What’s Hot/What’s Not: 02/24/13

What’s Hot:

Soledad O’Brien Out At CNN (sort of) – O’Brien will be leaving the network and forming a production company that will produce specials that CNN will air.

Business News Booking Wars – CNBC has been throwing its weight around and apparently has had some success doing so.

Diving in Palau – Dive, dive, dive all trip long at one of the top 10 dive spots on the planet and you too will come back looking like this…


What’s Not:

Starting Point is still on the air – Take it off now in order to prevent an awkward and potentially destructive change over to the new CNN morning show.

Joy Behar to CNN? – I don’t see the upside…


11 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 02/24/13”

  1. That man in the picture has no snorkel.

  2. By his expression it looks like he has his panties on backwards.

  3. I learned my lesson after the second trip. You don’t dive Palau with your snorkel.

  4. Not: Obamas + Oscars


  5. FDR, Reagan and Laura Bush did spots, too. Get over it.

  6. From the half I saw, Shirley Bassey stole the show.


  7. savefarris Says:

    All prior appearances joe mentions were pre-taped and none did any actual presenting.

    Leave it to the Obamas to make it all about THEM.

  8. I thought she was nominated for best supporting actress in a horror movie?

  9. We got the Obama finger, the man with a spider’s touch,
    his heart is co-ohl-d!

  10. He’ll take all your go-ohl-d!!!

  11. GooooooooooooLLLLLLDAH…

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