Al Sharpton’s “Activism Out Clause”…

The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple writes about a clause put in MSNBC’s contract with Al Sharpton…

When the Rev. Al Sharpton was negotiating with MSNBC in 2011 for his 6 p.m. show, he made clear right away that his role as a civil-rights activist with his National Action Network (NAN) wouldn’t change. After MSNBC President Phil Griffin proposed a nightly gig for Sharpton, the controversial figure stipulated, “I said, well, I’m still going to run NAN, I’m still going to be an activist,” said Sharpton.

The response was encouraging: “He said, ‘Put it in the contract. We’d never interfere with what you’re doing, your civil rights work,” Shartpon quoted Griffin as saying. The reverend ended up with a “carve out” from NBC News’s policies against political participation. Sharpton and MSNBC sustained criticism from some media critics for his activism over the Trayvon Martin case.

Those exchanges and other recollections surfaced last night during a Sharpton appearance at the District’s Martin Luther King Jr. Library, an event to promote his new book, “The Rejected Stone: Al Sharpton and the Path to American Leadership.”


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