Tamron Hall to CNN? Not Very Likely…

Page Six is reporting that Jeff Zucker is eyeballing Tamron Hall for his network…

Since Erin Burnett is not giving up her CNN prime-time show and is refusing to go to mornings, CNN boss Jeff Zucker is looking elsewhere. We hear Zucker is now recruiting several other newswomen to sit alongside Chris Cuomo. NBC’s Tamron Hall is a favorite. “She was one of Jeff’s bright young things at NBC when he was at the network,” said a source. Also being considered are CNN afternoon anchors Suzanne Malveaux and Brooke Baldwin. A CNN rep didn’t get back to us.

The only way…the only way…Zucker gets Hall is if Hall’s contract is about to expire. Otherwise…forget it. NBC would never ever let Hall out of her contract to join a direct competitor. Plus, we know what happens when MSNBC employees talk to CNN. A Brooke Baldwin/Chris Cuomo pairing would be interesting. So would an Ashleigh Banfield/Chris Cuomo pairing.


15 Responses to “Tamron Hall to CNN? Not Very Likely…”

  1. wheresthebeef09 Says:

    Tamron Hall might be interesting – and plus with the recent discussion about “diversity” at CNN, this might be a strategic hire. Whether or not it actually happens…well…I doubt it.

    But Suzanne Malveaux??????????????? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. […] As Inside Cable News notes, the last time an MSNBC anchor had discussions with CNN with time on their contract, it didn’t end well. […]

  3. What’s with the sexist crap. How about a Cuomo Don Lemon pairing?

  4. besides, love has its strings.

  5. Is Hall still sleeping with Lawrence “The Forehead” O’Donnell? and has he arranged that punch up with the Romney kid yet?

  6. he’s a lover not a fighter

  7. icemannyr Says:

    Last month Hall was appearing on Today for the 9am hour and in the b-roll footage Today uses when coming back from a break Hall is included in the video. She has more of a change of being a part of the 9am hour of Today then going to CNN.

  8. I think that Ashleigh Banfield should be paired up with Chris Cuomo for the new 6:00AM to 9:00AM show, and I think that Brooke Baldwin should be paired up with John Berman for another new show beginning at 9:00AM to 11:00AM, followed by an expansion of Around The World from 11:00AM to 1:00PM and have it hosted by Michael Holmes and Hala Gorani. I really like Suzanne Malveaux but enjoyed her way more as a White House correspondent and primary Situation Room substitute anchor for Wolf Blitzer.

  9. Suzanne Malveaux? What?

    Brooke could work, certainly, but I’d wonder about Banfield. Wasn’t she already doing mornings with Zoraida and that didn’t go so well? Suppose she meshes better with Cuomo?

  10. If you could fuse Malveaux’s spine so she would sit up straight, she might be okay.

  11. Banfield is way too much Crazy Lady for mornings.

  12. i think the Erin + Cuomo pairing will still happen, now it’s just PR spinning from the Zucker Camp, in order to build up more noise for such timeslot and the channel itself. ps Susanne Malveaux is definitely a BIG NO. she is such a bore, I can’t even bear with her for more than 3 mins, and Brooke Baldwin is just another airhead, who tries way too hard to prove.

  13. Baldwin is NOT an airhead. Gimme a break.

  14. Baldwin is not an airhead.

  15. fitting epitaph.

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