Elizabeth Hasselbeck to Fox and Friends…

The New York Post’s Emily Smith writes that Elizabeth Hasselbeck is joining Fox and Friends. Not surprising news since Gretchen Carlson to the best of my knowledge had not inked a new deal with the show and was working on an extension. Based on what Smith writes, it appears Megyn Kelly’s two hour show is going to get split in two when she departs and Carlson is getting one of those hours. Who will get the other one? Shepard Smith? (via J$)

ELISABETH Hasselbeck is leaving “The View” and joining Fox News’ morning show “FOX and Friends” as a co-host, Page Six has exclusively confirmed.

After much speculation, conservative co-host Hasselbeck is following Barbara Walters and Joy Behar out of the ABC daytime talk show.

She will join Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade on the Fox couch in mid-September.


18 Responses to “Elizabeth Hasselbeck to Fox and Friends…”

  1. motownman Says:

    I guess the lesson if you’re Ainsley, Anna or Aly, and you do everything your bosses ask of you and then some, is you’re supposed to just smile gracefully and accept Fox is bringing in the bimbo from ABC to do the job you have earned and deserve.
    I know that’s not fair to Elisabeth, but Fox isn’t being fair to the women they have groomed for that job
    Of course life isn’t fair, especially in the TV news business
    I found out about this when Ainsley posted a link to the story on her Facebook page and welcomed Elisabeth to the Fox family
    What a class act she is
    I’m sure she’s disappointed and she has every reason to be
    At least she has found her niche on F&FF

  2. Ainsley is a victim of her own success. F&F First is popular, and there’s no way Roger Ailes is pulling her off that pedestal. So to speak.

  3. I doubt any of them feel victimised for not getting that spot as they all have a nice gig going already. Most of the talent who work in the cable (or broadcast) news industry will never get a solo programme with their name on it. A significant number of the few that do lose it within a year or two.

  4. jackyboy Says:

    I’m sorry but there is way too much Talent at FNC to have Elizabeth Hasselbeck co-hosting Fox and Friends. Also, It would be nice to have an ACTUAL JOURNALIST. That is three hours of programming! They could have made Fox and Friends from terrible to at least tolerable, maybe even decent. But no, now it will be unwatchable.

  5. paminwi Says:

    I think Shep will gain an hour during the day and lose his hour at night to open the spot for Megyn. Gretchen has wanted out of the
    morning to do more “serious” news. Only time will tell if these are good decisions.

    Has Shep ever done any “Fox News Reporting” specials? Also, I have to say I like John Reports on Special Report and/or Fox news Sunday when he subs for Bret/Chris.

  6. if Megyn really takes over Shep’s spot at 7, Matthews and Burnett will definitely be slaughted (ratings wise..)

  7. If anyone deserves the center seat on the curvy couch, it’s Alisyn Camerota.

    BTW, Gretchen used to anchor the 2 PM hour on Fox before joining F&F.

    I don’t see Shep getting another hour in the afternoon, and I especially don’t see him losing Fox Report.

  8. motownman Says:

    Between Doocy, Kilmeade and Elisabeth, which one is the journalist?
    Not that it matters.

  9. lonestar77 Says:

    Is The View going to attempt to find a conservative to replace Hasselbeck or just bring in a 4th liberal?

  10. “”if Megyn really takes over Shep’s spot at 7”

    ^^Shep’s not in Prime time and Megyn is supposed to be headed to PT. Because Greta says she’s staying and I doubt Billo is retiring; I think Hannity may be of to spend more time with his family – but who knows.

  11. I hear the possible replacement for Elisabeth could be either Jenny McCarthy or Brooke Shields. Neither one a conservative.

  12. ^ Pam, I have heard Brooke say she is a Republican. The View just wants a Repub, not necessarily a conservative. I never thought Elisabeth was all that conservative, but she’s a Repub.

  13. Pam/Carol: I’m not sure the political POV of the new host is as important as her being compatible with the other hosts. I don’t think EH being a conservative was the reason she was hired in the first place. If I remember correctly her having been on ‘Survivor’ was a much bigger deal at the time.

  14. icemannyr Says:

    So this is the second conservative hire for the FNC morning shows.
    Tucker Carlson on F&F Weekend and Elisabeth Hasselbeck for F&F.

    I do feel the political stance of the hosts is important.
    FNC always wants to complain about the liberal media bias then they go hire a conservative talk show co-host to be the co-host of their morning show. Please don’t tell me F&F and F&F Weekend is not biased having no counter to Elizabeth & Tucker.

    At least MSNBC has Joe a conservative and Mika a liberal to represent both sides.

  15. Joe Scarborough is a conservative like Madonna is a Catholic.

  16. Well played, Carol. I knew someone would object to Joe being called a conservative. That was an hilarious way to do it 😉

  17. carolmr Says:

    ^ Thanks, Joe!

  18. Maybe Shep gets face time on the big Fox network.

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