FBN vs. CNBC: Round Two…

Another day, another FBN ad tweaking its Comcast rival…


3 Responses to “FBN vs. CNBC: Round Two…”

  1. Dammit, I forgot to watch the last primetime block on CNBC last night!

    Anyways, what is great about FBN is they have the ticker and bugs on all day, and through the night. A lot of people work crazy hours and even with the advent of the iPhone, the android the iPad, etc, sometimes people want to sit down and watch the set and see the numbers on the lower third. CNBC can’t even do that.

    CNBC has been pleasing the casual crowd and their reality programming is further proof they want to reach people who think Wall Street is boring.

  2. icemannyr Says:

    CNBC is going the way of The Weather Channel with mostly reality shows in primetime.

    FBN is airing rebroadcasts of their evening shows 9pm-1am and some of those shows are more about politics then business though I’d agree it’s better then airing reality shows.

  3. TWC doesn’t use the lower third for the local forecasts during prime time and when “Local on the 8s” appears, its not on the 8s ether. I have to go online to get my forecast, go figure!

    The Dow hit a record high today, one would wish they spent the evening doing a news special…

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