How Damaged Is Erin Burnett At CNN Now?

Well, Jeff Zucker got his morning team. Though CNN is hyping the new morning team and its chemistry it’s common knowledge that Bolduan wasn’t Zucker’s first choice. It was Erin Burnett. If Burnett’s team hadn’t made a mess of the negotiations which got very public and very ugly, I have no doubt Bolduan would still be in Washington. I actually believe that CNN’s morning show will be better off with Bolduan because she isn’t a name and that will help tamp down the expectations game whereas a Cuomo – Burnett pairing would have raised the stakes. The stakes are already high enough because of all the pre-pre-launch hype the preparations have been getting…something CNN really needs to dial back on if they want to give the show a fighting chance.

So now Bolduan will be in New York and Erin Burnett will stay where she is. For the moment. But you have to wonder just how damaged Burnett is at CNN after her team not only said no but to Jeff Zucker but said no via the proxy of making the negotiation process unbearably difficult? Team Burnett thought it had leverage and it blew up in their face. Now they only have 7pm which is not untouchable given OutFront’s ratings. Plus they pissed off their boss. Yes, CNN is probably better off because they wound up looking elsewhere but the process had to have left a very bad taste in Zucker’s mouth. So the question needs to be asked: just how secure is Erin Burnett at CNN now? How much damage has been self-inflicted? Are there any burned bridges? The answers to those questions will determine Burnett’s future at CNN almost as much as her show’s ratings…


10 Responses to “How Damaged Is Erin Burnett At CNN Now?”

  1. That makes Zucker sound too much like a vindictive twit. Though sometimes emotional per the Bill Carter book, Zucker has a real appreciation of talent. Don’t for him to toss the better babies out with the CNN bath water. He is a experienced executive who has been through negotiations making Erin’s look tame.

  2. Look at all the people whose careers were destroyed by hosting the CNN morning show. Erin was smart not to agree to it.

  3. We’ll all know what impact this has on Erin at the time her contract expires.Until then she’s safe in her 7pm slot.

    My take on this is that Erin needs to look long and hard at her representation.CNN needs to have issues with them instead of her specifically.We don’t really know to what degree she signed off on all this especially when it was handled so poorly by her reps.

    All that said,I suspect that if Erin stays at CNN after this contract,her show at 7 well might not survive,and she’ll find herself being the next Ali Velshi or Christine Romans there falling back on her business background which was a big part of the talk when she was hired.

    I also think if CNN and/or Erin and her people can’t work it out she can find a place elsewhere.

    Oh and if Kate is going to NYC that means both Kate AND Erin will be in NYC not just Kate as the article somewhat implies.Erin isn’t in Atlanta.

  4. bushleaguer Says:

    Burnett will be as damaged as the ratings for her show…..that is, as long as Out Front are pulling in good ratings Zucker probably won’t give it much thought. That said, the show will probably languish in 3rd place and Zucker will probably make a move in a year or so based on that and not because she didn’t want to move to the A.M.

  5. I was starting to warm up to OutFront a while back, but the Zucker tabloid hand is destroying what little hope it had. There’s way too many lurid crime stories with 911 calls lately. I’ve stopped switching over to see what Erin’s working on.

  6. harry1420 Says:

    Hey make news and information the star and folks wont give a hoot who delivers it. PERIOD!

  7. There’s no way in hell Erin keeps 7 after her contract expires. She’ll either leave the network or move to dayside or late night.
    Zucker wants to make CNN competitive, and it sure can’t do that with a weak lead at 7. He intended to give her an option to stay and try something new, something that’s also more adequate for her bumbling personality, though granted, probably a train wreck in its own right.
    My guess is Zucker is concentrating in morning and dayside now and primetime changes will come by the end of the year and/or 2014. Primetime needs a major overhaul. Erin, Anderson, Piers and Anderson replay do not work. Erin at 11 is more competitive and outperforms 7 most days, but if Piers moves to late night as some were saying earlier this year, it would leave Erin with dayside as her only chance at CNN.
    BTW, I actually believe Anderson has to leave the network. He’ll be the real “face of the network” for as long as he stays. CNN won’t be able to successfully revamp with such a burden.

  8. Erin is my favorite TV personality. I don’t think management knows how to harness her talent. She may not even know how. Personally, I think she’d be wise to return to CNBC. Maybe pair her with Ali Belshi and start a new finance netowork.

  9. Who cares. It’s programmed programming anyway. Spin City at its best. If I want accuracy, I’ll look it up myself.

  10. Fire Zucker and bring my girl back to 11PM.

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