Joe and Mika to Sunday Today?

The New York Post’s Claire Atkinson scoops that Joe and Mika have eyes on Sunday on NBC…

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” team of Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski is looking to expand their empire — perhaps by expanding their show onto NBC’s once-golden Sunday morning lineup, The Post has learned.

While no such deal is done, persons close to the show have been telling friends that the team is taking over “Weekend Today” ’s Sunday show, sources said.

The talks are very much fluid and there is no guarantee of any expansion, other sources said.

An NBC spokeswoman said, “No comment.”

Just two years ago, the political TV duo were ready to bolt NBC for CBS News before NBCUniversal boss Steve Burke stepped in to keep them in the fold.


6 Responses to “Joe and Mika to Sunday Today?”

  1. — perhaps their retooled radio show is ready for empire reentry?

    — perhaps NBC is waiting on IQ tests to insure standing of previous TODAY SHOW hosts can be maintained. Minimum would be J. Fred Muggs score.

  2. If anything comes of this, does Erica Hill stick around on Today, or does she jump ship to yet another network?

  3. Is there anyplace Erica hasn’t worked yet? She’s had a bizarre career.

  4. I can’t imagine David Gregory is too pleased. Having MJ add a Sunday program might prove to be a bit embarrassing for him if they slot the show next to MTP; because MJ on Sunday just might get better ratings than MTP.

  5. nobody watches them on weekdays… it stands to reason that MSNBC would put them on NBC on Sundays…

  6. Erica Hill is good, just always seems to enter every situation just as it’s ending and thus being brought down with whatever role/show/project is going under. If NBC picked her up earlier, they could’ve groomed her to be Vieria’s replacement, as she has a better down to earth persona than say Guthrie.

    As for Joe & Mika, I think their value has diminished to a degree and they should’ve jumped to CBS when they had the chance. Morning Joe has gotten overboard in being political, allowing the same people and talking points to go on weekly and CBS This Morning has expanded upon the model by doing other topics. Add in the loss of Geist to Today, and MJ has become less cultural and even more political. I switched to CTM from MJ and haven’t looked back, and think 200,000 did as well. I think Joe and Mika are good team but they boxed themselves into no other options but MSNBC.

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