So Who Is Ronan Farrow Going To Displace On MSNBC?

The surprise news that MSNBC was going to give Ronan Farrow a daytime show M-Fr begets the following: Who is losing their show? Someone has to. So it’s time for a poll question…actually a two poll question. The first question is who do you think is going to lose their show. The second question, which doesn’t ask the same question, is who do you think should lose their show…


27 Responses to “So Who Is Ronan Farrow Going To Displace On MSNBC?”

  1. I agree with Andy; I think Alex will replace LOD, who seems tired of cable news.

    Ronan should replace Bashir, who should replace Chris Hayes. Yeah I know, everybody hates Martin, but I love that incredibly rude and highly liberal hour. 😉

  2. I hope they don’t replace Jansing …. but Ronan should replace Bashir or and Have Bashir replace Sharpton …

  3. Although I think Thomas Roberts will be the one to get bumped by the Dayside arrival of Mr. Farrow; I also think you can make a good case that it might be Andrea Mitchell.

    Mitchell will be 67 at the end of the month and has recently survived cancer. She may want to step back from the daily grind of doing a cable news show, and restrict her role to that of occasional guest host and pundit. She can then concentrate on foreign affairs which is the subject closest to her heart. Mr. Farrow is a good candidate as her replacement as almost all his education, work experience and interests are in centered in foreign affairs. It makes sense as much as any other scenario I’ve seen.

  4. fritz3, your answer seems logical but I just hope they bump Bashir because he is an annoying partisan hack.

  5. Bashir is unwatchable. He doesn’t think, he just smears.

    If you like smearing people – and some folks here like that – then Martin’s your man.

    Although people like that – Hannity et al. – hurt their cause in the long run more than help it. They don’t persuade anyone; they just throw smears out to unthinking people who believe the other side isn’t wrong but evil.

  6. ^^elle and erich: I totally agree with you both. Sadly; I just don’t think that’s what will happen, although it would make me very happy if it did.

  7. I don’t see Andrea budging from that spot willingly, and it would be a shame if they pushed her. It’s the most intelligent show on MSNBC.

  8. When Fritz is right Fritz is way right.

  9. savefarris Says:

    If Phil Griffin can just cool his jets, the slots will open up naturally as hosts leave to join the Clinton campaign.

  10. ^ savefarris, is that whining? That sounds like whining. Clearly, there is a revolving door between cable news and political campaigns – what else is new? This stuff happens rather blatantly on both sides of the aisle that it is hardly worthy of complaining when the other side does it. get. over. it.

  11. “^ savefarris, is that whining? That sounds like whining.

    ^^Farris whining? Perish the thought. He’s way to busy being outraged at liberals, Democrats and the POTUS to have time to whine. 🙂

  12. Lawrence has gotten lazy. His rewrites have gotten lazy. His show’s gotten lazy. He spends more time out of the chair than Keith Olbermann did.

    I like Lawrence and I like The Last Word but it also seems like Lawrence was forced to take the gig. I think he enjoyed being a guest host a lot more and I think MSNBC forced 10pm on him when he subbed for Olbermann and delivered solid ratings.

  13. I either see Alex Wagner picking up The Last Word or getting her own primetime show when they finally decide to cancel Chris Hayes’ show.

  14. I think they will replace The Cycle, hasn’t done great in the ratings and they have already had to replace half the cast.

    It would be great if they dumped Bashir, he’s just insufferable. The liberal thing would be fine if he wasn’t comparing people to David Koresh or Idi Amin.

  15. Anyone who thinks one insufferable liberal is a problem for liberal viewers..isn’t a liberal. Bashir does exactly the bomb-throwing lib show he wants to do, and I enjoy it immensely. No, I wouldn’t want a whole night of that stuff, but one hour is good fun.

  16. As many of us recall, in Orwell’s “1984” he describes a “Two Minute Hate” show where party members must watch a broadcast where the Party’s enemies are shown and they express their hate for them.

    I guess Martin Bashir serves that purpose for those sad souls who need the same emotion.

    That’s pretty sad.

  17. I disagree with Joe. Martin Bashir is smug and arrogant. I can’t stand his show and have never been able to tolerate it.

  18. I disagree with people who disagree with me. They must be sad disagreeable people. TRUTH!

  19. In case you didn’t get the joke, Eric, I have no interest in your weird psychoanalysis about how “sad” I am. It’s a personal attack and you can keep it to yourself. Everyone here is free to disagree about what cable news shows they like.

  20. Comment One — answer with amusement.

    Comment Two — answer with combat.

    “Sad, is it.”, Yoda sighed.

  21. I was in eighth grade when I read 1984, so don’t remember much but the general plot. Thanks, Erich, I think your comment applies to all of us sometimes that watch cable news from a political POV and enjoy a dose of enemy smashing on occasion. Is a bit sad.

  22. He specifically referred to the only person in this thread who likes the Bashir show as a “sad soul”. I’m not putting up with this armchair psychobabble crap anymore.

  23. Many people enjoy watching sports activities that are almost guaranteed to cause significant physical injury. Martin Bashir is highly unlikely to send someone to a nursing home. That’s my strange perspective, and I’m sticking to it.

  24. Martin Bashir killed Michael Jackson.

  25. “I’m not putting up with this armchair psychobabble crap anymore.”

    Punch back. Punch back HARD. See if you can drive someone away.

    Not that that happens.

  26. Keep it up, Kelly. You and Eric and everybody else can talk all you want, but you’re gonna lay off the “sad” and “schizo” and “vile”. They’re personal attacks; they’re not allowed; and they have nothing to do with discussions of cable news. Move on.

  27. I hope it’s not Jansing. The whole network is not watchable anymore, and shouldn’t be called news, should be called newstalk.

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