Point is still relevant. It’s not. It’s a dead show walking; its anchor soon to be dispatched to longform production exile (self-induced or otherwise). The sooner CNN embraces this new paradigm the better position it will be in when its new morning show debuts with Chris Cuomo and whoever CNN pairs with him (likely to be Erin Burnett).

CNN can ill-afford to create confusion for its viewers when the new show launches. It needs to acclimate them to where things are going. CNN does not achieve this by keeping Starting Point around or, worse, elevating its profile by keeping it on the air past its scheduled run time. There is nothing to be gained from running Starting Point over now. Whatever ratings gain the show achieves from such tactics is completely offset by the fact the show is already dead and the network is only building it up higher when it comes time to kill it which makes the fall all the harder and the changeover to the new show more difficult from a viewer standpoint.

Starting Point needs to die and it needs to die as soon as possible. Kill the show now and put on substitute anchors doing general news. Create a transition period between what was and what is going to be. The longer CNN keeps the show on the air and O’Brien anchoring it, the tougher the transition will be.


6 Responses to “CNN…Don’t Wait Around to Kill Starting Point. Do It Now…”

  1. I was about to ask what you fill the time with while they transition, but having a two headed anchor team could work. The one thing I imagine they want to avoid is a soft launch of the to-be show that will launch likely in the spring, simply because they did a soft launch of Starting Point, Early Start, and Newsroom International if we want to pull in all of this last year, and I don’t think any of them have faired well.

  2. Starting Point and Early Start were not soft launched. They were hard launched but with poor preparation. Newsroom International was soft launched however.

  3. CNN’s biggest issue is finding or creating a morning show that is relevent regardless of who hosts or what the format is.CNN doesn’t really have a morning audience so what they do right now probably has little meaning.

    I hope the “Chris and Erin Show” works but hosts are not the only problem here.No matter who hosts,they need to figure out a way to draw viewers away from the massive competition.All formats are taken,from mostly fluff to hard news.

    I do agree with sentiment out there,including from Soledad,that CNN has not supported the programming well.Maybe Zucker can do a better job with that,but I suspect CNN will never do but so well in the morning no matter what they do or who they do it with.

  4. I don’t think the average viewer could care less. CNN use to be a place where viewers could get the news no matter what time of day. Right now they aren’t sure when that time is now. Fox and msnbc viewers know what they get when they tune in. CNN needs to get back to its roots and just report news with a passion. It’s a big ol world out there and there’s news everywhere and there’s 24 hours to cover it. stop copying others because the viewers of fox and ms aren’t gonna come on over to cnn. REPORT NEWS..novel idea for a cable news channel huh.

  5. The hard thing is what format for CNN should do in the morning? I mean NBC and ABC does news /soft show , CBS does a hard news, Fox news has opinions in the AM , MSNBC as well , HLN has a fast paced repeat headline morning show so CNN is Caught somewhere

  6. […] month I argued that CNN needed to kill the show and take O’Brien off it well before the new morning show […]

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