Conflict of Interest?

FTVLive cries foul that CNN let Chris Cuomo interview his brother Governor Andrew Cuomo this morning…

The interview crosses all kinds of ethical lines and CNN could have easily handed this interview off to someone besides the Governor’s brother.

Cuomo did mention in the middle of the interview that he and the Gov were family.

CNN should have NEVER let this happen.

3 Responses to “Conflict of Interest?”

  1. FTVLive doth protest too much. It was a non-political interview about a disaster, and Chris asked the same basic questions any reporter would have. Try not to panic.

  2. He disclosed, and anyone who can’t discern that they’re related probably doesn’t watch much news, anyway.

  3. I do not see how an interview about a serious train wreck with that state’s governor can possibly be non-political. That they want to air his thoughts on the subject – public interest – alone makes it a de facto political interview, and this would be true even if the conversation was about Santa Claus. No conspiracy, just dumb. And “political” does not mean “partisan”.

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