New Day In Trouble?

FTVLive reports rumors of bad tidings on CNN’s New Day…

Sources tell FTVLive that New Day Anchor Chris Cuomo told Zucker that he thinks he needs a new co-anchor.

Cuomo told Zucker that Kate Bolduan is not a good fit for him and he wants someone new.

It’s never a good thing when one anchor is going to the boss to complain about the other anchor.

But, it doesn’t stop there.

Sources tell FTVLive that New Day News Reader Michaela Pereira has contacted friends at her old station KTLA and said she would like to comeback to LA.

15 Responses to “New Day In Trouble?”

  1. It would be interesting to know who the “sources” leaking this story were? I think they come from the Cuomo camp as there is no way I can see the Zucker team wanting this story out there.

    As for Bolduan being a weak host I’m not buying that for a minute. I’ve felt from the start that Cuomo was the problem. A huge ego and little to no talent is never a recipe for ratings success.

    Zucker probably needs to pull the plug and start over but I just don’t see that in the cards either. I think Cuomo will get his new co-host and the program will continue to limp along for the next six months.

  2. icemannyr Says:

    Don Lemon was doing the news headlines on New Day 6am-9am.
    John Berman and Michaela Pereira are subbing for Carol and anchoring from the New Day Studio 9am-11am.

    This is the first time I can remember CNN using two anchors to fill in for one and using the New Day studio for other newscasts.

  3. All the Titanic lacked was a fistfight between officers.

  4. If True Chris Cuomo should be careful , he might ended up not liked like lauer

  5. Now this gives me a reason to watch. I can’t imagine a more awkward chemistry than the first week, but we’re about to see it!

  6. I agree with Fritz3 here, what makes Cuomo think he is the indispensable one? The real tragedy would be if Michaela left because she is the only one worth watching. I would get my money back on “Chris and Kate” and go with John Berman and Michaela Pierera. But, I also don’t think they are going to scrap it and start over.

    Its problems are not all about the people. Who would have thought that Charlie Rose, Norah ODonnell, and Gayle King would work? I didn’t. But CBS This Morning is good because they cover news that people care about.

  7. I agree with Fritz3 here, what makes Cuomo think he is the indispensable one? The real tragedy would be if Michaela left because she is the only one worth watching. I would get my money back on “Chris and Kate” and go with John Berman and Michaela Pierera.

  8. I loved having John Berman and Michaela Pereira anchor Newsroom together. I think CNN should have two morning shows. One from 6-9am with Chris Cuomo and whoever and a second one from 9-noon with John Berman and Michaela. It would be 6-9am Pacific time on the west coast and would attract a lot of viewers from California who miss Michaela.

  9. Chris Cuomo is barking up the wrong tree. Kate Bolduan is 29 – she’s gonna be around that network much longer than he is.

  10. Cuomo has deemed himself a star at CNN since the day he was hired. He is quite wrong.

  11. It makes no sense that the leak would be from the “Cuomo camp”, because the story makes him look awful. Everyone understands that after the Matt Lauer / Ann Curry fiasco.

    I predicted Bolduan would get the job, and I also knew it was a dumb choice. As much as she is more likable than Cuomo, she is a severely inadequate host. Not that I necessarily think any national anchor / news host working today would have been ready at 29. But Zucker took someone with a decent basic reporting pedigree and a natural charm and just tried to sex her up, without giving her any room to develop an actual on-air identity.

    Cuomo is an even bigger problem, an intensely smug and unlikable figure. He’ll be gone eventually, but I imagine he’ll get one more chance. The show would probably fare a bit better with Brooke Baldiwn co-hosting. She has no shortage of personality, and at the very least she would reduce how much Cuomo dominates.

  12. again who is the real winner here? it’s Burnett, she was smart enough not to move to the mornings especially after her pregnancy, and keep her nightly slot, whose demos didn’t really tank like Piers. I would like to see her pairing with Bill Weir for a nightly newscast, though I doubt either party would be willing.

  13. and i agree Bolduan is too inadequate, she doesn’t have the depth to carry such a long daily show, whilst Michaela is severely under use, she has great potential, but not fully utilised. Cuomo on the other hand is simply a wrong hire, Bill Weir is a much better on air personality.

  14. Boulduan is actually fine, but the show and cuomo is a joke. What they should’ve done is move situation room to mornings, and plant all new hires in early prime. Wolf would’ve been the opposing answer to cablers and the show’s established, and would be a safe bet. John Berman would be better than Cuomo.

  15. […] Allegedly, New Day’s ratings woes have impacted backstage stability, causing disarray and infighting – which could easily lead to a further decay of the morning news program.  As Buzzfeed continued to report, “If you believe the blogs, co-anchor Chris Cuomo wants co-anchor Kate Bolduan replaced, while other co-anchor Michaela Pereira wants to move back to Los Angeles.” […]

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