Joy Behar to CNN?

Page Six dishes

Joy Behar could be the next big name headed to CNN, sources tell Page Six. The comedienne and “The View” host was spotted at the network this week meeting with new honcho Jeff Zucker, and the meeting sparked speculation that Behar — a former “Larry King Live” guest host who then landed her own highly rated show on CNN’s HLN — is part of Zucker’s plans to rejuvenate the channel. Behar had the HLN program for two years while appearing as a co-host on ABC’s “The View.” She then jumped to Current TV, and quipped to Jay Leno after the network was sold to Al Jazeera last month, “Al Gore, Al Jazeera, Al Pacino. It’s all the same thing to me . . . I just work there.” Behar’s rep declined to comment.

The problem with this exercise is that there’s a kind of “been there, tried that” aspect to bringing Behar to CNN. She was once part of HLN and that didn’t work out. What evidence is there that things would be any different at CNN? None that I can see…


5 Responses to “Joy Behar to CNN?”

  1. Was her HLN show highly rated? I really do not remember.

  2. Is Joy Behar considered to be a “big name”? She probably dropped some stuff off for a charity event, took a few minutes to say “hi”, and her agent had someone call up Page Six to say they saw Behar in a meeting with Zucker.

  3. If Behar’s HLN show was so highly rated, why was it cancelled?

  4. As I recall, it was Ms. Behar’s decision to quit HLN.

  5. Joy Behar announces that she is leaving The View this summer. Perhaps Mr. Zucker had a head’s up on this and she’s looking for a new place to seat her butt or maybe that meeting was merely a ploy to secure a better contract to re-sign which failed.

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