CNN Speculation…

FTVLive does some speculating

As Zucker looks to blow up CNN prime time and HLN altogether, he is moving talent and management to New York.

To get around some of the unions, shows will still be produced out of Atlanta, but they will air from NYC.

Word is that Zucker has told HLN star Robin Meade that he wants her to move to New York as well. A move that sources say Meade does not want to make.

One HLN staffer that may not have to make the move to Manhattan is Nancy Grace. Word is that Zucker is this/close to pulling the plug on Grace.

4 Responses to “CNN Speculation…”

  1. So that’s probably why Lemon moved to NYC recently . Zucker sure wants to make a mess of things

  2. Nancy Grace still has a program?

  3. well, since CNN has continued to flounder, maybe Zucker has decided to burn the village to save it.

  4. Since MSNBC topped CNN in ratings last week, perhaps Mr. Zucker is right.
    Nancy Grace: Since the Jody Arias trial, have been watching her show most every night, although it can become pretty gory story- telling at times.
    Dr. Drew: My fav on HLN. What’s with all the reruns of late? Can’t he do a live show during the holidays? Most TV stations do.

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