Free for All: 03/21/13

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63 Responses to “Free for All: 03/21/13”

  1. Daily Rundown is doing its own March Madness brackets to determine the most consequential Senator in history. Now that’s wonky! 🙂

  2. Would have to be Daniel Webster. Even the Devil would concur.

  3. Big Sis still stonewalling why DHS has purchased over 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition over the past year – enough to wage a 20 year plus war. Earlier this month, Forbes Magazine called for a “national conversation” on the matter.

  4. savefarris Says:

    Just read the “fact check” of Michelle Bachman yesterday, which gave her 4 pinocchios for … quoting a book acurately. Nope, no media bias there!!!

  5. icemannyr Says:

    “‘Amazing Race’ episode set in Hanoi sparks outrage over use of B-52 as prop, communist song”

    This was discussed on The Five Wednesday and Bob Beckel was outraged by CBS allowing this to happen. He also appeared on America Live and they are going to discuss it again today.

    CBS has yet to comment.

  6. imnotblue Says:

    I’ve been thinking about what Joe was saying yesterday, about it being impossible for the government to use the military to attack citizens.

    After after a lot of soul searching, I can’t think of a single time when that’s actually happened.

    Except for Kent State.

    So yeah. I guess there’s that.

  7. President Grant sent millitary into the South during Reconstruction. Military sent into Kentucky during the Lincoln County coal mine strike. Military used against WW I “bonus marchers” protest camp. Indians might have faired better had they had 2nd Amendment rights.

  8. savefarris Says:

    I’ve been thinking about what Joe was saying yesterday, about it being impossible for the government to use the military to attack citizens.

    Japanese Americans in 1942 thought it was impossible too.

  9. Looks like Ari Melber is getting Kornacki’s open spot on “The Cycle”. I think he’ll probably have his own named segment like the rest of them (i.e. Per S.E.).

  10. savefarris Says:

    TAR is my favorite non-blue-crystal-meth-in-Alberquerqe TV show on the air right now. So I have a few notes:

    1. The downed B-52 didn’t strike me as THAT offensive. It was just an easily distinguishable landmark in the city and there was no rumination about how it got there or “what it all means”.And you wouldn’t have known what it was unless Phil hadn’t introduced it as such.

    2. The song wasn’t about communism, it was socialism. But yeah, it was pretty offensive.

  11. What’s offense is the shirt I just got from Lands End has a tag “MADE IN VIETNAM”.
    Who won that war anyway?

  12. Ah, the songs of world socialism. You youngsters probably don’t know the words of the international labor union hymn:

    Need to get your MSNBC songbook:
    PO BOX 666
    Boston Mas 02134

  13. In case I wasn’t clear the first 500 times, demanding unlimited access to the biggest gun you can get in preparation for war against the government is crazy-person-in-the-woods lunacy.

  14. savefarris Says:

    Before 9/11, asking people take their shoes off in airports was crazy-person-in-the-woods lunacy.

    Before Katrina, stocking up months of supplies was crazy-person-in-the-woods lunacy.

  15. ^ People planning to shoot American soldiers. #lunatics

  16. “Who won that war anyway?”

    ^^Ehhh! North Vietnam last time I checked. Get out much Larry? 🙂

  17. Leave it to Fritz to miss anything remotely subtle.

  18. Big Brother arises not as the creation of a conservative government but a liberal one. Hardly a surprise to conservatives.

  19. imnotblue Says:

    You shouldn’t get the biggest gun you can to defend yourself from the government or anyone else.

    You should only get a medium gun.

    Moderation, folks.

    *rolls eyes*

  20. Krystal Ball ended today’s Cycle with an excellent commentary about some in the media feeling sorry for the two Steubenville rapists. She was horrified and angry and it was probably the first time I’ve agreed with her.

  21. You shouldn’t get the biggest gun you can to defend yourself from the government or anyone else.

    No, you can have all the damn shotguns and pistols you want. Stop babbling about weapons you can out-duel the military with, you militia freaks.

  22. savefarris Says:

    ^ people planning to get shot by American solders (or anyone for that matter) #lunaticier

  23. It’s the zombies.

  24. imnotblue Says:

    No, I think you make a good point, Joe.

    Its why I only keep a pocket knife in the kitchen. And don’t own a blender.

    Moderation is key.

  25. If have a gun for protection, I want the badass one. The 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with duck hunting. The Joes of the day would been against rifled barrel weapons the British Army had for citizens and left the Coninental Minutemen with smooth bores. Then he would have kissed King George’s ring.

  26. And the liberals can take their assault weapons ban and stick it where the sun don’t rise.

  27. icemannyr Says:

    According J$’s blog Jesse Watters is guest-anchoring on “Fox & Friends Weekend” this weekend.
    That’s the best they can do? A guy who pretends to be a Republican Obama hater and goes harassing people who won’t go on Bill’s show. Meh.

  28. “Jesse Watters is guest-anchoring on “Fox & Friends Weekend” this weekend.”

    ^^ Obviously, just like MSNBC, they want to promote there smartest young rising stars – or – Peter Doocy wasn’t available. 😉

  29. Jesus Christ. But yeah, single-payer would have been SO much better.

  30. And if that isn’t enough,having insurance is not the same as having healthcare. Not if you can’t get any. Joe, this is what you liberals bring!

  31. imnotblue Says:

    Now that’s a good point…

  32. He betrayed his wife and church by screwing around, he raised a crook for a son, he is a bigoted anti-semite, he uses race as a blackmail tool for extortion, but black sheep still follow their corrupt shepard

  33. savefarris Says:

    ^that’ll end well.

  34. Outsider Says:

    I’m a regular viewer of The Amazing Race and I found the propaganda hilarious especially if you see the contrast between the words and reality. The bomber on the other hand, I didn’t even realize what that was related to. If The Five wants a team to speak out on the matter, they should get the Rush Limbaugh fan team to do. I would like to see how they would respond.
    The Amazing Race is a show that’s starting to show its age so is it wise to not address the controversy? I would like to see the ratings for this upcoming Sunday’s episode.

  35. icemannyr Says:

    It’s sad that Hannity panders to racists like Pamela Geller.
    She’s a guest tonight on special audience show about how bad Obama is.

  36. and we are so sad to see you sad every week night at 9:00 PM because you sadly can’t change the channel from the sad show.

    sad face

  37. icemannyr Says:

    If CNN or MSNBC had a liberal guest equal to Pamela Geller, a racist who hates Muslims, FNC would rant about it and Hannity would call it liberal hate speech.
    Because she hates Muslims as Hannity does she gets a pass for her hate speech.
    FNC should distance themselves from people like Pamela Geller.

  38. Obama got standing ovations in Israel yesterday, so Hannity brings on Geller to call POTUS an anti-Semite. That’s nice.

  39. Is Geller related to the guy who could bend spoons, I wonder?

    Obama had a pretty good trip, all things considered. If you can’t give the guy credit where it’s merited, your criticism loses credibility.

  40. savefarris Says:

    If CNN or MSNBC had a liberal guest equal to Pamela Geller,

    iceman clearly is busy at 6E/5C… #resistwemuch

  41. Dyson hates white people. Though he does subscribe to their Readers Digest so he has a big word of the day available.

  42. I remember years ago on a weekend Hannity show Geller actually called the president an anti-Semite (which I noted with shock here). Like it was no big deal. The American president hates Jews. That’s sick.

  43. imnotblue Says:

    And how many Liberals proudly called Bush a racist, and said he hated Black people?

    How many currently say that about almost all Republicans?

  44. There is and has long been a sector of the liberal side who will conjure-up a race allegation every chance they get in order to further their agenda. It is despicable and all fair-minded Americans should shun these creeps.

    Any on the conservative side who make these despicable false allegations should be equally shunned.

  45. icemannyr Says:

    SF, I know all about the old Al Sharpton who incited race riots in NYC. It’s a joke that he is a host on MSNBC.

    Let me clarify though I said liberal I was not talking about politics in my previous comment.
    I’m saying if CNN or MSNBC had a regular guest on attacking an ethnic group and religion as Pamela Geller does with Muslims and Islam that FNC would be offended and outraged.

  46. Black activists are idiots and morons and are willing to show it at the drop of a racist charge:

    If only they would police their offspring with such vigor.

  47. Larry,

    Last week, I went to CPAC and fired up the crowd with a simple message for Joe Biden and every other out-of-touch elitist who wants to take away our freedoms:

    “You keep your advice. We’ll keep our guns!!!”

    The mainstream media is giving unlimited air time to the gun ban lobby. Billionaires like Michael Bloomberg and George Soros are dipping deep into their personal fortunes to pound the airwaves with vicious attacks against you, me, and our Second Amendment rights.

    We need to counter them with the power of our NRA grassroots activism!

    Thank you in advance for helping me. With your help, I know we can win this fight!

    Wayne LaPierre

  48. icemannyr Says:

    To be fair CNN had Pamela Geller on this AM for a segment on Geller’s anti Islam billboard ads in CA.
    The difference is unlike on Hannity’s show there was another woman on Linda Sarsour representing the Arab-American community.

  49. Only half sad.

  50. imnotblue Says:

    “Boo Geller” for being anti-Islam.

    “Hooray MSNBC” for being anti-Mormon.

    Or something.

  51. I’m anti-Islamic terrorists, as well as the non-Islamic ones. Calling POTUS an anti-Semite is obscene.

  52. The only Muslim I know is on our HS wrestling team and the only thing I know that he has blown up is my birdbath last New Year’s Eve with a mother of all firecrackers. Still haven’t forgiven him.

  53. It’s a shame so many people hate Muslims solely because of 9/11. We had a Muslim family living on our street right after those attacks and they were crying just as much as the next person was that day.

    As for Geller, it’s part of FOX’s narrative. They just posted a promo on Facebook about how Pirro’s fired up that we’re giving aid to Muslims when all they want to do is kill Americans — and it’s followed up with dozens of comments about how Muslims hate Americans.

    This is a typical tactic of racists and those who are intolerant – get YOU to hate another group by saying they hate you and want to kill you.

  54. “Aid to Egypt” is the Fox meme this week..Hannity was blathering about it a couple days ago. Apparently they’ve never heard of the 1979 peace agreement. Idiots.

  55. We should not give them aid until they start the tours back up of the White House, er, pyramids.

  56. Too bad the Florida neighborhood watch guy wasn’t around for this one:

  57. ^ I see stupid comments.

  58. ^ I spy with my little eye something that begins with “i” and “m”.

  59. imnotblue Says:

    “This is a typical tactic of racists and those who are intolerant – get YOU to hate another group by saying they hate you and want to kill you.”

    Kinda liker how Liberals want to paint all Republicans and any criticism of the President as “racist?” How Democrats have no problem telling everyone how much Republicans “hate them?”

    Kinda ironic… coming from you.

  60. icemannyr Says:

    Blue, liberals calling republicans racist is a bit different then what Geller is doing.

    Pamela Geller is a bigot and waging a war on Islam.
    Chris Matthews is not buying billboards bashing Republicans as Geller is doing to Muslims and Islam.

  61. imnotblue Says:

    Are you really saying a billboard is more influential than a cable news, and broadcast news program?

    Well, it is on MS/NBC… so maybe you’re not completely wrong.

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