What’s Hot/What’s Not: 03/24/13

What’s Hot:

Presenting Jake Tapper – The Lead debuted this week. Ratings have been meh…but it’s really early days…

Steve Kornacki – Kornacki gets the Up gig…

Peeling back the veil? Hell, let’s torch it! – Off topic but…this is the best insidery piece I’ve read since Gabriel Sherman’s cable news opus two years ago. Simply stunning…

What’s Not:

Roland Martin Out at CNN – Um…when do we start seeing the new breed of CNN analysts that need to come to replace all those who are getting let go?

The New Face of CNN? – Tapper can’t be thrilled with the target Jeff Zucker just hung on his back…


12 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 03/24/13”

  1. That Today show piece is fascinating, as was the Matt Lauer “it’s not my fault” opus in The Daily Beast a few weeks ago. I never thought Today could screw up a transition as bad as the Pauley/Norville debacle, but at least that one didn’t include the male host looking like the bad guy.

    Lauer’s days are numbered, and he’s going to end up being remembered as fondly as Bryant Gumbel. Not good.

  2. dvschase Says:

    when do we start seeing the new breed of CNN analysts that need to come to replace all those who are getting let go?

    I hope we never see them. What do they add? Who is ever shocked by what these “analysts” opine? I could tell you their opinion before they open their mouth. How about an anchor interviewing a reporter that is working the story rather than a red or blue rah rah rant about every story.

  3. Do consumers of morning television really like Savannah Guthrie? Yikes! She may be very book smart, but to me she just doesn’t seem very common sense smart. And yes, Matt, you looked like an a** during the Ann Curry debacle, even if it wasn’t your fault completely. But as they say, that’s why you get the big bucks! The behind the scenes folks don’t make $25 million to make the show work – you do!

    And another yikes! Bring on Ryan Seacrest? He would be even worse than either Ann Curry was or Savannah Guthrie is! At least both of those women had done some serious reporting in their past and could handle a serious subject. Can you imagine Ryan Seacrest handling the ending of the war in Afghanistan or a debate about the pros and cons of Obamacare?

    Who are these people in charge at NBC that they even had that misguided thought?

    Al least Willie Geist has done serious and fun on Morning Joe. He may lean left but IMO he had been less strident about his leftness than others. Maybe because I started out liking his dad I have a soft spot for Willie!

    Bring on the change at the Today Show!

  4. Ann Curry’s final appearance on Today was more subtle at poisoning the well than Louis Rukeyser’s on Wall Street Week, but just as effective.

  5. Oooohhh….look at Larry…sneaking in an obscure loony Louie reference…very suave

  6. I take it he isn’t interested in my knowledge of obscure definitions of “spud”.

  7. When Willie Geist started on Tucker Carlson’s show, he told him he voted for Pat Buchanan. He’s not a liberal.

  8. ^ well, that might have been a joke, but it strikes me that Willie has tried to remain apolitical on air.

  9. Gee joe: do you ever change your politics as you go through life? Just because he “said” he voted for Buchanan does that mean he has always voted for a conservative? I think not. I truly believe people and their political views change over time and I believe in watching Willie on MJ is he a liberal just not a crazy, Daily Kos kind of liberal.

    I voted for Bill Clinton once, too and since then have tried with much more diligence to figure out where people stand on issues and how they behave in their personal lives because I do believe that behavior when no one is “watching” is a part of someone’s true character.

  10. Gee, Pam, I didn’t base my presumption of Geist’s politics solely on the Buchanan comment. I’m a liberal, and I have seen no evidence on air that Willie shares my views. He strikes me as a moderate Republican.

  11. imnotblue Says:

    Do you see any evidence of that, or just assume that because you don’t “see any evidence” of him being a Liberal (by the way you define it), he’s a Republican?

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