Free for All: 11/03/13

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  1. Obama promoting the wonders of ObamaCare today. One of its mini-wonders is the tripling of my my Medicare Advantage perscription tier-two drug copayment next year.

  2. icemannyr Says:

    The whole ACA system is messed up. Since the website had its most recent fixes I can log in to access my application results and they want to dump me into the state Medicaid program.
    There is no option to shop and pick and plan.

    I have no problem paying my premium for the plan the ACA rules say is junk and needed to be replaced.

    So I have my insurance provider saying pay double the current premium for an ACA complaint plan similar to what I have now or the ACA website saying go on Medicaid.

  3. More people on Medicaid (with fewer doctors who’ll accept), and more people getting subsidies from the government..or paying twice-or-more their current premiums. But no, I’m more concerned that Republicans won’t come up with something in the next three years. My real concern is that it’s fubar, as was previously mentioned.

  4. icemannyr Says:

    My comments the other day are not meant so say democrats get a pass for voting for the ACA.
    I just need more than republicans going on news channels saying Obamacare is a mess.

    We all know the ACA is a mess. FNC tells us every hour that the ACA is a mess.

    The question is who is going to take the next steps for some real changes?

    I just don’t believe letting the ACA fail then tell us, we told you it was not going to work is going to be good enough.

  5. Uh, what exactly do you propose that we do, right now? Is Harry Reid going to magically change his mind? Is Obama? Ideas have been presented, but it’s a foregone conclusion that they won’t go anywhere until R’s pick up a sh|tload of seats and gain the Presidency. You and others whining that we’re not “doing anything” is pointless. There’s nothing to be done, other than to let it burn. And it will. Enjoy the show.. you paid for it.

  6. ^ Exactly what I said yesterday! People need to get it through their heads that bi*ching about the Republucans is NOT going to solve this problem!

  7. Give it enough time, and a platform of “We didn’t do this” will be sufficient. Despite our friends’ concerns, there will be more than that. Right now, it’s all a diversion from a law that’s falling apart before our eyes.

  8. There’s not much a diversion going on when you have the #1 cable news channel covering Obamcare every hour and telling us how bad it is.
    FNC, we know it’s a mess. You telling us every hour does not help me much.

  9. savefarris Says:

    There’s not much a diversion going on when you have the #1 cable news channel covering Obamcare every hour and telling us how bad it is.

    Where was Ice in 2005 when Iraq/Katrina was wall-to-wall?

  10. Where was Ice in 2005 when Iraq/Katrina was wall-to-wall?

    Short memory you’ve got there. Until Hurricane Katrina happened, the national media was wall-to-wall with coverage of Natalee Holloway.

    As far as Katrina coverage being wall-to-wall, it was a mega disaster that killed close to 2,000 Americans. It doesn’t matter who the president is, that’s going to merit nonstop coverage every single time. And let’s not forget Katrina was followed up pretty quickly by Hurricane Rita and what was, at the time, the largest evacuation in the history of the union and one of the largest peacetime evacuations in the history of the world. And then there was Wilma.

    So let’s not try to compare Hurricane Katrina to the Affordable Care Act.

  11. My point is FNC is all in on Obamacare since it’s a negative liberal story line and ignoring other news unlike AJA, CNN and MSNBC.

    FNC starts the 1pm hour doing 12min on Obamcare while CNN actually gives you news.

    This is different from the wars and Katrina where they had coverage by all news channels daily.

  12. savefarris Says:

    Chris Matthews, August: “If MSNBC were biased, wouldn’t we have interviewed the President by now?”

    Chris Matthews, Thursday: “Welcome, Mr. President!”

  13. Hi, Larry!
    I wonder if Spud will write a post on the Bill Schulz situation?

  14. Ice, you’re never going to convince the Fox groupies that Fox is biased. In their world, Fox News is a saint and the rest of the media is far-left.

    The ACA does suck but I don’t need a news channel to make stories up to tell me how bad it is and ignore stories about the people it has helped. And the ACA does help millions of Americans. Unfortunately, in order to help some people with the way the ACA is drawn out, someone else is going to get bent over.

    This wouldn’t have been necessary if the health insurance companies hadn’t gotten so out of control with their greed and didn’t have such a firm grip on governments that they were essentially exempt from antitrust. The system had to be fixed. For some people, people like me, the system was much better before than it is now. But for a whole lot of people, this system is much better in the long run than what was in place before.

    And no, the Republican Party doesn’t get to revise history on the Affordable Care Act. They’ve pretty much run the show in Washington for decades and they run the show in the states now. They refused to do anything. The only suggestions they had for the ACA was Tort Reform (which is their “solution” to every problem) and letting people purchase insurance in other states. And even then, it was a law they were never going to support and vote for even if they got 100% of what they wanted (the law is a very very very Conservative law to start with).

  15. Conservatives would have drafted a law that was designed to throw people off their existing insurance. This law that they drafted would then either jack up individual rates, provide government subsidies to people who’d already had insurance, or throw them onto Medicaid.
    Of all the weak arguments, the idea that this is a “conservative law” is the weakest, and doesn’t show a whole lot of intelligence.

  16. savefarris Says:

    [Republicans have] pretty much run the show in Washington for decades

    Since JFK:

    Republicans “running the show” (House/Sen/WH): 4 years
    Democratics “running the show”: 24 years
    Divided Government: 25 years

    the law is a very very very Conservative law to start with

    I hope you’re not talking about ACA. Because then you’d just look silly!

  17. CNN is not showing the President’s speech. They were talking about web hoaxes being picked up by the media and now are in a commercial break.
    AJA, Bloomberg, FNC and MSNBC are showing the speech.
    TWF is going on at CNN?

  18. Now CNN is doing the important story of Seattle fans registering an earthquake.
    Usually FNC is the one to ignore speeches by the President not CNN.

  19. savefarris Says:

    They refused to do anything. The only suggestions they had…

    Takes a lot of cognitive dissonance to write those lines…

  20. I see Joy Reid is in today for Martin Bashir. As far as I can tell he’s not been on air for the last ten days or so (I haven’t checked every day so I may be wrong about that). If I’m correct then maybe he’s been suspended without anyone actually saying that that’s what’s going on – which is strange.

  21. I’m pretty sure that “cognitive dissonance” is written into the Democratic Party Platform.

  22. savefarris Says:

    Obama, today: “You can’t say the system was working with 41 million people without health insurance.”

    Every Republican worth his/her salt from now until November 2014: “Your system has 51 million people without health insurance (and will have 140 million by this time next year). Your argument is invalid.”

  23. And then Obama exhorts Republicans to “bring me your plan”, then out of the other side of his mouth says that he’s not going to change the law. So it’s a stupid talking point, helpfully parroted by those who didn’t actually vote for him. Amazing.

  24. Hi Carol!
    Ice’s experience reminded me of a news story about a rich guy the web site signed up for Medicaid and he couldn’t stop it. He lived in a mansion but had no job as he didn’t need to work.

  25. Since Obama didn’t live with siblings, don’t you suppose he must have blamed the neighbor kids?

  26. Bashir has been off since last week. He appears to be on some weird unannounced suspension, which makes no sense.

  27. By DYLAN BYERS | 12/3/13 2:02 PM EST
    MSNBC’s Chris Matthews previews his forthcoming interview with President Obama:

    “I’ll be talking about executive accountability and the strange way of this roll out, as it has occurred,” Matthews told MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell. “I think I would compare it, Andrea, to a brilliant writer, perhaps, with a great theme who turns in a paper with a lot of misspelling or bad handwriting.”

  28. Bashir – on vacation. Pre-planned per MSNBC.

  29. Either Martin Bashir has a “Johnny Carson contract” (ask your parents), or MSNBC is lying. Bashir had just been on vacation a couple weeks before The Incident.

  30. If it is true that there is no way for people to pay for the policies that they have enrolled for and that the feds are just going to “forward $” to the insurance companies based on their “best guess” as to what is owed we are all screwed!!! According to the feds “we will just settle up later” once we get this all worked out.

    This is a really great way to spend my hard earned tax dollars!

  31. You really like exclamation points!!!

  32. This is a really great way to spend my hard earned tax dollars!

  33. Your tax dollars were spent years ago. This is all on the backs of your grandchildren.

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