AC360’s Ridiculist Makes ICN’s Ridiculist…

Last Thurday, AC 360’s Ridiculist segment concerned a song written by a band called Cryptic Murmurs about Anderson Cooper. Cooper also put “Heavy Metal Haters” on the list as a mocking pre-emptive strike against anyone who hates the song.

Just one problem here. The song isn’t Heavy Metal. It’s Punk.

Unfortunately this discrepancy, which would be obvious to anyone who has even the slightest passing famliarity with the two genres, was totally lost on Cooper and his staff.

There’s plenty to mock Metal and its sub genres about. There’s plenty to mock Punk and its sub genres about. But if there is one thing one should never do, which guarantees pissing off both groups at the same time, it is to conflate the two.

Instead of having a bit of fun at the band’s (and his own) expense, Cooper and his staff came off looking positively clueless. His staff gets included because they let the segment go out on the air without bothering to do even the most basic research on the subject at hand.

So, ICN is “Keeping Them Honest” by putting Anderson Cooper and his Ridiculist Segment, on our own Ridiculist where they join Al Roker and Ann Curry for mocking plane spotters. If this was a court case and I a judge, both would be found guilty of “Musical Incompetence” and sentenced to spend a few nights at some Punk and Metal shows so that Cooper would know the difference between the two.


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