HLN Goes Off The Jodi Arias Deep End…

HLN announced a M-Th Jodi Arias Trial Show…

HLN After Dark: The Jodi Arias Trial Launches Wednesday at 10 p.m. on HLN

HLN After Dark: The Jodi Arias Trial kicks off Wed, March 13 airing from 10 -11 p.m. (ET). HLN anchor Vinnie Politan and network trial experts Nancy Grace, Jane Velez-Mitchell, Ryan Smith and Dr. Drew Pinsky will argue what they consider the strongest accusations and evidence of the day in the Arias murder trial before 12 members of a live studio audience who will decide the merits of the arguments presented and act as jurors in the case, rendering a verdict each night. In Session on truTV correspondents Jean Casarez and Beth Karas will report the latest courtroom details from Arizona while Joey Jackson, In Session contributor, will provide analysis.

HLN After Dark airs Mon- Thu, 10 -11 p.m. on HLN, re-airing at 1 and 3 a.m. (ET). HLN After Dark will air throughout the duration of the trial.

It’ll probably do well in the ratings. Never underestimate a TV viewing audience’s appetite for “Better you than me TV”…


8 Responses to “HLN Goes Off The Jodi Arias Deep End…”

  1. Let me know when I should stop pounding my head into my desk. It’s wonderful that HLN has found their niche, but man do I hate coverage of these court cases.

  2. Twit to top Tot Mom.

  3. In Session had another trial “Coming Soon” after the Arias trial.

    Why did they run promos given they were going to cut the coverage from 9-11am/ET?

    What really sucks is they can’t do any live trial proceedings in the Arias trial because of the time delay?

    Nice job “TimeWarner”! Maybe you’ll make better profits if you shut down some unneeded channels!

  4. Where can I get tickets to be in the studio audience?

  5. Shame Clarabell The Clown has passed on. Very good at entertaining the Peanut Gallery during dull spots.

  6. Disgusting, a “doctor” (Drew) attempting to throw the case to the prosecution on live TV, advocating the murder of an obviously mentally ill woman in direct violation of the oath he took. Drew and fellow media whores Grace and Mitchell will have their circus “shows” dragged into court by the defense on appeal and eviscerated. Only in America.

    Robert S. Finnegan
    Jakarta, Indonesia

  7. ravengirl57 Says:

    How is she obviously mentally ill? I suspect she would disagree. I do think she is a sociopath or psychopath with narcissist features, but you make her sound like some poor victim.

    Also, as a longtime courts reporter, I’m glad to see an interest in trial coverage. Sure, I don’t agree with what some of the night HLN hosts say, but they sure beat fictionalized shows like CSI and Law and Order. CSI has done more to screw up our jury system than anything else in modern times. Good for you, HLN, give us more.

  8. Nancy Grace is a bully. She invites experts, attorneys and other professionals on her show only to treat them very rudely or demean them or cut them off if they disagree with HER opinion!!!! She should not have a show and her self-serving comments about what she does is unbeliavable.

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