Pondering Al Jazeera America…

The Daily Beast’s Christopher Dickey pens an article that is as much, if not more, about Qatar as it is about Al Jazeera…(via TVNewser)

When Bishara, the host of Empire, talks about working for Al Jazeera English, he doesn’t really talk about Qatar. “The thing is the experience,” he says. “That one can move from one experience to another, one nationality to another, one language to another, continent to another—that is the experience of the last several years, and that is the thing I value about Al Jazeera. We live in our own multilingual, multipolitics world. And I hope that it will be the same at Al Jazeera America.” That could be the future of Qatar.

The incident with Professor Massad’s anti-Semitism essay does not bode well, and it’s not encouraging to think that if it had been published on the Al Jazeera Arabic website, nobody would have blinked an eye because so much is published there that is so much more extreme. But Al Jazeera America can do better than that, and very probably will, if it ever starts broadcasting.

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3 Responses to “Pondering Al Jazeera America…”

  1. Outsider Says:

    “Our challenge is to put America back in television: the America that’s between New York and Los Angeles. Right now I don’t see those Americans on television. I see elites. I see comedians. I see pundits. I see politicians”
    If AJE’s coverage of the US so far is any indication, I would say Americans should expect quite a few number of stories on subjects following the lines of those with power are oppressing those without. Stories about poverty, disparities between races. Stories that get little attention from the US MSM such as the Gitmo hunger strike won’t be pushed down the list. The Gitmo hunger strike has been happening for a few months and from what I’ve seen, the US media only started covering extensively when Obama commented on it a few weeks ago. AJE on the other hand, has been covering it near the beginning of it. I would also expect fewer ad breaks (if any) to allow more in-depth coverage, long-form journalism.

  2. Al Jazeera has a branding problem. They will always be associated with videos from Bin Laden and beheadings. They need to try out a new name. How’s “Al Bundy America” for starters?

  3. Outsider Says:

    A photo of AJA’s studio in NYC. There’s also a link to the NYT on newscast studio, where there’s mention of AJA programming and why it will be more US focused.

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