Free for All: 03/12/13

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  1. If you want proof of media bias, ask why David Letterman doesn’t have a running GREAT MOMENTS IN VICE-PRESIDENTIAL HISTORY segment?

  2. A. Letterman has run Biden gaffes. B. He’s a liberal entertainer. Neither of these facts are a secret.

  3. We has a pope.

  4. The graphics on MSNBC right now are really nice.

  5. Black Caucus is protesting black smoke is bad and white smoke is good. Asking to use clear smoke next time.

  6. savefarris Says:

    Oops: the CBSNews web feed accidentally switched to the MWC Tourney.

  7. savefarris Says:

    Wikipedia is fast.

  8. Tamron Hall did a really good job reporting on the election of Pope Francis I. Trivia: Tamron went to Catholic schools.

  9. @donsurber
    Pope elected. Finally, an end to all those negative campaign ads.

  10. Cardinal Visconti, stop lying about my record!

  11. New Pope is against gay marriage.


  12. icemannyr Says:

    After covering the new pope as their first story at 5pm. MSNBC is back to RNC bashing. FNC is back to Obama bashing.

  13. And I’m back to bashing that tour canceling lying twit in our White House:

  14. It only confirms everything that you ever thought or said about liberals, and what they really want. They lie, and they push their agenda incrementally in order to overcome public resistance. So, all this talk of how “paranoid” we are is, as it ever was, bullsh\t.

  15. Betty Nguyen just showed up on MSNBC.

  16. icemannyr Says:

    FNC changed the font the news scroll again. Now it’s a less bold font.

  17. One person is not “liberals”. That’s a bullsh/t argument.

  18. Na, they are all the same. #whateverit takes

  19. Teabaggers…all of ya.

    Doesn’t feel so good, does it?

  20. — one person —
    It’s person after person after person. You are willfully blind.

    And here’s another example of the right-wing media critic, David Zurawik.,0,1552347,full.story

  21. You are a willful puppet of the NRA, a paranoid orginization whose goal is to arm the country against its own government. Enjoy your bunker.

  22. So who’s moving to 8pm?

  23. Ed Schultz moving to weekends 5pm-7pm, tomorrow will be his final weeknight show on MSNBC.

  24. Kevin E. Says:

    Ed has announced he is moving his show to 5-7pm EST on weekends… and his final show will be tomorrow night. Thoughts? And who will replace him at his current hour?

  25. Kevin E. Says:

    Lol I knew some of you fellow cable news junkies would beat me to it! 🙂

  26. Maddow ? of Erza Klein if someone fiery then Matthews or Sharpton or even Bashir?

  27. I don’t know what hour he’ll get, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be Ezra.

    The backstory about Ed will be interesting. Was he pushed, or did he tell Griffin he needed to stay home with his ill wife? I believe he does his radio show from home.

  28. Kevin E. Says:

    Yeah, I’m thinking Ezra, LOD, Maddow Matthews, et al will be involved in the mix of reshaping their lineup. I think it’s a good move. This gives Ed more flexibility to enjoy his days on his radio show, which he seems to enjoy more than his TV show… and he gets to do almost as many hours during the weekend as he does during the week right now. Plus, it leads to the further expansion of MSNBC weekends, something all MSNBC viewers have been waiting for. I don’t think anyone expect Ed to be moved like this, though.

  29. Kevin E. Says:

    Actually, Joe, from what I heard, Ed’s wife has recovered 100% from when she had cancer, but I’m guessing she probably needs some care anyway. Aside from all that, I’m thinking he does want more time with his family still. I think it’s a smart move for Ed himself and for the network. I don’t want to assume that he was pushed out by Griffin, though… but it’s possible.

  30. Maybe a conservative show?

  31. icemannyr Says:

    Far right Mark Levin is on with Hannity with the both of them whining and ranting about Obama and using the usual nasty name calling.
    Do conservatives ever get tired of Hannity’s act?

  32. Do you ever get tired of posting the same inane comment other than varying the guest?

    This was beat to death last night. Could you possibly be more boring?

  33. It beats the usual twaddle about “bunkers” and “paranoia”.

  34. Maybe a conservative show?

    They tried that with Tucker, Rita Cosby, and Monica Crowley. It didn’t work. Conservatives bow to the FNC Mothership, and refuse to watch anything else no matter who is on. MSNBC would be wasting their time – and brand – with another attempt at it.

  35. icemannyr Says:

    My point last night was totally different then tonight. I said Rudy Giuliani instead of going on Hannity to bash Obama every other week should run for public office.

    The format of Hannity’s show is a good example of boring.

  36. Then by all means, keep talking about it.

  37. I never tire of Hannity bashing. I think it’s what brings us all together.

  38. It beats the usual twaddle about “bunkers” and “paranoia”.</I.

    It beats the usual twaddle about "all them bad liberals", too. At least Ice commented on cable news, instead of dragging around for a video on HotAir intended to ignite another endless ideological debate.

  39. Kevin E. Says:

    Hey Larry, I think it’s fair to say that if Fox ever puts a liberal host in its primetime slot, then MSNBC should do the same thing. Until then, don’t expect it or cry bias on them if they don’t.

    Just saying.

  40. The format of the new Ed weekend show seems interesting. At first blush it sounds like a repeat of the Hayes and H-P shows; two hours of long form discussion, but mostly on on labor issues. But Ed says there will be a lot more location and out of the studio programing, like the stuff he did in Wisconsin last year. It will be interesting to see how that works if it actually happens.

    I also wonder how long before we know if this move was Ed’s choice or if he was pushed to weekends? At the moment I have no real idea but there were rumors a week or so ago he was on his way out to make room for Ezra Klein.

    I suppose Klein is the obvious choice as replacement. His delivery has improved greatly in the last few months and he’s even tried out his own named segments when guest hosting recently – the two minute explanation bit.

    Next in line for a show at MSNBC should be Joy Reid. She even has a new, and much more flattering, hairdo of late. She’d look good replacing Martin Bashir, Al Sharpton or one of Chris Matthews hours.

  41. It’s a video that point out the obvious agenda on gun control, instead of all the sweetness and light about high-capacity magazines, background-checks, et al. Seeing as how this IS Free For All, and no one is forcing you to respond predictably, it seemed like fair game.

  42. Ooh, a liberal in Fox primetime. They used to have one, but decided that one-note Hannity would be so much better.

  43. it seemed like fair game.

    Oops, you were wrong. Appropos of nothing – seeing as how even the mildest of gun restrictions are headed down the tubes in Congress – you decided to post some blather about The Liberal Agenda. Congratulations.

  44. All these discussions about what the new pope will do in the future sound a lot like the discussions that take place after a new SCOTUS judge is appointed. No one knows for sure as they are appointed for life and can thus do whatever they want no matter how crazy.

  45. It’s weird how political the discussions seem, and then it’s weird how political they really aren’t. Like, most of the pontificators (an interesting word, in this instance) seem to understand that the church is what it is, and there really won’t be any significant changes.

  46. I loved watching libs admonish the pope to “evolve” and “modernize” on social issues like same-sex marriage. So you’re not conservative and don’t follow the religion, but you want it to change to your way of thinking. Uhh, that’s called “making a new religion”. Good luck with that.

  47. Just to take that bait for a moment, it seems to me that celibacy in the priesthood is the only issue that could possibly change, in the next thousand-or-so years. Even that seems fairly remote.

  48. Kevin E. Says:

    From the TVNewser article about who will replace Ed’s timeslot:

    MSNBC plans to announce the new host during the NBC News Group upfront presentation in New York tomorrow.

    I’m very excited to see who they choose.

  49. Celibacy isn’t’s a creation of the church itself. I can see them eventually backing off of certain church doctrines they’ve invented for themselves. Although “pope” probably isn’t going anywhere…

  50. “Celibacy isn’t’s a creation of the church itself”

    and based in financial needs of the Church. In the days when owning property meant everything: income, rights, authority… having priests concerned about leaving it to heirs, disappears if you don’t let them marry.

    Don’t expect any change in my lifetime. Hmm, not saying much.

  51. “Hey Larry, I think it’s fair to say that if Fox ever puts a liberal host in its primetime slot, then MSNBC should do the same thing”

    If FNC disappeared how would MSNBC know how to behave? If FOX jumps off a bridge, then that obviously sets the example for the world standards, pro or anti bridge jumping.

  52. My perfectly ridiculous theory is that to the extent that you have g-y priests, it makes perfect sense. If you’re Catholic, and you grow up thinking that being g-y is the ultimate sin, what better way is there to buy absolution than to become a priest? There may be a romantic notion of giving up life’s pleasures for God, which is in some way enhanced by giving up the Bad Thing. Eh, it’s something I think about.

  53. “seeing as how even the mildest of gun restrictions are headed down the tubes in Congress”

    as I predicted months ago, some people here were so pumped up with expectations, I was ignored.

    Na Na … Na… Na Na!

  54. Just because I had high hopes against that bastard LaPierre doesn’t mean I shouldn’t ignore you.

  55. I read All the President’s Men twice as a kid. I’ve seen the movie at least a dozen times. This article is depressing.

  56. Bob crossed the wrong guy. Your only a hero as long as you go after the right guys.

  57. Read the article. Woodstein made up a lot of crap, and people have been reporting on it for decades. I didn’t know that.

  58. You didn’t know it for the reason I gave, idiot.

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