Discontent in The Ranks?

Capital New York’s Alex Weprin writes about the cable business news landscape and where it’s going. But I’m most interested in this part…

Then there will be the existing internal culture Ailes will have to dismantle and rebuild. While Imus, Dobbs and Varney are secure, sources tell Capital other FBN anchors, like Liz Claman and Melissa Francis, are angry about Bartiromo’s arrival, lest they get pushed to less prime periods, or off the anchor desk altogether.

It’s a dog eat dog world out there.

11 Responses to “Discontent in The Ranks?”

  1. icemannyr Says:

    The interesting thing about Dobbs and Varney is they do anti liberal politics shows on FBN.
    If FBN wants to compete with CNBC maybe they should have a real business news show on 9:20am-11am?

  2. I like how you phrased that, ice. “Anti-liberal” politics is not necessarily conservative.

  3. Ice is right. “Anti-liberal” is a campaign strategy, which is different from “let’s talk conservative views”. FNC and FBN are Republican Party attack operatives.

  4. Josh KaibCast Says:

    I think Claman won’t lose her slot, simply because I’m guessing Bartiromo is over doing a closing bell show.

    I honestly thought Imus was the guy going to lose out. If Ailes is serious about investing a lot into the network, I see them dropping the I-Man and launching a business-focused morning show. They could easily slide Varney back two hours and make him the morning host and put together an opening bell program.

  5. I listened to the clip of Martha McCallum on Imus. Does the man always mumble like that? Apparently she understood him easily enough but I couldn’t tell what the bloody ‘ell he was saying.

    Don Imus has a face for radio and voice for books.

  6. motownman Says:

    Not surprising former CNBC colleagues Liz Claman and Melissa Francis aren’t happy about the arrival of Bartiromo, who has the reputation of a diva that doesn’t play well with others. I remember reading Martha MacCallum didn’t speak to Maria when both worked at CNBC.

  7. “Not surprising former CNBC colleagues Liz Claman and Melissa Francis aren’t happy about the arrival of Bartiromo,”

    ^^I still think Bartiromo has higher goals than being a FBN host with many fewer watchers than she had at CNBC. Even a Sunday morning business show on Fox will have few viewers. No, I think she wants Neil Cavuto slot at FNC. That’s a guaranteed big audience and a slot worth the $6 million she’s being paid. This is just speculation on my part but Bartiromo is nothing if not ambitious.

  8. wheresthebeef09 Says:

    ^ Fritz, that’s what I’m thinking too.
    No way that a few hours on FBN plus a Fox Sunday show (which will come in 4th, or sometimes even 5th) is what she’s striving for. A one hour show on Fox News, however, is likely much more appealing for her. Whether or not she was promised such a thing remains to be seen….

  9. Only union workers and Communists are secure in their job positions… until they’re not. Everywhere is dog eat dog. Always has been, always will.

  10. Isn’t Neil Cavuto involved with most of the talent hiring for FBN? I think several of the recent FBN hires have mentioned their interview with him before getting hired. Maybe he’s ready to slow down some.

  11. Melissa Francis has a great show plus she’s smart and hangs out with the very big shots.

    Neal Cavuto not only helps in hiring but runs the very best shows. I sure hope I don’t have to worry about Neal’s FN longevity.

    Now…the I-man. I watch the show and always worry if he’s able to find the oxygen fast enough. His last stint at the “Kids With Cancer” ranch was very tough on him physically. He needs to just stay at “high altitude” New York. I’m not sure FOX wants to worry about Imus any more. Plus the morning needs to be all financial for the first time, although I can’t fault Ailes and Cavuto for bringing in instant ratings.

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