CNN Apes HLN Programming at 11ET. Mirrors HLN at 12ET.

I’m late to this but there is no way I was going to ignore it. Yesterday’s news that CNN would abandon straight news for tawdry courtroom drama for one whole hour during the day is the worst sign yet that the network is slowly losing its soul in an attempt to grab some of HLN’s cheap easy Courtroom ratings.

Think about that. For one hour during the day, CNN will emphasize courtroom drama over news that transpires. Surely I am overdramatizing the situation you say? I’m not. And don’t call me Shirley.

For this to work, for the brand CNN wants there to be established, the network will have to eschew news in favor courtroom theatrics. This won’t be some kind of dry Fareed Zakaria style thinking man’s courtroom analysis of key legal issues, which would actually be interesting for legal types to watch but has never been attempted anywhere on cable news daily save for maybe Burden of Proof. Nothing against Banfield, but that just isn’t the target audience CNN is going after here. It’s after the Tot mom demo. In order to get it, it will have to consistently de-emphasize regular news that breaks during that hour in order to lure and keep those eyeballs.

You know what this means, right? It means FNC is now the only cable news network doing news as its brand at that dayside hour…well until Al Jazeera America launches anyways. I wonder if Ted Turner ever contemplated such a development?

Speaking of the Tot mom demo, what the heck ever happened to Kyra Phillips show on HLN at 12ET? Let me remind you what that show was supposed to be about by quoting from its press release prior to launch in February:

Live two-hour weekday show to cover day’s top news stories through a parental lens

Launching Monday, Feb. 4, HLN anchor Kyra Phillips hosts a two-hour daily show that covers the nation’s major news stories and explores their impact on American families. Raising America with Kyra Phillips examines topical issues that relate to home, children and today’s modern families, and draws viewer engagement through social media and interactive online posts.

As it covers the daily news scene, Raising America will go deeper on topics that hit home for parents, including childhood obesity, safety in our schools and teens oversharing on social media to their future detriment. Contributors to the program include some of the most intriguing and popular bloggers speaking to parents today, such as Heather Armstrong, Charlie Capen, Jill Smokler, Tom Matlack and Krystel Spell, among many others.


Every time I tune in at 12 on HLN it’s leading off with some courtroom story. It’s like everyone over at HLN has completely forgot what this show was supposed to do after the network struck ratings paydirt aping the now defunct CourtTV.

12 Responses to “CNN Apes HLN Programming at 11ET. Mirrors HLN at 12ET.”

  1. Well, long after the OJ trial, Greta Van Susteren and Roger Cossack were still hosting BURDEN OF PROOF. The legal talk show aired Monday – Friday from 12:30 – 1 p.m. (ET)

  2. I noted it.

  3. It was an outgrowth of OJ-mania which CNN wallowed in as much as anyone, and that was twenty years ago.

  4. The thing about shows like Burden of Proof and networks like Court TV is that they aren’t on air anymore. If running sensational live courtroom trials live and trial analysis was such a good long term ratings grabber why did they stop doing that format years ago.

    My guess is this is a fad and just like Court TV morphed into sports ordinated TruTV and Burden of Proof was cancelled CNN’s and HLN’s preoccupation with sensational crime and punishment coverage will end as the 2014 election gets going.

  5. Packaging is important. P.T. Barnum or Nancy Grace, the right shown runs a successful circus.

  6. showman, that is

  7. What’s OJ up to now? I wonder if he’s still searching for the real killers. You know, in places like the prison exercise yard, the law library – places like that.

  8. Ted Turner saw a market with a huge hole and created CNN to fill it. Had a good long run and he sold it right about the time when news delivery through computers and smart phones began taking shape.

    It’s not just CNN but the news industry as a whole that’s in transformation. MSNBC is no longer a news channel, FNC appears to be working its way along that same path, and even the broadcast network news outfits have twice as much fluff as they did only a decade ago. If you need up-to-the-minute news at noon, get a Twitter account.

  9. icemannyr Says:

    Our Nixon is on again tonight. Saturday and Sunday.
    To many rebroadcasts.

  10. ^ I was about to agree with you, but I thought you meant our ^^^ Nixon not Our Nixon.

  11. As long as they keep sending me those residual checks by mistake, everything’s fine with me.

  12. I tried to get through that twice ’cause I’m a big Watergate junkie. It’s BORING.

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