What’s Hot/What’s Not: 06/23/13

What’s Hot:

A New Day for CNN – CNN’s New Day debuted this week. Sure, there was the usual instant ratings posts…as if that signified anything. In a few months we’ll see whether the pre-show launch buzz was accurate or not.

Howard Kurtz to FNC – This story made a lot of news this week but that will pale in comparison to the news that will be generated when Kurtz starts hosting Fox News Watch and everyone watches to see what that show covers and doesn’t cover.

Snowdenstorm – Maybe The Today Show can turn this into a regular feature: “Where in the World is Edward Snowden?”

What’s Not:

Tobin Smith – FBN cut ties with Smith real fast after a conflict of interest situation, which apparently ran afoul of FBN’s contributor policy, developed.

James Gandofini’s Death Coverage on CNN – Geez, based on CNN’s coverage you could be excused for thinking that we lost the greatest actor since Lawrence Olivier and not someone whose big claim to fame was a cable network TV series. This is not to mock or make light of Gandolfini’s passing but…seriously…was all that coverage on CNN really necessary?


8 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 06/23/13”

  1. Having watched every episode of every season of the Soprano’s I regret very much his passing, but too much coverage of a celebrity sudden death is not necessary. The body of work left is the lasting tribute.

  2. And all this time I thought they were talking about Swoosie Kurtz.

  3. I thought the Gandolfini coverage was a bit much, too. They were covering it as Continuing Breaking Tragic News Which The Nation Is Reeling From, a conceit they have thrown at every possible news story lately. It’s gimmicky, and slightly insulting.

  4. The over coverage of the death of Tim Russert still takes the cake.

  5. The best thing for Kurtz beyond a paycheck is that he is now on a news network people actually watch, even the haters.

  6. I dont watch the news all day like I used to, so I can’t speak to James Gandolfini; but TimeWarner must have some unwritten rule to promote the f*** of any sister property within the company. Since HBO is owned by TimeWarner; CNN had to cover overkill (no pun) the story. I have seen this in action so many times on CNN and any other TW property. It’s unfair to say the least.

    ^ you are right about FNC, libs had started to watch them a few years ago when they had their huge ratings spurt. Their ratings wasn’t just all the right wing wackos.

  7. ^ At least with Tim Russert, he was a newsman, unlike an actor of a pay cable program.

    Speaking about Gandolfini, RIP. He was one damn good actor on a very well done program. Other than the typical pay cable smut content, its really an oxymoron that one has to pay more to get a better produced program. The Sopranos was well written program and if you missed 5 minutes of the show – you can get easily lost.

  8. savefarris Says:

    Since HBO is owned by TimeWarner; CNN had to cover overkill (no pun) the story.

    Excellent point.

    I think it’s unfair to categorize Gandolf as merely a ‘cable tv star’ because his show (and his performance) definitely revolutionized the industry as a whole. But by the same token, he was “just” an actor.

    Once again, ANYTHING to keep the public distracted from the budget, deficits, unemployment, Immigration, IRS, NSA, …

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