1. Two Emmy Award winners. What’s not to like 🙂

  2. Should we say WTF? or OMG?

    I guess, she loves g*ys, he is g*y, It’s a match made in heaven!

  3. CNN is going for the gross out factor? Alrighty then LOL!

  4. I wish Phil Griffin luck with his “branding” of MSNBC in the coming years, because it’s clear I’m never going to be a loyal CNN viewer again.

  5. It’s the ratings, stupid.

  6. Why?.For the love of god, why?.

  7. savefarris Says:

    Its official: zucker’s a double agent sent to bring them down from the inside.

  8. please let this be CNN just be doing April Fool’s jokes

  9. At least this doesn’t mean it will happen. There’s bound to be pilots of worse ideas out there, right? Right?

  10. Doubt pilot would have been made without Zucker’s blessing. At the least it shows his openness to the possibilities.

  11. Great. Zucker wants Andersen Cooper to be the giggling face of CNN.

  12. I miss Aaron Brown.

  13. This would maybe been an edgy decision maybe 13 years ago. In the year 2013 not so much. This isn’t cutting edge. Zucker is looking for filler- fluff? What is Rita Cosby doing?

  14. The only one on CNN that was more pretentious than Aaron Brown was Frank Sesno.

  15. Perhaps on second thought, a Hail Mary might be in order:

    The Lead With Jake Tapper hit a new low in the key 25-54 demo on March 27.

    Viewers for 3/27 4-5 PM/ET

    Your World with Neil Cavuto – 1,222,000 total viewers (199,000 in demo)

    Martin Bashir – 383,000 total viewers (124,000 in demo)

    Lead With Jake Tapper – 318,000 total viewers, (61,000 in demo)

    (Bashir? gag)

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