Carol Costello Anchoring CNN New Day Saturday?

This morning saw weekday anchor Carol Costello anchoring CNN New Day Saturday along side Alison Kosik. Any time I see a M-Fr anchor show up filling in on a weekend…especially on CNN which has a bunch of people capable of subbing on a weekend…I get very curious. Could be nothing. But if it isn’t nothing…today will be looked at the first sign of a change coming..

Update: And now on Sunday it’s Suzanne Malveaux filling in next to Kosik. What is going on here?


9 Responses to “Carol Costello Anchoring CNN New Day Saturday?”

  1. icemannyr Says:

    Suzanne Malveaux is on today with Alison.

  2. I can’t see either Costello or Malveaux appearing on a CNN Saturday Morning show as being very predictive as to the future of ‘New Day’ hosts – if that’s what your hinting at.

    First both have appeared many times on various AM shows on CNN so their talents on such shows are well known.

    Second,how a sub host works with one partner is no predictor of how they will work with a second; particularly one of a different gender.

    Third; I’m sure both were tested extensively as potential hosts for New Day in the run up to that shows launch.

    In short, IMHO nothing to see here.

  3. Da_King Says:

    Carol and Suzanne are filling in for Victor Blackwell who normally anchors on Saturday….The dual anchor on Sunday is new which has not been around since the days of Betty and TJ.

    There is a lot of shifting going on with the weekend anchors schedule and rotation on CNN; yesterday Fredricka started her shift at 11a ET and Don, who moved to NYC, started his shift at 4p ET.

    Don lost his nightly shows to the new docu series on CNN so I guess they are making it up by giving him more daytime hours.

  4. icemannyr Says:

    A change I hoped CNN would make is using a real studio when the CNN Newsroom anchors are in NYC.

    The news room works as a location for a guest not for a news anchor to do their show from.

  5. erich500 Says:

    When a new manager/coach puts his starters on the bench it’s usually a sign of some bigger changes.

    Unless it’s just for a short while to shake the team up.

    Check back next week to see if they’re still on the bench.

  6. icemannyr Says:

    Not sure if this means anything either, Don Lemon moved from ATL to NYC and is doing Newsroom from the CNN NYC newsroom.

  7. Maybe Zucker is trying to freak out the anchors who were there before he was ’cause he’s crazy.

  8. icemannyr Says:

    Suzanne Malveaux is back on at 1pm. Wolf had been on at 1pm most of last week.

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