Hard News Hours or Non-Hard News Hours?

This statement from Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher…

I’m not sure why this is a problem, especially since MSNBC has never blocked off specific hours for hard news the way Fox has

…is factually inaccurate. Here is just one example from Politico’s Dylan Byers…

Something I learned just now from MSNBC: It has news shows and “point of view” shows.

MSNBC considers everything from 3 p.m. into primetime to be “point of view” shows. That includes Martin Bashir, Dylan Ratigan, Chris Matthews, Al Sharpton, Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow, and Lawrence O’Donnell.

Meanwhile, the shows that run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. are not “point of view” shows. That includes Chuck Todd, Chris Jansing, Alex Wagner, Andrea Mitchell, and Tamron Hall.

I will argue until my dying breath about Alex Wagner’s show not being anything other than POV as will Noah Rothman. But the point still stands…MSNBC considers 9-3 to be its news block hours.

As to the rest, yes, Megyn Kelly…who has been known to slap down people on her show for talking inaccuracies before…should have gone after Daftari for spouting nonsense.


14 Responses to “Hard News Hours or Non-Hard News Hours?”

  1. 1pm-3pm on FNC is not a news show, It’s a conservative news talk show just as 9am,12pm-2pm on MSNBC are not news shows they are liberal news talk shows.

  2. Megyn Kelly’s show is nothing more than Hannity meets Nancy Grace.

  3. @Andy
    That’s straight up stupid. Stop embarrassing yourself.

  4. Uh-oh Spud… I just read that Tommy is now trying to ban you from the entire Internet.

    You shouldn’t say TC is wrong. Ever. He’s very sensitive.

  5. The Cycle is also POV.

  6. I just read that Tommy is now trying to ban you from the entire Internet.

    What on earth are you blabbering about Blue?

  7. ^ Nobody knows.

  8. Just making a little fun of TC.

    No actual banishment attempted. Don’t worry.

  9. I’ll take that as a compliment coming from you Blue.

    I’m dead serious. Watching her Benghazi coverage reminded me, instantly, of Nancy Grace talking about the killer cocktail waitress, the faux outrage, the “tributes to Caylee” (as Nancy called them) and everything.

  10. This example – #53,530 if you’re keeping track – is why viewers can’t discern whether they’re watching opinion or news and whether the anchor/host is a commentator or straight news person.

    What are we watching? How should we view this?

    It’s all a mess, the lines between fact and opinion have been obliterated and the church/state wall between news and commentary no longer exists. Does anyone know what exactly Megyn Kelly is? Anchor? Commentator? Or a commentanchor?

    The idea of a neutral, objective press serving as a watchdog on things is being destroyed.

    Copies of this are available by writing to Merkle Press, somewhere in some place.

    And whatever happened to Mr. Merkle’s business?

  11. Andy stupid? Who would say such a thing.

  12. He went hunting but when he got on the highway he saw a sign that said ‘Bear Left’ so he turned around & drove home.

    When he tried to iron his curtains he fell out of the window.

  13. Andy got fired from the M&M factory for throwing away all the W’s

  14. No, I believed you, Andy.

    It was just really stupid. Comparing Kelly and Grace, is a lot like comparing Rachel Maddow, and a bowl of tomato soup.

    Not very good.

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