CNN Makes an Odd Move on Fridays…

That Rachel Nichols was going to get a show on CNN was never in question. What is in question is why Fridays at 10:30pm? Let me list the reasons why this doesn’t make sense…

1. It splits the 10pm hour in half.
2. It ruins the flow of AC360’s new “AC360 Later” roundtable show. Presumably it will air from 10-10:30pm but that’s half an hour less than it will air the rest of the week (unless CNN is only planning on airing it a half hour M-Th which is something I have seen no indication of happening). This may undercut AC360 Later to some extent but to what extent is unknown.
3. Sports at 10:30pm on a Friday? Up against Sportcenter? That’s a tough draw.

A weekend slot would have been a better fit for a weekly show. This move just doesn’t make sense to me at all.

5 Responses to “CNN Makes an Odd Move on Fridays…”

  1. bushleaguer Says:

    Bad idea….from what I saw the week they did it the AC360 round table format made for a solid show (just as long as they don’t latch onto some court case).

    Nobody equates CNN with sports……I don’t see why they would start now given the competition that Spud mentioned along with local news broadcasts.

  2. I wonder if this is not a way of protecting the AC 360 round table from the new Alec Baldwin show – at least the second half of the show.

  3. The CNN press release says:

    “AC 360° Later, a new prime time program, will air Monday through Thursday at 10 p.m. ET.”

    My guess is that there will be a 30 minute recap of the week on Fridays at 10PM followed by Rachel Nichols Unguarded at 10:30PM.

    Speaking of recaps, has CNN ended the Saturday edition of the Situation Room which recaps the weekdays broadcasts? I haven’t seen it in over a month.

    And speaking of the Friday 10PM time slot, it’s unfortunate that Stroumboulopoulos hasn’t done well in the ratings. I doubt CNN will renew it for another season.

  4. bushleaguer Says:

    I wonder how many people tuned into Stroumboulopoulos expecting to see the guy from Good Morning America.

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