HLN Layoffs As A Result of Major Schedule Changes…

Mediaite and TVNewser reported earlier that HLN is making major changes to its dayside lineup. The key changes:

– Raising America with Kyra Phillips has been cancelled.
– Evening Express with Ryan Smith has been cancelled.
– Showbiz Tonight’s previous episode will be repeated at 12noon ET.
– A new four hour news block with rotating anchors Mike Galanos, Christi Paul, Susan Hendricks, and Lynn Berry (!!!!) will air from 1pm-5pm ET.

The futures of Phillips and Smith are unknown. There was a cryptic comment from an HLN spokesperson about “new roles” for the two at the network. But given that the new lineup doesn’t have any open spaces currently in it, one wonders exactly what those “new roles” will be or how prominent. Layoffs are forthcoming due to the changes.

7 Responses to “HLN Layoffs As A Result of Major Schedule Changes…”

  1. bushleaguer Says:

    Please confirm that Nancy “Guilty Because I Say So” Grace will still be on at 8pm so I can get off of this ledge.

  2. Kyra Phillips should return to CNN.

  3. It’s nice to see Lynn Berry finally get a decent gig. She toiled on MSNBC First Look and NBC Early Today forever.

  4. Hate the new lineup. Loved Ryan Smith. And what is going to happen to Clark Howard? Very sad.

  5. I agree with Cindy Mckee, worst thing that you could have ever, ever done was let go of Ryan Smith, then from 5pm until 7pm you have what would you do??? Lord, so many repeats of them what would I do, Change the channel.

  6. The changes do not make any sense, and I agree that it was a Big Mistake to get rid of Ryan Smith. I saw him as a reporter on ABC, at approximately 4:00am (CST). I am not a big fan of Christi Paul as an anchor. When she replaces Robin Meade, I change the channel, Christi Paul did an excellent job when she worked with Ryan Smith on the Court Cases that were televised. Is Mike Galanos going to be phased out? The aura surrounding the Morning Express Anchors has a different vibe. I am watching HLN less, and switching the channels more. This change is a bad idea. There are enough programs on TV that address so-called women’s programming; cooking, entertainment, brainless entertainment! I will not be watching HLN during the day and evening hours.

  7. […] back to live news which was supposed to cover more flyover territory stories. And during it all a revolving door of shows and talent paraded on and off HLN’s […]

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