Crossfire: Questions…

This morning’s CNN announcement on the return of Crossfire raised almost as many questions as it answered. So let’s tick them off…

– When will it air? Will it be a daily show or a weekly show? If daily, at what time? That last question is the most tantalizing because of what it could portend. Let’s assume it is daily…so where does it go? That CNN wouldn’t confirm a time is a sign that other shoes have to drop first (i.e. someone is going to lose an hour/show). That CNN is waiting to the fall to launch it is not a factoid I hang too much significance on other than that CNN is waiting for the summer, which is traditionally a low point in family viewing habits, to end. I’ll lay odds that Crossfire will air in primetime.

– What will the format be? There are four hosts but will the format be two on two or rotating one on one?

– Would MSNBC’s “wish well” reaction at having lost Cupp, not an insignificant loss for the network, still have come out the way it did had MSNBC caught wind of Cupp’s departure? Or would the network have exiled Cupp the way it did David Shuster when word leaked out that Shuster had taped a pilot? Given the way Phil Griffin prizes loyalty, I’m going to venture that the answer to this question is all too obvious…which raises the follow up question of just how tight were MSNBC’s teeth gritting when it released that friendly statement?

– Who replaces Cupp on MSNBC’s The Cycle?

– Is there really a market for Crossfire? Certainly CNN thinks so but, depending on when the show airs, I think the question is a very valid one.


35 Responses to “Crossfire: Questions…”

  1. Who replaces Cupp on MSNBC’s The Cycle?

    Real question should be, “What replaces The Cycle?”

  2. I wonder if Cross fire will be 30 minutes like it once was , and if MSNBC’s the cycle will find another conservative to fill Cupp’s place

  3. Unless it’s on daily seems S.E. might be taking a pay cut?

  4. SE Cupp is a big hire by CNN but this show won’t be successful when you have The Five on FOX.

  5. erich500 Says:

    There was a slower news cycle with the original “Crossfire” and I’m not sure it will work with the instant news we have now. Stories would percolate for a week or so and they could play off the new angles that developed each day.

    Yeah, it was often a food fight – hey, wasn’t that why you watched it? – but they had some real chunks of meat to throw at one another.

    I’m sceptical.

  6. SE was interesting as a lone conservative in the liberal wilderness at MSNBC. Putting her on boring CNN in a tired 50/50 left/right format seems like a step backwards to me.

  7. Is Touré the only person left on The Cycle at this point? I know Krystal Ball’s on maternity leave. Just pull the plug.

  8. SE’s a huge loss for MSNBC though. Pretty soon, that network’s going to be made up entirely of group think liberals and people like Steve Schmidt who think Republicans do EVERYTHING wrong. Looking more like FOX every day.

  9. “- Who replaces Cupp on MSNBC’s The Cycle?”

    ^^ Hard to say. If it has to be a conservative woman then they may have to bring in a host from outside the network. Someone like Amy Holmes might work. If not they could go with Michael Steele. If they decide to go with a liberal then Joy Reid is an obvious choice.

    With both Cupp and Ball (at least for some time) gone maybe the show gets reformatted and something entirely new appears.


  11. I didn’t see The Cycle today. SE was on CNN tonight. Is her departure immediate?

  12. If they decide to go with a liberal then Joy Reid is an obvious choice.

    Joy Reid’s been on at 12pm A LOT … and “NOW” had an entirely different format today with her on.

  13. She was on tonight? Wow, that’s weird. Yes, she was on The Cycle today.

  14. carolmr Says:

    I wonder why SE left MSNBC? Didn’t she recently say she loved her job there?

  15. Technically, she said she loved her coworkers. If Zucker offered her a Primetime gig, plus lots of time on other shows, that’s better than what she was getting from Griffin.

  16. ^ Which contradicts my statement about “step backward”, doesn’t it? I remember Crossfire as a midday show, and assumed that’s where it was going. A silly assumption..don’t know why I thought that.

    In reality, the step backward is according to my preferences only. I’m bummed she’s going to a crap show on a crap network.

  17. Oh wow, there’s the Crossfire crew on Piers Morgan now. SE’s wearing what she had on today on MSNBC. That’s an odd sight.

  18. bushleaguer Says:

    As to Crossfire’s time slot, if Erin Burnett is still struggling to grow an audience then they can put Crossfire at 7pm and thus have a new show at that time with a different format (Out Front and AC360 are too similar). Move Burnett to 10pm and thus do away with the AC360 rerun and have original content at that hour to compete with the other two cable networks.
    I don’t see Crossfire building an audience in the middle of the day and I doubt they’re going to take another chunk of time away from Wolf Blitzer.

  19. They mentioned that the show is going to be one topic for a half hour. That sounds like a bite out of The Situation Room, putting it in the general timeslot I envisioned.

  20. I guess, if MSNBC decided to keep The Cycle going, I could see them bringing in Nicole Wallace..

  21. bushleaguer Says:

    Thanks for the clarification Joe…..I missed that.

    Andy – good idea re: Nicole Wallace. If she’s smart, however, she’ll try to avoid being put aboard that sinking ship.

  22. “good idea re: Nicole Wallace.”

    ^^ I agree she’d be a good choice and already comfortable appearing on the network.

    “she’ll try to avoid being put aboard that sinking ship.”

    ^^You lost me there BL. She appears to enjoy her appearances on MSNBC and the network is just as stable as any of the other cable news nets.

  23. Nicole Wallace presents the same problem as Steve Schmidt and Michael Steele: They appear to be conservatives disgruntled with the Republican Party. SE Cupp is not that kind of conservative, and it made her presence on The Cycle a stark contrast to the rest of the panel. Nicole fits the mold of “not liberal, but kinda grudgingly agrees with them a lot”. That’s not very interesting.

  24. ^ That’s true, Joe. Wallace, Schmidt, and Steele (and Huntsman) are the kind of Repubs that MSNBC loves, for the reasons you stated. SE is an un-apologetic Repub and conservative. She has said that she is not a little bit anti-abortion, she is VERY anti-abortion. She is against almost all gun control and is not afraid to admit it. Unfortunately, I don’t think The Cycle will be able to find a replacement like her.

  25. They need to hire a fiery Conservative chick

    I would suggest Dana Loesch

  26. Too fiery. Seems the secret to some success in these group shows is humor and fun along with the debate. Bob Beckel is great on The Five.

  27. Maybe The Cycle should reciprocate and steal Margaret Hoover from CNN.

    And I’m only half joking. 🙂

  28. I’d vote for Jedediah Bila, who still doesn’t have a regular gig on FNC/FBN, but the other panelists would probably mutiny.

  29. carolmr Says:

    I like Jedediah. Why would the other panelists mutiny?

  30. ^ Carol, she strikes me as just as conservative as SE, if not more, and a little more confrontational with liberals. I got the impression SE genuinely got along well with/liked her coworkers. I’m not sure things would go as well with Bila, especially between her and Toure.

  31. Bila is a Fox News Contributor, doubt she’ll give that up to join MSNBC lol

    FNC never gave SE anything, that’s why she went to Beck then MSNBC

  32. word on the street is that it will be a half hour programme, with no studio audience, and it will be broadcasted from D.C at 6:30 nightly, Wolf will have an extra hour at 1pm as compensation, and that shouldn’t come as a surprise, as his ratings really suffer in that timeslot, but I was expecting more of them taking over Piers’ slot, as his demos number are just horrid, I remember tanking as low as 69k one night lately. x

  33. No, I don’t think Bila would take the gig. I’m just saying it would be interesting if she did. But ya know…LOL I’m so stupid!

  34. carolmr Says:

    ^ I think Jedediah would make “The Cycle” very interesting, if tense at times. But I also can’t see her leaving FNC for a show that is not doing that well in the ratings.

  35. No doubt that Jedediah would really breathe some life into “THE CYCLE” and MSNBC. I agree that she probably wouldn’t want to leave FNC but she should at least consider it. I really think she could get under their skin at MSNBC and that would be VERY interesting to watch!

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