Business Booking Wars: FBN flights back…

FBN started airing a new ad calling CNBC out for its booking practices. This story may have stronger legs than I originally surmised.

Update: According to Johnny Dollar this ad has been airing on FNC too..


7 Responses to “Business Booking Wars: FBN flights back…”

  1. LMFAO – this is one of FBN’s best attack campaigns!

    I bet the Englewood Cliffs people are having some severe regrets sending that “internal memo”!

  2. Really. Just shows how immature fox is. Good grief.

  3. This is one of their better ads. I will admit it is a little juvenile but man is it funny.

  4. CNBC lead their immaturity years and years ago by doing their High School Debate Club-style of talking heads and killing their business journalism. It’s really CNBC that has done this.

  5. wheresthebeef09 Says:

    Nice ad, but most people watching it will have no clue what the ad is referring to so I don’t really understand the purpose of this ad. Furthermore, the end uses the tagline “We know how to talk to CEOs”…yet isn’t the problem the fact that CEOs aren’t really coming on their channel in the first place?
    (and considering the ratings…why would they??)

  6. ^
    You need to enter Nielsen Rehab. You must be addicted to deadly overnight spreadsheets.

    In fact, CNBC’s ratings has going down. FBN is going up. People are tired of immature debates and the blogs are probably going up in hits.

    Why in the hell should a CEO or even a layman startup type take nearly a couple of hours of getting ready leaving their duties to a satellite studio get ready for that and only be ON AIR for like less than 2 minutes to be abruptly for some Exclusive Breaking News or the air talent yepping too much? FBN and Bloomberg often gives guest a full 4 to 5 minutes and they don’t have to worry about some opposition hogging their air time.

    A guest might not get that time made up and I’d assume they aren’t getting fairly compensated for the loss of time due to turkeys running the show.

    BTW it is a promo since its airing on their own networks, if it was an “ad” then that would be bad accounting.

  7. only be ON AIR for like less than 2 minutes to be abruptly [cut off] for some Exclusive Breaking News or the air talent yepping too much?

    bad me for not proofreading my comment!

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