Ugh…How Many Times Do I Have to Explain This?

ValueWalk’s Paul Shea makes an all to common mistake

CNBC viewers may have been confused yesterday as they tuned into the network only to see an ad poking fun at its programming. The ad, taken out by CNBC’s major competitor, Fox Business Network, highlighted a CNBC policy that barred contributors from appearing on CNBC and one of its competitors on the same day.


Ok, one more time…

When someone sees an ad for one network appear on a different network which is a competitor it means it was a local ad placement aired by the operator, not the network. It looks like the network is allowing it on its air but the truth is the network isn’t the one airing the ad.


6 Responses to “Ugh…How Many Times Do I Have to Explain This?”

  1. On that note, I’ve seen CNBC Prime ads on CNN locally for the same reason I imagine.

  2. How does anyone get a job writing about media without knowing this?

  3. wheresthebeef09 Says:

    To be fair, he’s no media analyst; he really just owns a little finance blog which – for some odd reason – publishes a fair amount of Fox Business propaganda (with data straight from FBN…)

  4. ^^^ That is not surprising. FBN loves to pick out little off the beaten path non-traditionally media focused sites to leak to…

  5. ^ just another example of how evil they are.

  6. harry1420 Says:

    how childish. see ailes runs his “news” channels just like a political campaign.

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