Carol Alt to FNC…

The Hollywood Reporter’s Paul Bond reports that Carol Alt has signed a deal with FNC for a new weekend show…

“Living well is an important topic for discussion,” said Fox News executive vp programming Bill Shine. “As a renowned supermodel, Carol has embodied a healthy lifestyle for years and will bring both informative and helpful ideas to our viewers.”

The show is expected to debut in the summer.


3 Responses to “Carol Alt to FNC…”

  1. Maybe she and Kooiman can do exercise segments together.

  2. …on Red Eye!

    They used to (or do) have a segment called “Ab News” where there would be a split screen of Greg reading some news and one of the regular ladies would do various exercises. I knew they did it a while back and I can’t remember the last time I had watched Red Eye so I’m not sure if they do that.

  3. Kevin E. Says:

    You gotta give FNC credit for one thing: at least they’ve decided to be more transparent when giving attractive young women their own shows.

    In this new twist, they’re actually putting on beautiful women to talk about… beauty! Go figure.

    It’s more honest than putting a hot blonde on a high chair, with her legs crossed, discussing the sequester… just about the only thing they’ve been intellectually honest about in the last decade.

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