Free for All: 12/04/13

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  1. “Former Reid staffer Jim Manley defended his old boss, arguing that “the only people hypocritical here are Republicans, who made this an issue in the first place.” ”

    Does this guy live in the real world? Does he not know that regular old citizens think it is crazy that Congress always makes laws that apply to everyone else but themselves? I am hoping that this issue upsets both Democrats AND Republicans who live and work outside of the beltway.

  2. Article about something I made mention of in free for all last night where I used all my exclamation points!!!!

  3. savefarris Says:

    Some Presidents want to change the world. Others want to help people.

    Still others just want to read a teleprompter for a living:

  4. Oh. Darn.

    Ron Fournier ‏@ron_fournier
    Poll “blows a gaping hole in the belief among Dems that Obama’s elections signaled a durable grip on the youth vote.”

  5. savefarris Says:

    Remember how Lara Logan and everyone ever involved with 60 Minutes needed to be burned at the stake because of their Benghazi report?

    Or, because it’s Toure’, we don’t give a f***?

  6. Remember how Lara Logan and everyone ever involved with 60 Minutes needed to be burned at the stake because of their Benghazi report?


  7. I “remember” how people expected better of a once-respected, decades-long new program, and were upset that they seemed to make such an obvious error. Any comparisons between that and Toure` are tortured, at best.

  8. Or, because it’s Toure’, we don’t give a f***?

    We don’t, and we shouldn’t.

  9. The comparison is ridiculous. A 60 Minutes report bears no correlation to a Toure editorial, and – as the Noah Rothman piece clearly indicates – Toure had no knowledge that the poverty story was fabricated. A story, incidentally, which was much more believable than Logan’s “I silently killed a terrorist with a rifle butt” guy.

  10. Did Tamron Hall get ahead of NBC News? She claimed they’re withholding the Newtown 911 tapes “for now out of respect for the families, and the sensitivity of the issue”. So later this standard will change? That makes no sense.

  11. Everybody should get it right.

  12. My progressive friends in Chicago seem to have lost their love for Obama. That’s a Thanksgiving revelation I was not expecting.

  13. Am I the only one who will avoid listening to the Newtown audio tapes just released from 911?

  14. FNC’s live web feed lets you go back an hours time so here is FNC’s 1pm hour newscast segments breakdown.

    1pm-1:12pm Obamacare.
    1:16-1:17pm Other news.
    1:17:-1:22pm Obamacare.
    1:25-1:28pm Other news.
    1:33-1:36pm Other news.
    1:36-1:39pm Obamacare.
    1:43-1:47pm Iran Nuke deal bashing.
    1:51-1-56pm Other news.
    1:59-2pm Obamcare.

    That makes about 21 min on Obamcare and 15min on other news.

  15. “Am I the only one who will avoid listening to the Newtown audio tapes just released from 911?”

    Larry, Gretchen just said FNC is going to review the tapes and decide if they are going to be played on air.

    Not sure on the policy for CNN and MSNBC.

  16. the parents didn’t want them released. not listening to them is something I can grant.

  17. savefarris Says:

    Toure had no knowledge that the poverty story was fabricated.

    Neither did Logan. Or Megyn, when she interviewed the guy who who claimed he sold his business over ObamaCare only to find out O-Care had nothing to do with it. Some folks here think she should have been taken to the woodshed even though she “had no knowledge the story was fabricated.”

    Why does Toure’ get a pass on even the most basic of fact-checking?

  18. Toure doesn’t get a pass; he needs to correct the record. Comparing his editorial about an editorial to a 60 Minutes news report about a news event is ludicrous. I have no idea why you can’t present a comment without a “conservatives are victimized” adjunct.

  19. Does Toure claim to be a “journalist” who does a “news” show? Didn’t think so, but whine on.

    I have never understood the “news value” of 911 calls. It’s a bunch of sensational crap that teaches us nothing.

  20. And no, Logan’s hero story was not believable. The only reason I believed such a concoction was because I assumed 60 Minutes made sure the contractor didn’t make it up. He warned State; was ignored; went to save his buddies and silently killed a terrorist in the process; saw the Ambassador’s dead body; and got out alive. It’s insane that Ms. Logan and her producer bought that without backing up his claims. It’s insane that CBS went with it without disclosing that they were involved in publishing his book.

  21. savefarris Says:

    Does Toure claim to be a “journalist” who does a “news” show?

    Toure’ is an “opinion journalist” whether he says so or not, just like Hayes, Maddow, Kelly, Hannity, And when an opinion journalist gets the basic facts wrong, we tend to demand they apologize.


  22. savefarris Says:

    … or like …

  23. Martin Bashir is out at MSNBC. Finally.

  24. Bashir has resigned reports FNC news.

  25. bushleaguer Says:

    In related news (anchors exiting), Zoraida Sambolin is leaving CNN (on her own volition, according to the article) and is headed back to Chicago….

    Too bad…..Zoraida is a good anchor/journalist.

  26. Pop Quiz: Find the fatal flaw in this editorial.

    Josh Barro ‏@jbarro
    BREAKING: Washington Times staff editorials are written by morons.

  27. I guess Joy Ann Reid has a show now.

    I’d love to see MSNBC do something right for once and hire Sarah Silverman.

  28. Sarah Silverman? Um, no. She has no journalistic training, and couldn’t even handle a guest spot on The Last Word a couple weeks ago. It was a disaster.

  29. The Last Word? You mean All In, yes? It was awful because she was on an awful show with an awful, bland host who makes Jimmie Johnson’s personality look exciting.

  30. Joy Ann Reid on at 4pm. The banner at the top of the screen is the standard white on gray and the title only reads “Lean Forward”.

  31. icemannyr Says:

    MSNBC is using the regular news graphics for 4pm.
    The show started with no mention of Bashir.
    Joy Ann Reid is hosting.

  32. Joy Reid in for Martin Bashir again today as his ‘unofficial’ suspension continues. The question. Is this just a suspension or is Bashir on the way out and they’re just negotiating his severance and figuring out who will replace him.

  33. Scroll up fritz, Bashir’s gone.

  34. “Scroll up fritz, Bashir’s gone.”

    You may be right Andy. His show has also been scrubbed from Not a good sign. Question. Does Joy Reid get his slot? My guess yes or maybe she just hold the slot until Ronan Farrow is ready to go.

  35. It’s official. Bashir out. TVNewser has the details. Praise the Lord!

  36. NBC News PR ‏@NBCNewsPR
    Per @NBCNews Standards: After listening to the 911 tapes, NBC News has decided that it will NOT air the audio on television or online.

  37. Joy Ann Reid is quite good. If they oust her for Ronan Farrow, I will kirk out.

    I’m still thinking Alex Wagner will replace Lawrence O’Donnell at 10pm and Ronan Farrow gets 12pm. Either that or MSNBC cancels Chris Hayes and shuffles everything else around.

  38. It’s official. Bashir out. TVNewser has the details.

    Yes. It was official 90 minutes ago. Including on Bashir’s Twitter account.

  39. “Joy Ann Reid is quite good. If they oust her for Ronan Farrow, I will kirk out.”

    ^^ I agree totally about Reid and I hope she gets the gig.

    As for Farrow we have no idea good or bad he will be as a host so I suggest you wait until you have at least seen how he performs and then ‘kirk out’- whatever that means. 😉

  40. savefarris Says:

    I still think Anthony Weiner would be a perfect fit at the House that Keith Built. They have the open timeslot, he doesn’t have anything better to do.

    Why not?

  41. – Anthony Weiner –

    Uh, no. He made a mockery of his family and his party. Being granted a TV show for his efforts is not something most liberals want to see. He needs to get a regular job and grow up.

  42. icemannyr Says:

    So far FNC’s 7pm, 9pm and 10pm schedules show non stop Obamacare bashing though I wonder if it’s going to change due to Bashir quitting.

    The only excption is O’Reilly who must be in a time warp and is going to do a segment on the how to fight with a baby video by Gavin McInnes which is old news and FNC already talked about it weeks ago.

  43. icemannyr Says:

    FNC did play parts of the 911 calls during Shepard Smith’s show.
    He said the would be very sensitive as to what they did play.

  44. icemannyr Says:

    Obama bashing trumps Bashir quitting MSNBC on the first story on The Five.
    CNN is talking about the Newtown 911 recordings.
    On MSNBC Ed is calling out O’Reilly & Limbaugh for bashing people on government assistance.

  45. Ed Schultz just tore Limbaugh and O’Reilly a new one!

  46. icemannyr Says:

    “This Friday, conservative commentator and Crossfire co-host S.E. Cupp is guest-hosting Piers Morgan Live, and her guest for the full hour is Glenn Beck” 😛
    This should be a very soft interview since she worked for Beck’s TV channel.

  47. Jeff Zucker is a desperate man.

  48. icemannyr Says:

    CNN is broadcasting old “Crimes of the Century” shows 2am-4am instead of rebroadcasts of their evening shows this week.
    Makes wonder when CNN is going to cut back the live news hours on weekends.
    It appears they might be going for The Weather Channel method where they are only live after 8pm on weekdays and 2pm on weekends when they need to be.

  49. “It appears they might be going for The Weather Channel method where they are only live after 8pm on weekdays and 2pm on weekends when they need to be.”

    If they go that route why bother with live news at all. Just do taped programing and leave news coverage to those who want to do live news. As well if they are going to mostly taped coverage they won’t have news bureaus and if they jettison those they won’t be able to do news coverage anyway.

  50. Lauren Greene is hitting Rush Limbaugh pretty good for his comments on the Pope, Then she also criticizes how liberals are interpreting the man’s words. Like to see that on Mediaite.

  51. I don’t know who Jay Caruso is, but this is an interesting take from an ideology different from mine.

    Jay Caruso ‏@JayCaruso
    Why Martin Bashir’s Resignation Should Not Be Welcome News

  52. “Ed Schultz just tore Limbaugh and O’Reilly a new one!”
    Tommy Christopher is so flamboyant.

  53. Joe’s link is a must-read.

  54. icemannyr Says:

    Chris Hayes doing a segment on FNC doing overly negative stories about Obamacare and not fact checking the guests.

  55. savefarris Says:

    Glass houses, Hayes. Glass houses. Someone on YOUR VERY NETWORK just got caught not fact checking today. Maybe hold off until next week, no?

  56. icemannyr Says:

    Kirsten Powers on The O’Reilly Factor defending against Bill’s faux “War on Christmas” vs Bill and Kate Obenshain. Good stuff.

  57. savefarris Says:

    joe’s link: Sounds reasonable on first glance, but once you realize he’s calling for unilateral disarmament … no. The Left isn’t going to stop attacking for every slight (real or perceived), whether we cease fire or not.

    The article makes a quick detour and almost make the point that conservatives should use their outrage selectively and only go after the extremely egregious offenses. And that’s a point I would wholeheartedly endorse without equivocation.

    It’s just Bashir’s act crosses that line for me.

  58. icemannyr Says:

    11/20/13 Bill O’Reilly, “Sarah Palin won’t do this program. She won’t come on the program because she doesn’t want to mix it up. She doesn’t. She wants to give a speech, and nobody gives speeches here,”

    She’s going to be a guest on The O’Reilly Factor Thursday. 😛

  59. I don’t necessarily agree with Caruso, I just found it interesting.

    Also, after a day on Twitter, I find Bashir’s firing to have been a complete waste of time. The right demanded his head; they got it; then went right on bashing MSNBC as if they won’t be happy until the entire network is gone. It was quite depressing.

  60. Thanks for the link to Jay Caruso, Joe. That’s basically what Ann Coulter said a couple of weeks ago on FNC, I think on Hannity’s show. I didn’t know that Palin had accepted Bashir’s apology. Like Caruso said, that should have been the end of it.

  61. I wouldn’t have expected conservatives to suddenly start loving MSNBC, so I’m not quite getting the point. They could just get rid of the guy because it’s the right thing to do, and not for any kind of credit. And yeah, Sarah Palin is appearing on tomorrow’s Factor. Because Bashir was fired, and it was a big story on Fox. Duh.

  62. You’re welcome, Carol. I actually did eventually call for Bashir to be fired, but I kinda regret it now, but not for the reasons Caruso and Coulter specified. I’m just pissed about the lousy reception it got from his accusers today. They demanded his head, then when they got what they wanted, said “it doesn’t matter they all suck anyway”. Some people don’t know how to take “yes” for an answer.

  63. savefarris Says:

    Ezra’s got a tingle in his leg.

    Trouble is, the speech only makes sense if you forget that Obama is ALREADY President and has been for 5 years. If these problems are so pressing and so important, shouldn’t you, you know, do something about it rather than give your 5 millionth speech?

  64. savefarris Says:

    What Obama needs right now more than ever is a turnaround artist. Ideally, he would find someone with executive experience and bipartisan bona fides, someone experienced in the health policy space, who understands how these complicated exchanges are supposed to work. He needs someone with serious management experience and corporate consulting acumen, who’s dealt with a prominent national project while in the public eye, who’s completed a significant Olympic-sized undertaking under the pressure of a hard timeline. He needs someone with no future ambitions or plans to run for office again, a true non-ideological technocrat, someone who won’t manipulate a bureaucratic undertaking toward personal or political ends, but is just interested in solutions, in making things work.

    It might even help if this person was a bit cutthroat, a tad robotic, with that special type of smiling harshness – someone who can slash the deadwood from a project, prioritize what needs doing and who can do it, and who won’t hesitate for one second to fire people who deserve it. If you’re talking about the perfect candidate, it’d be someone who actually liked firing people, who relishes it, and didn’t really give a damn who didn’t like him for it.

  65. ^ Sure, but the Mittster would first have to admit his plan was a good idea that could work for the whole country. That’s not gonna happen.

  66. Yeah, since it’s working so well, I can’t imagine why he’d hesitate.

  67. icemannyr Says:

    “A Kelly File Investigation” = We got a story from a conservative news website and turned it into a news report and don’t credit the source.
    Trace Gallagher should have at least credited The Daily Caller.

  68. “Lawmakers briefed physician groups Wednesday afternoon on updates to their proposal to repeal Medicare’s sustainable growth rate (SGR) payment formula. Meanwhile, Congress is considering a short-term SGR patch to stave off for up to 3 months the roughly 24% Medicare pay cuts scheduled to start in 2014…”

    “However, a common bone of contention in the October proposal — no increase in Medicare payments for 10 years — was left unchanged by the committee in its update. Physician groups — in particular the American Medical Association and the American Osteopathic Association — called on Congress to provide some sort of pay increase in the bill.”

    This is why some doctors have a problem with Obamacare and why some are choosing not to participate. tFirst a 24% cut in reimbursement and then no increase for 10 years. How in the hell is that supposed to work for anyone providing any kind of service – much less healthcare where keeping up with new procedures, drugs, etc. is necessary to keep your malpractice rates/lawsuits at a “reasonable level?

  69. icemannyr Says:

    David Webb was comical on The Kelly File segment on Martin Bashir.
    He said MSNBC’s ratings are in the toilet yet MSNBC finished in 2nd place for total day and prime time on Tuesday.
    HLN finished in last place. Their ratings are in the toilet.

    I also love the nonsense from Webb and others that all they do at MSNBC is say nasty things about conservatives. That’s not true. Yes some hosts are very critical about conservatives just like some FNC hosts are about liberals.
    Greg Gutfeld regular makes nasty personal attacks on The Five and Hannity is the king of nasty comments about liberals and liberal guests.

  70. icemannyr Says:
    “Charges were dropped against three African-American teenagers who said they were waiting for a school bus last week when they were arrested by police.”

    Here’s an example of a story the media should be covering and is not. FNC was outraged the media was not covering the black racist teens playing “the knockout game”.

    How about covering a story when black teens are arrested for simply standing on a sidewalk waiting for a school buss.

  71. The BBC’s HardTalk program interviewed Marco Rubio. Some of the questions were tough and the guy still managed to give coherent answers and not sound like a nutcase. Immigration, women’s issues, Syria, and Iran were mentioned but strangely no Obamacare. I don’t know why Rubio’s not that popular among the GOP.

  72. I don’t know why Rubio’s not that popular among the GOP.

    He dared to actually try to apply one of Preibus’ fixes to the party – immigration reform – and the Tea Party faction freaked. Which is what they do every time the Republican Party makes any hint of appealing beyond it’s dwindling older white base. They’re ideological purists, and they’re jerks.

  73. Why are doctors not taking on Medicaid patients?

    “”The problem is, who’s going to care for you when you have Medicaid?” he said. “For an hour-and-15-minute evaluation of a cancer patient, I get $6.50. That won’t even pay for the electricity. What kind of physician will you get … what kind of specialist will you get?””

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