Free for All: 03/08/13

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75 Responses to “Free for All: 03/08/13”

  1. No money for sixth-graders to tour the White House as planned?

    Perhaps Obama supporters could volunteer their free service.

    I hear Paul Krugman is good with kids.

  2. savefarris Says:

    So, a classroom full of kids in Iowa is playing the “jilted” card?

    Dollars to donuts that a 2016 hopeful (Jindal? Christie? Ryan?) swoops in and plays Guest Speaker for the day bringing a basketful of Capital Hill goodies as a make-good.

  3. icemannyr Says:

    If you though the santa interview on FOX & Friends was goofy they did it again. Today they had a segment preview showing a person dressed up as “Thomas Jefferson” who as on to bash Obama. 😛

    Checked and the video is not posted.

  4. icemannyr Says:

    I’m not crazy from the cold meds, it actually did happen.

  5. Did Jefferson offer to buy Obama?

  6. icemannyr Says:

    Jefferson did directly bash Obama though it was clear by the actors words he’s not a big fan.

  7. imnotblue Says:

    In what way? I’m not visiting TPM anything… sorry. I’d rather not have those cookies on my computer.

  8. savefarris Says:

    Tonight on The Last Word: Rob Lowe’s sex tape!

    i.e.: There’s no way Lawrence lets this pass unmolested.

  9. LOD does like them young, but I don’t think jailbait?

  10. lonestar77 Says:

    I like how Crazy Larry calls a sitting Senator a psychopath and nobody blinks an eye. I guess the bar for Crazy Larry has been set purty low.

  11. He’s taken about as seriously as a Cable TV host as I am here… and for the same reasons.

  12. icemannyr Says:

    MSNBC can’t find a conservative to fill-in for S. E. Cupp? For two days it’s just the three hosts and they are having the in studio guests sit at the table.

  13. lonestar77 Says:

    Must be the name. Eh, LOD is actually quite mad. You’re fun.

  14. lonestar77 Says:

    Dumb. But, “The View” members tend to be more liberal? Noooooooooo. I suppose the fact that 3/4 of the panel is liberal has no bearing on that. Maybe instead of firing Hasselbeck, they should bring in another righty to replace Behar and even out the panel. Then, maybe they won’t have an all liberal audience.

  15. lonestar77 Says:

    viewers not members.

  16. The Cycle’s viewers have a hard enough time dealing with SE as it is. MSNBC has chosen to treat her as an adult with something to say, instead of a bufoon to be laughed at like The Five does with Beckel. They’re wise to keep the focus on cultivating a liberal audience for her, and not dilute the project with subs the viewers have no reason to invest in.

  17. bushleaguer Says:

    ^^ Beckel is treated as a bit of a buffoon but he doesn’t help matters as he often has his facts wrong (not saying Bolling or Guilfoyle are any better). If they are going to stick with the 4 vs. 1 setup then they should get Alan Colmes or Juan Williams in there….they would offer more grounded, energetic arguments. Half the time it looks like Bolling has to give Beckel a nudge to keep him from falling asleep.

  18. Outsider Says:

    Does anyone remember the stagnant US GDP growth numbers and how they were buried by the media?

  19. Sorry, we we’re too busy noticing the skyrocketing stock market.

  20. Outsider Says:

    Apparently Juan Williams is facing accusations of plagiarism.

  21. Yay, rich getting richer!

  22. Outsider Says:

    The stock market is not exactly the best measure of any economy. In particular, the Dow Jones is not that great as it measures only 30 corporations. The S&P 500 is much better but for some reason no one seems to care about that index. Other indicators such as US inventory numbers and inflation-adjusted income levels are contradicting stocks. Placing the jobs numbers into context, the US isn’t doing amazing.

  23. Outsider Says:

    Not bad but nothing worth celebrating. Your less than stellar economy is hurting ours. If America is in great shape, we Canadians would also see it in our economy.

  24. Always good to hear the rightwing POV of my country from Canada. Who asked you?

  25. Yep, you can cross the border but don’t comment on our blog. What?

  26. It feels weird to me. I wouldn’t jump on a Canadian blog and talk shyte about their country.

  27. imnotblue Says:

    Hey, remember when left-wingers weren’t xenophobic?

    Don’t worry Joe, just pretend it’s the southern boarder, and you’ll be a lot more “interested” in his opinion.

  28. FOX must be desperate these days and I don’t know why. Every night, they’re advertising “special editions” of Hannity and “new revalations” about Obama “exposing” this and that. Tonight, it’s a “special edition” of Hannity “unraveling the truth” about Benghazi and “what really happened” and “what Obama really knew”.

  29. Outsider Says:

    It’s more than a POV. It’s a truth. A weaker US economy ends up hurting its trade partners. It’s not just Canada, the Mexicans for example aren’t doing well or should we say they’re doing even worse. The Mexican example was taken from the WSJ.
    I don’t see how my comment is offensive. I’m not even trashing America. I’m just stating what other economists have said. It’s in between the GOP’s ‘America is screwed’ and the Democrat’s ‘everything is fine because Obama is the lord and saviour’.
    Personally, I wouldn’t have a problem with people criticizing my country. It’s full of faults. We in the West have no problems with criticizing other countries so I don’t see why our countries are exempt.

  30. RE: The Five vs The Cycle.

    Bob Beckel knows why he’s there. He’s not there to offer something productive. None of them are. Gutfield’s so predictable that it’s not even funny… like watching a re-run of Family Guy for the 10,000th time.

    I’ve actually grown to like SE Cupp. At least she’s genuine and has productive stuff to add from time to time.

  31. I’ll take a Canadian with a brain any day. I think they exported STUPID to California.

    “Remi”, Canadian, ay?

  32. I’m half-Canadian, and I STILL wouldn’t talk shyte about Canadian government from this side of the border. It has a “cheap shot” feel to it I find unseemly.

  33. My new laptop is flashing weather from around the world. Mumbai is 92 and “smoke”. I’ve seen sunny, cloudy, and raining. I’ve never seen smoke as a weather condition before.

  34. erich500 Says:

    Can we trade one smart Canadian with class for one not so smart American with no class?

    We’ll throw in a boorish jackass to be named later.

  35. erich500 Says:

    Keep posting, Outsider; you’re welcome here.

    Saying our economy isn’t so stellar is hardly talking down about us. Our economy is shaky at best.

    The other poster tries to bully people all the time. Then he tries to play the “I’m a bad liberal” victim card. Nobody swallows it.

    Don’t let him get to you. Fire away.

  36. That’s Eric, a sorta-liberal who needs approval so he comes to a predominantly rightwing site and plays The Good Liberal Who Gets You. Wuss.

  37. Outsider Says:

    We should move on.
    The Juan Williams story amuses me. Who knew pundits needed researchers to do their work?

  38. Kevin E. Says:

    Its obviously been a couple days since Rand Paul’s filibuster, but up until today, MSNBC’s coverage of his filibuster (and particularly the substance of what was said) has been as close to as shameful as I’ve ever seen. The way they would childishly pick out irrelevant parts of the 13-hour speech, just to pretend that he’s some crazy nut job, was to the same level Fox likes to do Obama’s speeches and comments, taking him out of context to smear his “radical liberal agenda” and whatever right-wing punch lines they like to use.

    In this case, MSNBC just showed their complete disregard for another point of view and played cheerleaders for Team Democrat and even the establishment in general, siding with the likes of John McCain and Lindsey Graham. The state of the media being like this is just ridiculous… And I’m proud to #standwithrand, along with the ACLU, Code Pink, Jon Stewart, John Cusack, Cenk Uygur, etc., some of whom have taken heat from their own side for it. Even many of the liberal guests on MSNBC like Eugene Robinson, EJ Dionne, Ron Reagan, and Ryan Grimm (Huffpost) showed Senator Paul support. So good for all of them.

  39. Kevin E. Says:

    By the way, it should be noted that standing up for the civil liberties of American citizens is a progressive/liberal view, which is why Paul got the outpouring of support from REAL progressives, such as the ones I pointed out. So it’s not just civil libertarians that believe in the safety and rights of US citizens. It’s the establishment who couldn’t give a damn, and they convince their sheep viewers to go along with it.

  40. Erich is right. Outsider is right. Kevin is right. Laura is right. Andy is right.

    Joe is, however, an idiot and a moron.

  41. Y’all be nice. It’s been a long week.

  42. This Rand Paul thing still fascinates me. I think it brought out the best from a group of people who normally agree on little and the worst from just as diverse a group.

  43. Y’all be nice. It’s been a long week.

    It has, and if I don’t let all those “right people” have the last word this mess will never end. So I’ll apologize to Outsider, because my comment about him wasn’t necessary, and to Eric, ’cause that one wasn’t either. With that, I shall go on about my business; stick with Twitter for a while; and leave you all alone. Goodnight, and good luck.

  44. One more thing: Rand Paul served his country this week. I doubt I’ll ever vote for the guy, but I respect what he did.

  45. savefarris Says:

    Sorry, we we’re too busy noticing the skyrocketing stock market.

    Obama really showed those Wall Street fatcats a thing or two!

  46. Outsider Says:

    I accept your apology Joe. You didn’t need to apologize just to let you know. You had an opinion and you have the right to voice it.

  47. I can understand the “unseemly” feeling associated with foreigners coming over here to criticise America, but I simply can’t include Canadians in that… it’s more like having a cousin bee-itching about my sister. Pffft.

    Besides, if North Korea launches an ICBM our way there’s a 50-50 chance that the general who orders US bombers airborne and US attack subs to launch positions before picking up the direct line to POTUS will be a Canadian.

    Joe est un idiot. Tu comprends, Outsider?

  48. Outsider Says:

    Not fluent in French but that’s a bit harsh, Al.
    I think we should really move on from this.
    Regarding the second paragraph, I don’t understand how that will happen. I can see that could happen for airspace because of NORAD but the attack subs I don’t get.

  49. ^ Not harsh at all. I lurked on here earlier today for a few minutes and noticed Joe was in a bit of a tizzy. I didn’t want to smack him during that so waited until he was nice and calm before calling him an idiot… just because I’m a nice guy.

    NORAD has authority to put all US and Canadian defense assets on alert upon detection of an incoming threat, although that model is changing from what I understand. From the Cold War days there was not thought to be sufficient time to filter orders down through CincPac, etc., so the retaliatory response to a nuclear attack was initiated through NORAD.

  50. Wait..Al called me an idiot? IN FRENCH? Eh, that actually makes it better. Plus, he’s a doctor. I trust his diagnosis.

  51. anti joke apple ‏@antijokeapple
    Wanna hear a joke about Potassium? K.

  52. Nothing to fret unless I start calling you names in Latin, eh? Now go back to playing with your tweeter or whatever you said you were going to do. Calm. Relax. Don’t forget to breathe.

  53. I hate that the stoopid potassium joke made me laugh.

  54. She had to explain the joke to me. My consolation is that I heard it first. #SuckItHaters

  55. “Fac meam diem.” – Clintus Estvoodicus

    (Probably spoken in the Forum to an empty chair)

  56. Outsider, calling someone an idiot or moron here somehow has become a term of endearment, though in fact, Joe is both.

  57. epuribus Newman

  58. Elizabeth Hasselbeck is leaving (been fired from) ‘The View”. She would appear to be a perfect fit at FNC. I see her as a panelist on ‘The Five” or even more likely a replacement for the aging Gretchen Carlson on F&F. I can’t see her at CNN or MSNBC in any role other than occasional guest.pundit.

  59. imnotblue Says:

    ^ Is that official, or still just rumors?

  60. confirmed rumor

  61. imnotblue Says:


    Hasselback would made a good addition to FNC, especially in the morning. She’s a morning-show person. Light-hearted, not too terribly involved or informed, but enough for a morning show format.

    Of course, the left will see that as another sign that FNC is biased, and blah blah blah. They equally ignore Joy going to CNN (or MSNBC, if they need another one of the same) as a another sign of the same.

    Oh well.

  62. I wonder if it’s true that she was considered too “extreme” for The View audience. Such delicate flowers, if that’s the case. Too weak for actual conservatives, more like.

  63. “Of course, the left will see that as another sign that FNC is biased,”

    ^^ WTF blue! At wait for someone to say that here before you start whining.

  64. imnotblue Says:

    @ fritz

    Why? Let’s speed things a long for once! I’m a busy man, with lots to do.

  65. With JOY-less departing THE VIEW, the ugly side of the teeter-totter lost balance to the pretty side leaving the old bags on the fulcrum most hideous in comparison. Girl had to go.

  66. But then, Brook Shields as a replacement would shatter my theory. Pretty baby.

  67. Not sure when they started, but CNN’s starting to do some personality IDs. “I’m [name] and this is CNN”

    I’ve seen the Yellin one, heard Burnett earlier today.

  68. Assuming the suits at FNC still hold to the illusion (delusion?) that Fox & Friends is a journalistic production, my guess is that they will pass on hiring Ms. Hasselback as a host to replace Gretchen Carlson because her education and experience fall short of their normal minimums. Even Red Eye producer and repulsive side-kick Bill Schulz holds a journalism degree.

  69. “my guess is that they will pass on hiring Ms. Hasselback as a host to replace Gretchen Carlson because her education and experience fall short of their normal minimums.”

    ^^ LOL!!!

  70. While my comment was certainly smart ass-ity, Fritz, I think it is factual. Aside from Glenn Beck, it appears all of FNC’s hosts and anchors have had have earned some sort of journalism, poli-sci, and/or doctoral degrees. Elisabeth Hasselback holds a BA in fine arts from Boston College.

  71. Damn keyboard.

  72. Mike Huckabee might not have a doctoral degree. I suppose being a former governor and presidential candidate would meet a political science qualification.

  73. @AlbertBrooks
    I called my doctor cause the erection lasted longer than 4 hours but I got the wrong number and now that kid is suing.

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