Chirp, Chirp…

The Hollywood Reporter’s Paul Bond writes about conservative protests at Comcast’s shareholder meeting…

Inside the venue, the first question came from Tom Borelli, an activist shareholder who helped spread the word to conservatives that MSNBC would be targeted at the meeting. Borelli tried to make the case that conservatives were ditching Comcast’s cable service “because of the overwhelmingly biased and misleading coverage by MSNBC.”

“If you sit back and think about it,” said Borelli, “why would a conservative person in any state want their money to go pay for Al Sharpton’s salary? Have you contemplated the damage that MSNBC and its biased coverage is doing to the overall Comcast business?”

Roberts didn’t buy the premise, given all of the distributors – Time Warner Cable, Dish Network, DirecTV, Verizon, AT&T – that carry MSNBC.

“Ultimately, I think, giving diversity of voices has been what cable has stood for all these years, whether it’s one side or another, so I don’t think in the long run it will change the trajectory of Comcast cable,” Roberts said.

Borelli countered that internal polls at FreedomWorks, a Tea Party organization he’s affiliated with, suggests 50 percent of conservatives would consider dropping Comcast services due to its ownership of MSNBC.

Roberts, though, noted that churn at Comcast is better than it is at competing cable and satellite TV services.

“Conservatives may abandon your business. That doesn’t make sense to you to test that possibility?” Borelli asked over an objection from a different Comcast executive that his question was turning into a debate.

“We appreciate the comment. All the management’s here. We heard your point. Thank you very much,” Roberts said.


10 Responses to “Chirp, Chirp…”

  1. Names were taken and the Obama IRS notified.

  2. imnotblue Says:

    While the point about Sharpton’s salary is right… as a whole:


    Is all I hear.

  3. savefarris Says:

    The most effective way to initiate a change in direction is to simply not tune in.

    Somewhere, Ed Schultz is laughing his a^^ off.

  4. It’s a silly game. This Borelli character raises The Righteous Flag Of Conservatism against The Evil Comcast, then uses his circus act for donations. Everybody wins.

  5. Grandpa Dave Says:

    It’s a silly little game that’s played at all shareholders meetings. Pointless, but something that has to be put up with.

  6. I will have you people know that Comcast is no longer on my shopping list. It wouldn’t fit in my trunk, anyway.

  7. I have Comcast and I like it. FWIW, CNN and FNC are next to each other and in a good spot on the channel line-up. MSNBC, on the other hand, is way down amongst the odd-ball channels… right before the Polka music channel, I think.

  8. I want a Polka Channel, and not the pay-per-view kind.

  9. I have Comcast, I’m on MSNBC…no Polka Channel nearby. So disappointing.

  10. Everybody needs a little Polka, amirite?

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