10 Years of Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace

The AP’s David Bauder writes about Chris Wallace’s 10th Anniversary hosting Fox News Sunday…

While he takes pride in pointed questions, “if they feel they’ve been cheap shotted, then you’re not going to get them back on,” Wallace said. “It doesn’t mean you go easy on them. They have to think you’re tough but fair.”

Wallace also enjoys Saturday, when he uses research conducted on his guests to map out where an interview will go. Making news is a key consideration. The interviews themselves require many in-the-moment calculations. When Sarah Palin clearly ducked one of Wallace’s questions about presidential appointments recently, he had to make a decision: Do I bore in and try again? Or is it best to move on to another topic with the limited time at hand? This time, he moved on.

Wallace, 66, who covered the White House for NBC News during the Ronald Reagan administration and also moderated “Meet the Press,” said “there is a special joy in having the best job of your career in the home stretch of your career.”

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