Free for All: 03/13/13

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28 Responses to “Free for All: 03/13/13”

  1. The Fox channels did some tweaks in their gfx:

    FBN must had changed their lower thirds on Monday to a condensed Helvetica and it looks like its a thicker boldface type. I suppose this enables them to add more words than a lower third can handle?

    I also noticed the crawl on FNC changed the font, the crawl runs a little faster from what I noticed but the font is a little hard to read, esp on a 9″ office/newsroom grade set.

  2. Looks like it’s Chris Hayes to MSNBC primetime

  3. savefarris Says:

    “Down with Chris Hayes”?

    Great hire by the boys at 30 Rock: MSNBC’s lineup definitely needed more smarm.

  4. imnotblue Says:

    Someone start the countdown clock (slight pun), to see how long it is before he tries to feud with O’Reilly, and “punch up” to improve his ratings.

    I bet, day one.

    On the plus side, two hours of Liberal hipsters?! What’s not to love…

    …about having hundreds of other channels to watch.

  5. I just feel like stirring the pot on this one, again. I’ll preface by saying that I have no reason to think it’s untrue, full stop. I will then add that it’s interesting that we’re only hearing this now, after he challenges a Democratic Administration.

    The subject of ”media myths” seems vaguely related, so here’s this.

  6. Only the willing suspension of disbelief would allow a challenge to your conclusion.

    In other issues, I seem to have a God particle stuck between my teeth.

  7. “Barackus Obamus the First”

    Does Hannity ever get tired of the name calling?

  8. imnotblue Says:

    At least that’s less juvenile than things Mark Levin says.


    I know there is a market for that stuff (on the left and right), but it’s so lowest common denominator.

  9. Yep. It irritated me when Olbermann did it, it irritated me when Big Ed did it. The blatant disrespect goes nowhere with me. And then people on the right demand that people like me respect Hannity and his opinions. Yeah, I lose respect for someone’s opinion when they come right out with such blatant disrespect towards anyone sitting in office. President Obama is still the President whether Hannity likes it or not.

  10. icemannyr Says:

    That’s all Hannity has is the childish name calling since Romney lost the election and makes my point about Maddow vs Hannity in show formats.

    While you might find her segments a bit long and boring Maddow can make her point without having to use childish names for conservatives and being nasty to her guests if the happen to be from the republican party.

    That’s why I’ve been asking the question, for how long is Hannity going to keep viewers doing the same show with the same guests over and over again?

  11. I don’t demand anyone respect Hannitty and his opinions. Free country; respect what you want. Just don’t be an ass.

  12. “That’s why I’ve been asking the question, for how long is Hannity going to keep viewers doing the same show with the same guests over and over again”

    Let me provide the answer: as long as fools watch in large numbers… one of which is you.

  13. icemannyr Says:

    I don’t watch Hannity all the time and when I do it’s for the comedy.

    How long before Beckel walks off the set of The Five?

  14. icemannyr Says:

    Can anyone at CNN turn the lights up in the D.C. studio? The lighting on Wolf is darker then the desk lighting for The Weather Channel’s studio and it takes a lot to have worse lighting then TWC.

  15. The funny thing is, the only people here who regularly watch Hannity are a couple liberals. Stick with Rachel, boys.

  16. More pathetic than funny. God, read a blog or something.

  17. Hannity had XXXX on again and all they could do was call YYY names and complain about ZZZ. When will wingnuts tire of this!

  18. Outsider Says:

    FNC’s ticker was dreadfully slow so it’s nice to see it moving a little bit faster. Now they need to shrink the thing.

  19. imnotblue Says:

    And to answer the question over all the “we shall see” folks, who yesterday said Big Ed’s Big Get was a Big Deal… to the ratings!

    O’Reilly: 466
    EdShow: 303
    Cooper: 245
    Grace: 302

    O’Reilly: 2.964
    EdShow: 1.333
    Cooper: 800
    Grace: 957

    For comparison, here’s Tuesday:

    O’Reilly: 510
    EdShow: 195
    Cooper: 170
    Grace: 136

    O’Reilly: 2.862
    EdShow: 809
    Cooper: 658
    Grace: 494

    Summary is… Ed bumped compared to the day before. O’Reilly stayed more or less the same. Cooper went up, and Grace was way up.

    So what have we learned? Well… not much of anything, I suppose.

    Alright, good talk.

  20. icemannyr Says:

    Is Lawrence O’Donnell no longer doing a live show?
    Noticed this week his shows are not live and taped earlier.

  21. icemannyr Says:

    Liz Claman ‏@LizClaman
    I’m LIVE 2morrow all day @Penthouse 3D Studios in CA, FoxBiz EXCLSV w/top execs& porn star @JamesDeen $

  22. Interesting. Watching F1 on NBC and they’re broadcasting from the old MSNBC Secaucus HQ…. in the main area no less.

  23. Nancy Grace’s ratings are up because of the latest useless trial.

  24. icemannyr Says:

    The old MSNBC HQ is the studios for MLB Network.

  25. I believe MLB Network is NBC owned now. Either way, it’s being used by NBC for Formula One racing coverage.

  26. I thought NewsCorp/Fox had some ownership or content relationship with the MLB Network. The graphics have a Fox Sports resemblance.

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