What’s Hot/What’s Not: 03/17/13

What’s Hot:

Conclave 2013 – It dominated the first half of the week…

Ed Schultz Out, Chris Hayes In – Schultz wanted a lighter schedule…he got it. Hayes now has to show that his winning weekend style will transfer the the most bombastic primetime hour on cable news.

What’s Not:

HLN and Jodi Arias – Yes it’s doing ratings gold but it’s such a shameless ratings ploy…

CPAC 2013 – Four years from the next Presidential election all eyes turned to CPAC. Um, why other than because cable news is hooked on politics the way a junkie is hooked on crack?


9 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 03/17/13”

  1. A brilliant analysis by Spud. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  2. CPAC: Romney, Palin, Trump, Santorum, LaPierre. If I were a conservative, I’d be embarrassed by that gaggle of idiots and has-beens.

  3. If you were a conservative I’d become an anarchist.

  4. icemannyr Says:

    Joe, also Ann Counter & Brent Bozell. 😛

  5. Coulter is all over the place these days. Laura tells me she doesn’t like Rubio. I’ll bet the CPAC crowd is thrilled..

  6. “HLN and Jodi Arias – Yes it’s doing ratings gold but it’s such a shameless ratings ploy…”

    ^^The real shameless part comes when, at the end of the quarter, CNN brags about its great ratings but doesn’t tell us it’s because they were showing crime porn.

  7. lonestar77 Says:

    The media covers CPAC because it gives them the opportunity to simultaneously bash conservatives while getting leg thrills over supposed divisions. They don’t give much coverage to the netroots because they have no interest in mocking them.

  8. and it is the prime function of his minions to shield the true aims of the Devil.

  9. imnotblue Says:

    Hey… there was a lot of coverage at the MoveOn conference.

    Exposes on what MoveOn stands for, their supporters, their viewers/readers, etc. And at the end, we all realized that mainstream politicians shouldn’t associate themselves with them.

    /world I wish existed

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