The Hazards of Ed Schultz: #25,198

Phil Griffin likes opinionated analysis and stimulating discussion. He doesn’t like this. What’s the over under on Ed having to apologize again?


12 Responses to “The Hazards of Ed Schultz: #25,198”

  1. Whatever it is, I’ll take the over. Don’t think it’s happening.

  2. Nope. I thought it was a little over the top, but well within the bounds of typical partisan shoutery. Ed gets in trouble when he singles out individuals, like when he went after Laura Ingraham. The tactic of calling entire groups of people who follow certain beliefs names is quite common on both sides. There’ll be no apology.

  3. What he said may not be nice but so what? There’s nothing here that necessarily deserves an apology so have to agree with Joe.

    I hate agreeing with Joe.

  4. savefarris Says:

    Should he? Of course.
    Will he? Please…

    Matthews is upset he didn’t think of it first.

  5. I tend to agree with Joe and Al there’s not much here; although there’s no context in the clip in which to put the comment. I checked a longer version and I’m not convinced he was calling Beck supporters dumbasses at all. IMO it sounds more like he’s saying that that is what Beck supporters would call the people going to the ACA website.

  6. At Politico, Dylan Byers posted the schultz video and under it he writes: “The next time someone tells you MSNBC isn’t as partisan as Fox News…”

    1. No sane person would argue that MSNBC isn’t partisan.
    2. No rational person would equate the two. FNC is a news organization that tilts right. MSNBC isn’t a news channel of any sort.

    This is typical of media people like Byers. Show something stupid from a far-lefty and use it to equate them with the right or FNC.

  7. I have no idea what point Byers was trying to make. I don’t think he’d ever seen MSNBC before.

  8. It’s early, of course, but the format of The Real Story seems like an interesting departure from traditional FOX-fare. The music for the show is aspirational almost, which is a rather abrupt change from most of the network.

  9. Sorry, commented on wrong post.

    Does Phil have any sway with Ed though, after he moved him to weekends and essentially trashed 5pmPT/8ET with the Hayes replacement?


    This is why Beck makes a gazillion dollars per year and why “right-wing radio” is so successful. 75% of it is pure entertainment while 75% of Air America/MSNBC is just hate-filled screaming.

  11. ThePoliticalBlacksmith Says:

    Wow, Lonestar has it ALL figured out.

    In his warped “reality”, Fox News is a “news” channel that “tilts” right. Yeah, all the accusations of socialism, communism, death panels, and any assortment of conspiracy theories against Obama just barely puts them over the hump of rightward leaning. Nailed it!

    Of course, Lonestar ignores that proof, because it doesn’t fit the narrative. Yet, MSNBC is NOT a news channel at all, because… why? Because he disagrees with them? Because they don’t spew his far-right conservative BS? Where is Fox News’ news hours? At best, Shepard Smith is the only one who delivers legitimate news. Baier, Scott, Jenna Lee, etc, just repeat talking points on the teleprompter.

    By the way, is Lonestar’s contention really that Glenn Beck makes a “gazillion” dollars because he delivers “entertainment”? Yeah, all those insane conspiracies about the world coming to an end because of healthcare, some kind of worldwide Muslim takeover and progressivism is just total genius entertainment.

    If he means entertainment as in people watching him and laughing at how absurd he is… sure, but he is not entertainment on the basis that people enjoy actually watching him for a laugh. He’s a raving lunatic and an unfunny buffoon. Plus, it’s not like Beck is all cheerful and happy all the time… his lunacy is unbridled… but no surprise, in your mind, Ed Schultz is totally crazy. Could it be because you disagree with him? No, of course not.

  12. Ed is just an oaf. Like most of MSNBC not worth much attention. Move on.

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