What’s Hot/What’s Not: 08/11/13

What’s Hot:

CNN Changes – Ashleigh Banfield returns to CourtTV will host a court show on CNN, Crossfire gets a half hour, Wolf Blitzer gets 1pm, and AC360 gets a new format at 10pm.

Scot Safon Exits HLN – And the search for a new President begins…

Alec Baldwin to MSNBC? – It may not happen but if it did it will be interesting to see how Baldwin fits in for a once a week show.

Megyn Kelly to 9pm? – That’s just the first domino. Let’s see what it hits next…

What’s Not:

Reince Priebus vs. CNN and NBC – Well that went over well. Up next, Priebus threatens to not include FNC in any GOP primary debates if Fox TV Studios decides to produce NBC’s Hillary movie followed by a demand that any network that carries advertising from companies that sponsored said Hillary films on CNN and NBC will be excluded from any GOP primary debates.

Al Jazeera Shuts Off Streaming of Al Jazeera English – Ok, so they may be obligated by carriage agreements for Al Jazeera America to do so, else risk having operators drop them, but it still sucks…

2016 is still years away – Do we really have to have speculation about the 2016 Presidential election before the 2014 midterm elections? Really? Idiots…

16 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 08/11/13”

  1. Fac miam diem, Priebus.
    – Clintus Estvoodicus

  2. Dagnabbit spell check.

  3. You mean that had a correct spelling?

  4. Hot-ish: Stelter on Reliable Sources. I thought he did well, and kept things moving along. I was amused that when they discussed Baldwin’s Bits on MSNBC, there was not one mention of his unfortunate past comments. Not surprised, just amused.

  5. Poor Reince. He was kinda winning that story until he accused Mika of not being a suitable debate host because she wasn’t a Republican Party hack. Then he got stuck listening to people explain how one Fox was completely different from another Fox. Which is exactly what NBC was saying. Oops.

  6. Reince Priebus is now in a position that no serious politician or official ever wants to be; they aren’t angry at his positions they are laughing at him.

    His attempt to put his thumb on the scale of controlling the number of debates by limiting where the debates are broadcast has backfired badly. For example; what happens if FNC decides to rebroadcast it Citizens United ‘documentary’? Does he then say only ‘new’ Hillary films are part of his boycott? He’s now painted himself into a corner where no matter what happens from here on in he looks like an amateurish joke.

    It’s not the Hillary movies or who broadcasts the debates that’s the problem; it’s the clown car debate participants who really worry the RNC. But they have little control over that part of the circus as the crazier you are on the right the more popular you are. It’s a conundrum for sure; but one we on the left can’t wait to unfold.

  7. At this pace they can start to cover the 2020 election in 2015

  8. After I posted, I saw the clip with Priebus on State of the Union. He tried to explain to Candy Crowley that it doesn’t matter who makes the films..it only matters who airs them. Picture Michael Steele somewhere shouting into a phone: “They’re never gonna fire that guy!”

  9. The man tossed a word salad trying to explain how Fox Entertainment is different than Fox News and how it’s solely NBC airing it that would get the debate pulled.

    It goes back to what he said earlier this year about he can’t have MSNBC hosting debates because he doesn’t want MSNBC pundits commenting on the debates.

  10. Sam Stein says Priebus is “working the refs” to get the Hillary flicks to be more negative. If that was plan, he expended an awful lot of The Stupid to get there. ‘Cause that’s just what the GOP needs..more stupid.

  11. It’s a trifecta. He’s trying to get the films to be more negative, he’s probably going to give most or all the debates to Fox News anyways and it’s a great way to get supporters behind him because “liberal media”.

  12. ProTip, Reince: You don’t need more support from the people who will already vote for your guy. You need to stop sounding like a lunatic to the rest of the country. HELLO!

  13. Giving FNC the debates is a really stupid idea; if that really is the Priebus plan. Don’t forget it was on one of the FNC debates that one of the moderators asked the candidates to raise their hand if any of them wouldn’t allow $1.00 of spending for $10.00 of spending cuts. I think only Huntsman didn’t raise his hand.

    I may not be remembering the details here totally accurately, but it was something like that. Anyway the moment became one of the defining images of the early GOP primary.

    FNC is quite capable of asking really tough questions and after this fiasco their moderators will be even more likely to ask the tough question. CNN and NBC, on the other hand. will be wanting to show they are as fair and balanced as possible.

    The whole concept gets stupider by the hour.

  14. Bret Baier asked that question, and Megyn Kelly is no slouch in the moderator department, either. Reince Priebus has virtually guaranteed that FNC debates will be a nightmare for Republican candidates. “They’re never gonna fire that guy!”

  15. …virtually guaranteed that FNC debates will be a nightmare for Republican candidates

    Reince Priebus may not think that would be such a bad thing.

  16. Aside from the interviews itself, Fox seems to be rather quiet over this threatened boycott. I haven’t been hearing about Hannity barking out a defense that’s so loud you can hear it in China nor have I heard about O’Reilly or some other moderate on the network criticizing the RNC.

    It’s a strange silence. It’s almost as if Fox doesn’t want to pick a side. Especially strange seeing how everyone (except elements of MSNBC) defended Fox News during the Obama Administration’s war on the network and everyone (with the exception of Lawrence O’Donnell) defended James Rosen.

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