Megyn Kelly to 9pm?

Well, well, well…thanks to a carefully placed (and well timed if you buy the theory that it was deliberately done before Roger Ailes’ talk at the 21st Century Fox Investors Conference…a theory I can’t dismiss out of hand) leak to Matt Drudge today that Megyn Kelly is slotted to take over FNC at 9pm, everyone is in a tizzy about what’s going over at FNC and what it all means. Rather than concentrate on what we know, let’s concentrate on what we don’t know which is a lot more substantive…

1. We don’t know where Sean Hannity lands. If you read Alex Weprin’s tea leaf parsing over at TVNewser, Shepard Smith’s 7pm hour could be in play…a possibility I find to be rather likely.

2. If #1 is true and Smith is losing 7, what will he be doing and exactly what have Ailes and Smith been working on regarding his future? Will it be an internet program? Ailes’ emphasis of “digital” programming in FNC’s future at least opens the door to such a possibility, though it seems a little risky on its face because internet news broadcasts haven’t been able to stick so far.

3. We don’t know the format of Kelly’s show. This is actually a big deal because a lot of people are jumping the gun here in thinking that because Kelly is going to prime at 9 that it automatically means she’s going to be as partisan as Hannity is. I actually believe the opposite is more likely because of what Ailes said about “improving flow”. Slotting Hannity at 7 followed by O’Reilly, Kelly, and Van Susteren makes a lot more sense from a flow standpoint than, say, Kelly at 7 followed by O’Reilly, Hannity, and Van Susteren.

Beyond this, I really don’t feel like doing a lot more tea leaf reading. There just isn’t enough info out there to chew on. It’s been a long long time since FNC changed up prime to this degree. I’d argue it’s the first major change since Van Susteren joined FNC (Hannity losing Colmes was a change but not as big because it always was Hannity’s show even though it was billed as a 50/50 show at least in the title.) A lot has changed in cable news during those years. FNC has managed to weather the changes better than MSNBC and CNN but nothing lasts forever and Roger Ailes is nothing if not proactive when he feels he needs to be. It seems that he now feels the time is right for some changes.

22 Responses to “Megyn Kelly to 9pm?”

  1. Glad to see Megyn get Hannity`s timeslot, I grew weary of his schtick a long time ago.Fox has needed a shake up for a while and this is a good first step.

  2. good, good, good… I adore Meggs… I just wish Britt Hume was back instead of Brett Bair… I seriously adore Megyn!

  3. Doesn’t Shep have a contract for a prime-time show? If he loses the 7 p.m. hour, he won’t be in prime-time anymore.

  4. WOW! Must be something about Aug, 8th. Huff post is reporting that Alex Baldwin has been given a PT show on MSNBC. Well if you were looking for a crazy shouter for the 8 PM slot Alex is your guy.

  5. Alex > Alec Sorry

  6. frick Shep… he’s a d***… Meggs is goddess… she is smart, sassy, beautiful and will beat any man to death that f’s with her– schweet

  7. gettingpwned Says:

    hannity goes to 7pm how exactly? his radio show is on til 6pm.

  8. I hate it when Spud makes sense. Alright, I won’t celebrate the demise of Hannity & Hannity just yet.

    I’ll be surprised if Megyn Kelly does a partisan-style opinion show.

  9. So what, we’re going to have a primetime version of that fake news show Megyn does on dayside? That is completely ridiculous. The woman is clearly, openly conservative, and pretending otherwise is just as silly as when MSNBC and Mika did it. Which was so silly that Mika finally threw in the towel before we all collapsed in laughter.

  10. Given that the standard news programme hosts are openly liberal, I don’t see a problem with having one from a conservative perspective. Unlike Hannity, she’ll still call-out “bs” from whoever speaks it.

  11. Who will Alec replace on MSNBC?

  12. Carol, I presume the Chris Hayes experiment has been abandoned (note this was announced during Hayes’ vacation).

  13. Shep could be losing his 7pm but gaining a 6:30 slot on BIG FOX

  14. bushleaguer Says:

    Very doubtful that Hannity would get the 7pm time slot…..his radio show ends at 6pm and I doubt that he could do the make-up routine and show prep on time.

  15. It’s possible…especially if he moves his radio studio to inside FNC…something that is very doable.

  16. Kilmeade’s radio show starts moments after F&F so the fast walk between the set and the radio studio can’t be much.

  17. Radio studios can be built anywhere. Rush has one in his house. That’s no obstacle at all.

  18. bushleaguer Says:

    Well that’s a good point….if Fox gave Hannity a place in their house to do the radio show then it would definitely be doable.

    Kilmeade is different…..he’s going from TV to radio and you don’t need to sit in a make-up chair before you do a radio show.

  19. Rush has one in his house.

    Right next to the fridge. ‘Cause he’s fat! Get it? Calling people fat is funny!

  20. Sounds like Hannity lost his timeslot because he couldn’t keep enough sets of eyeballs tuned in after watching O’Reilly. I guess FNC grades its ratings on a curve.

  21. danoregon Says:

    What I find fascinating is that the news was leaked and nobody really cares about finding out what Hannity’s deal is. Mr. Insider Drudge seems to have it a wall as has Page 6.

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