What’s Hot/What’s Not: Submissions…

Post your nominations for this week’s What’s Hot/What’s Not. I’ll post the finalists on Sunday night…


51 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: Submissions…”

  1. NOT HOT: CNN’s sensationalist cruise ship coverage.

  2. CNN is covering the NASCAR fan injuries as continuous Breaking News. Awaiting press conference.

  3. That’s the worst crash I have ever seen. I’m glad Kyle Larson’s okay, thought for sure the kid was dead when they first showed his car. This isn’t good though.

  4. NOT HOT: It would be nice if news outlets had their facts right before going on the air with a special report…. Don Lemon and that Joe Carter guy on CNN are idiots.

  5. NOT HOT: During their breaking news, they couldn’t confirm that Kyle Larson was alive after the Daytona crash…….um the kid had given a five minute interview on ESPN five minutes after the crash….fools

  6. NOT HOT: CNN showing identifying pictures of critically injured patients at Daytona before knowing their condition. CNN airing YouTube video without editing out expletives. CNN’s overall sensationalism of the incident at Daytona. If I was the editor over there, my head would explode. If any of my previous editors were watching, they’d drink themselves to kidney failure.

  7. Pretty pathetic, IMO, when SPEED Channel, home of “R U Faster Than A Redneck”, is doing a more professional job covering a news story than CNN.

  8. NOT HOT: Janet Shamlian’s infinite wisdom on NBC pronouncing Larry Stewart the winner of today’s race…..just get off the air.

  9. NOT HOT: MSNBC’s returned to ignoring news on weekends.

  10. NOT: When this site becomes ICD 2.0

    (That’s “Inside Circular Driving” for those who might be confused)

  11. Beats the usual ICJ, which I refuse to explain.

  12. It’s a news story about fans who were injured at a NASCAR track that has a horrible reputation for fans being injured and drivers being killed in crashes. Important enough that it’s the top story on every newscast in America. Deal with it.

  13. I think “Deal With It,” should be the new Liberal policy platform.

    “Taxing you into oblivion… deal with it.”
    “Pushing policies you don’t like, and the public doesn’t support… deal with it.”
    “Creating new programs we know will cost more than we admit… deal with it.”

    Actually… maybe it already is.

    The crash is a news story. Worth almost 10 posts? Not even close.

  14. I posted about cable news coverage — and honestly, the worst coverage of breaking news I have ever seen — on a cable news blog. Deal with it.

  15. MSNBC the latest to make me rage: “38 fans were injured in a spectacular crash”

    Um, no, 28. And, “spectacular”?

  16. NOT: Kirsten never misses an opportunity to point out how awesome her network is at the expense of a liberal.


  17. The crash is worthy of a mention on the cable news channels and, as best I can tell, they reported it. MSNBC did, too. So what’s the problem?

  18. That’s the real rub against Powers, isn’t it?

    Even with her Liberal opinions, she likes and defend FNC… and THAT, more than anything, is impossible for someone on the left to swallow.

    Powers thinks the President shouldn’t punish media members for not towing the line. Liberals agree… unless the President is a Dem and they’re talking about FNC. Then, the same folks who scream/ed “where was the media asking questions about Iraq,” become the folks screaming “how dare they question and doubt the President!”

    A bunch of angry, frightened, hypocrites.

    Deal with it.

  19. Not: Jeanine Pirro opening her show with a 7min rant.

  20. I don’t think any reporter/opinionator should spend the amount of time she does defending their bosses. It’s a bizarre affectation peculiar to the “victims of the MSM” at FNC. Do your jobs and quit whining.

  21. The crash was a major story and there needs to be follow up reporting. How many more people need to die at Daytona and Talladega before NASCAR clues in to the FACT that those tracks and the type of racing they’ve manufactured at those tracks is not safe?

  22. FOX will never accept that they ARE the mainstream media.

  23. I don’t think any politician or political party should “declare war” on a television network, simply because they don’t spend pandering!

    When that happens, as it has, the rules are different.

    As for being MSM… it’s all in how you define “mainstream media.” And I’m super tired of that debate.

  24. All of the FNC liberals are probably more than a little irritated at the demeaning comments directed their way only because they are associated with FNC.

  25. For those who complain about the Alex Wagner smirk,
    Jeanine Pirro is just as inappropriate on her show.
    There is no reason to be smiling and laughing when covering the Pistorius case. Her affect on air is to goofy sometimes.

  26. Another NOT HOT: FOX News suggesting Al-Jazeera America is some sort of plot to awaken Al-Qaida Muslim Sleeper Cells.

  27. Does Fox News hire terrible people, or does working there turn them into terrible people?

  28. The crash is the lead story on the local Fox broadcast news. Surprisingly, FNC’s Rick Reichmuth is reporting.

  29. Really… you linked to a TC article?

    The guy is a lunatic. Only a severely deranged and angry Liberal, with no regard for the truth, ethics, or fairness would think anything that moron writes is worth taking seriously.

    Aaaaand, I rest my case.


    Re: AJ Sleeper Cells
    Wasn’t that a guest who said that? Not a commentator, or a frequently repeated comment on the network?

    If FNC was as bad as you guys want to believe, why with the lies all the time?!

  30. Yes, Blue, it’s possible to find the truth of what someone said on television in an article. I presume you think TC made it all up. ‘Cause that would make sense.

  31. The first time a guest said it. The following morning on FOX and Friends, Steve Doocy ran with it and made the very same suggestion.

  32. Um, CNN, Brad Keselowski is the defending NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion……not just a race car driver.

  33. NASCAR’s walls are just reinforced steel???? That’s what CNN’s investigative reporter said. It’s also not true.

  34. TC “made it up,” in the way that he spins everything in an effort please the Liberal networks best, as he continues to try to land a better job for himself.

    He’s not known for his accuracy or for being reasonable. He’s know for being very partisan, nasty, and thin skinned.

    Oh, and adding onto his nonsense… Spud has his own argument against that article, and it’s “mistakes.”

  35. Whoops… sorry, different article that Spud was finding “mistakes” in.

    Tommy has a reputation. Sorry if you’re late to the party in finding out.

  36. Kirsten pointed out that this President is afraid of Fox, and that Jay Carney is lying. I guess that’s “attacking” liberals, or it could be that she’s telling the truth, since neither of her statements are arguable.

  37. TC didn’t make a mistake; Angle used rightwing talking points as an explanation of why the economy is bad.

    Agreeing with Kirsten’s opinion isn’t the point. She needs to stop bashing liberals in defense of her boss. It’s a cheap shot from an FNC apologist who has bought into their bunker mentality.

  38. savefarris Says:

    NOT: Ezra Klein caught in a bit of historical revisionism.

    Ezra today: “The American people voted for the guy who wants to cut the deficit by increasing taxes.”

    Ezra Sept 2012: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2012/09/24/even-mitt-romney-admits-hell-need-to-raise-taxes-on-the-middle-class/

    You can’t argue the election was a referrendum on liberal policy if you spent the entire election arguing the case Mitt Romney was the more liberal candidate.

  39. Except he didn’t use Republican talking points… he talked about both sides of the story. TC is mad that both sides were mentioned, and that the Republican POV wasn’t implicitly mocked or ignored, as he (and the rest of the far-left Liberal establishment) prefer.

    As for Powers… your message is clear, “Right or wrong, stop attacking Liberals. We don’t like it. Stick to the talking points, ignore our mistakes, and certainly don’t talk about them in public.”

    You’re calling for a fraud… for dishonesty, and you know it!

  40. Oh… and what about the point in the TC piece where he claims the Stimulus kept unemployment at a certain level… AS FACT.

    Yeah… that’s some good “reporting” there. No bias. No opinion. No skewing to advance a certain political perspective, that renders his OUTRAGE! over something less than outrageous, moot.


  41. NOT HOT: Michelle Obama, our First Lady, doing the Dougie with Jimmy Fallon on his show on Friday night. Classy, Mrs. Obama.

  42. And I hate her hair now.

    Bad style. Yuck.

  43. There was nothing un-classy about FLOTUS’s dance and guest appearance on Late Night. It’s a comedy programme and she participated in a skit in exchange for an opportunity to promote something. It was gracious of her to do that.

  44. NOT HOT: I’m an idiot for spending five and a half hours watching the Daytona 500. After all the media hype, between Danica and the crash, the race itself was a horrible bore.

  45. Angle didn’t present “both sides”. He presented the rightwing talking point as conventional wisdom, then the liberal position as a dissenting view. He’s a hack.

  46. I slept through most of the 500. Restrictor plate racing is crap.

  47. As opposed to the other way, like you and the left are used to… where the left-wing view is presented as the “normal” and the Republican is the contradiction.


    Whine harder.

  48. Yep – the races at Daytona and Talladega are either a horrible bore or a crashfest. Unfortunately, fans like the restrictor plates and the carnage. It’s a miracle we haven’t killed someone at those tracks since 2001.

  49. Liz Trotta appeared on FNC and her commentary will have left-wing blogs fired up.

  50. NOT — 1984 NEWSPEAK brought to reality by 2012 Liberals.

    Balanced = if cut then tax

    Fair share = tax the rich pay never as much as it should be

    Choice = kill baby, up to ya

    Health of mother = not cranky or upset

    Conversation = no guns for you

    Hope = con job

    Change = yes, things can get worse

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